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  • Anonymous

    Yoda. He’d sense a disturbance in the force before Voldemort could even think up a proper spell.

    • Cs Dt

      Voldemort could use occulmency and control yoda.

      • JK

        Yoda can resist and use Jedi mind control, with no wand required

        • James Bell

          That’s only for the weak-minded. Voldemort is VERY strong-willed.

      • Josh

        Voldemort was killed by some student who didn’t know what the hell he was doing.

  • Ggirl

    Yoda can trown his lightsaber on Voldy’s head.

    Yoda wins 

    • TheDarkLord

      Voldemort could cast a protective ward around and him and avada kedavra yoda before he can blink.

      • Common Sense

        Yoda could dodge it and throw things at voldemort the size of boulders

        • CantSpellMyName

          Dude, please. Voldemort is the most dangerous wizard of all time in the HP universe, you seriously think he can be stopped by someone throwing a boulder at him?

          • The Real McCoy

            And Yoda is the highest ranking Jedi in the Jedi Council in the Star Wars universe…your argument is invalid.

          • CantSpellMyName

            That doesn’t change the fact I stated that throwing a boulder isn’t a way of defeating Voldemort.

          • The4thHorseman

            FORCE CHOKE BIATCH. I dont care what you say, Voldemort cant stop the Force.

          • CSJD

            Yoda wouldn’t use force choke, he is too old to stand a chance anyway. Voldemort would kill him before yoda could blink.

          • Jedimasterminx

            Yeah but remember Yoda’s lived for 900 years so Voldy would get wreaked against him and any spell casted yoda can deflect back with the force like he does with force
            lighting i mean luke could beat harry if you watch death battle on youtube

          • notoriousjesus

             But he is dead, so ye h uurm… Yoda died of old age.

  • CantSpellMyName

    Without horcruxes, it’s a tough one, but I think Voldy takes it. “Ending your reign I shall!” *is turned into green jelly*

    • Star Killer

      Man, i love Star Wars, you would make voldy go back to nothing…
      He would just take the horcruxes (With the Force), take them all, and destroy with a single stab.
      Even protego can’t protect he and harry (Harry is a horcruxes remember ;])
      That would be a unfair battle, because Yoda have the Force and the tecnology.
      And Voldemort would have Harry in his side (duh, he is a horcruxes, he you fight for he life).
      Please, understand me, don’t make me say more about Star Wars will, because is……………………so powerful.

      • CantSpellMyName

        The Force can’t summon the Horcruxes any more than a wizard can use the Accio spell to summon them, much less destroy them. Obviously we can’t know for sure if a lightsabre could destroy a Horcrux, but as a lightsabre is purely technology as you say, I doubt it, it would definitely take magical means to destroy the Horcruxes, means that I highly doubt Yoda has. Even if Yoda do manage to destroy the Horcruxes (how would he find them in the first place anyway?), Voldemort is still capable of performing a simple protection charm and Yoda wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. Don’t get me wrong, Yoda is awesome and he deserves to win, but Voldy is a wizard, nuff said.

        • Star Killer

          Yes, you’re right, Voldy would win, but Yoda could find the horcruxes, he’s wise and have the force, as you said, Voldy would win because he dosen’t have a way of power to fight against magic.
          😀 😀 i like your commentaries!

          • CantSpellMyName

            Well thank you :)

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001787760205 Timothy Davis

            Yoda has a way to fight against magic… he has the force.  Even though he’s not busting force lightning as an evil user, there are some good uses of the force which Yoda could definitely use.

        • Star Killer

          Ah, let me remember, if you wanna make a battle between Yoda vs Voldy, you have to remember, the two worlds must be connected, a single shot of the death star cannon would destroy all horcruxes at the same time, but Yoda alone vc Voldy, i have to agree Voldy would win.

          • Star Killer


          • Star Killer

            Thank you for the help :)

          • TheDarkLord

            The only thing that can destroy horcruxes is basilik venom. 

          • The4thHorseman

            If the ENTIRE WORLD is blown up i SERIOUSLY doubt the horcruxes will survive. No wizard spell can possibly match the power of the death star’s main gun, so the wizards saying nothing but basilisk venom (and a couple other things) could destroy them becomes seriously doubtable.

          • CantSpellMyName

            What does Yoda have to do with the Death Star?

          • The4thHorseman

            You are just delaying your loss of the argument in this particular thread. If you would bother to read the whole thread my comment would make sense. the thread began with saying that a single shot of the death stars main gun would end Voldy and his horcruxs in a matter of seconds. (not supposed to be arguing about the universes coming together with their technology and all of that but i just went with it when i posted)

          • CantSpellMyName

            I don’t think I’ve misinterpreted anything, so: Why would Yoda have a Death Star at his disposal?

          • Cs Dt

            His soul would still linger, no bomb ever made will be as powerful as ones soul! Voldemort would have to find something to poses and then he could kill yoda!

        • toogoodforYOU

          Jedis and wizards both use magic like stuff, but jedis use laser sticks, or Lightsabers. One hit, Voldemort is dead. Don’t you remember Qui Gon Jinn’s fate? One stab, DEATH BY LASER! XD. So you know, laser wielding alien or bald wisard thing. You choose :) P.S – Who cares if it’s unfair? It’s a poll!

      • kldfjaks;djf

        1. the only thing that can destroy a horcrux is basilik venom.
        2. you can’t just summon any of voldemorts horcruxes
        3. Protego WOULD protect him, because it is a shield spell that if powerful enough can block anything. And Voldemort is pretty fucking powerful.
        4. Voldemort has the force. It may not be called the force, but he does. He can make shit move around at will, and he can do so much more that yoda wouldn’t have time to blink. 
        5. Learn more about Harry Potter dumb ass.

        • CannotSpellMyName

          Actually there are more things than basilisk venom that can destroy Horcruxes, one example is Fiendfyre (which sucks though because an incompetent wizard like Vincent Crabbe could create Fiendfyre so they could have used it any time). But I don’t think a lightsabre or the force would be able to destroy a Horcrux so you’re right in everything else.

      • Cs Dt

        He can’t just destroy them, they have to be made from goblins or along those lines.

    • joe

      Horcruxes might be good against magic, can they protect him from being cut to pieces with a blade as unstoppable as a lightsaber?

      • CantSpellMyName

        They would certainly protect him from dying. A lightsaber or the Force isn’t powerful enough to nullify the effects of a Horcrux. As for the lightsaber, Voldemort doesn’t need his Horcruxes to stop it, he ties the top spot with Albus Dumbledore of being the most skilled duellist in the world, stopping a flying lightsaber is pretty much the most easy thing he can do.

      • quest

        Yes, they can. Plus, voldemort could simply cast protego and perfectly safe from yoda. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Olivares/100000681537827 Charles Olivares

    voldemort is gonna win because he is a full wizard so he can beat yoda cause voldemortcan pull up a spell in 7 seconds lml i play for voldemort so of course i will know when he can pull out a  spell dugh

    • Star Killer

      Dude, Yoda have a light saber…
      If he throw the saber….the battle would end…

      • CantSpellMyName

        How? Voldemort is immortal and can easily either stop the saber in the air or transform it into a string of spaghetti. To be honest I can even see Voldemort defeating Yoda without Horcruxes or even a wand, he seems to be able to do sufficient magic with his bare hands to beat someone like Yoda. This doesn’t change the fact that I LOVE Yoda though and he can most certainly force-punch the shitout of most people from most universes.

        • Star Killer

          (Unite the universes right? To Make a Just battle) Yoda wins, the force, the clones, the lightsaber, all waiting his want… CantSellMyName, do you think Voldemort can defeat everyone? it’s look like you thinking that… what’s next? God vesus Voldemort? Voldemort still human, the horcruxes or his wans would not defend him from a lightsaber or weapons of mass destruction… Witches or Wizards aren’t more powerfull then the tecnology… in my point, i don’t see nothing of it in their wands… Voldemort would be defeated easily… Rebels, Clones, Cis… Any army of Star Wars could defeat Voldy’s Horcruxes… You know that more than me, give up, i don’t want to choose btw my favorite Saga and Harry Potter…

          • CantSpellMyName

            No, I don’t think Voldemort could defeat God, I just think he’s a damn powerful wizard who is more powerful than most powerful characters. Yoda isn’t a magical being, he just has ninja powers and the Force, which isn’t as effective as magic. Magic is very much superior to technology, if there ever was a war between Muggles and Wizards, the Muggles would be absolutely fucked regardless how advanced technology they had acces to. The Horcruxes or his wand wouldn’t defend him from a lightsaber or weapons of mass destruction? What are you babbling about, of course they would! It would be piece of cake for Voldemort to transform the lightsaber into a string of spaghetti or whatever he wishes, and his Horcruxes and protection charms would protect him against pretty much any weapon of mass destruction, so you’re wrong about that one. But there are certainly characters who can beat Voldemort, if you want some examples of guys who can curbstomp Voldy’s ass into oblivion I could mention Galactus, Odin, Parallax, Doctor Strange, Super Mario (why not) etc. Stop taking this discussion like I’m hostile, I’m just debating here.

          • Star Killer

            i liked your commentary, and i have to agree they can transform the lightsaber into….pretty much everything, i don’t like to be hostile too, but is my favorite Saga.But let me remember Star wars ppl have armies, but i have to say, Yoda and Voldy alone…hmmm
            Yoda can use the force, but voldy can transform or cast spells, i guess voldy wins (but when they are alone) we have to think…
            in my vision, if yoda gets help, yoda wins, if not…Voldy wins.
            Alone, and a just battle, Voldy wins, that i agree 😀
            SEE!!! Teach Christian Tady a Lesson, because even being my favorite movie/saga i agreed /w ya ^^Glad for the post CantSpellMyName!

          • CantSpellMyName

            Thank you Star Killer :) Star Wars is absolutely brilliant, by far the best film series ever that doesn’t originate from a book series. Christian Tady is just a hater, let him blurt out his bullshit.

          • Star Killer


            i’ll vote for voldy in this brawl you opened my eyes ^^ Thanks for the support, and you have my respect…..always.

          • CantSpellMyName

            Ditto :)

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001787760205 Timothy Davis

            Why would magic trump the force?! I don’t think it is at all that simple. You are obviously not one with the force!

          • CannotSpellMyName

            That’s the problem with Star Wars extremists, they think the Force is on par with any power from any other universe. Magic is far more versatile and potent than the Force; anything the Force has been shown to do, magic in the Harry Potter series has done better. The Force can’t grant Yoda a way to find out where Voldemort’s Horcruxes are, and he needs to find and destroy them first, because no matter what power is used against Voldemort, he simply cannot die as long as his Horcruxes are intact. And no, the Death Star will not destroy neither Voldemort nor his Horcruxes, that thing is energy-based and you need extremely powerful magic or magical properties to destroy a Horcrux. Either way, Voldemort has several ways of beating Yoda even without his Horcruxes, so as much cooler as Yoda is, going down against this opponent he will.

          • Cs Dt

            Voldemort is actually beyond human, but not in a good way. He would destroy yoda, and yoda wouldn’t know what hit him!

      • shafi

        Voldemort would dodge it and leave Yoda defenceless

  • The Force

    Voldy defeating yoda? hahahaha….he couldnt even defeat a schoolboy and you say cantspell that he will defeat yoda? You must be voldys girlfriend to be that sure hahah:) The force is the the most powerful entity in the world. ITs energy that surrounds everything. Voldy cant do jack squat out of middle kingdom or hwerever they hang out. And unlike voldy yoda has no need of broomsticks to elevate himself nor a piece of stick to toss out spells. Voldy would be badly outmatched in the presence of a Jedi Master.

    • CantSpellMyName

      Read my comments again and you’ll know why Voldemort would win. Or please tell how Yoda is gonna win this fight? The force may be the most powerful entity in the Star Wars universe, but it is far less versatile than magic in Harry Potter, which also surrounds everything everywhere always, and what makes you think this battle takes place in the Star Wars universe? And about your sadly unfounded statement that Voldemort can’t fly without a broomstick, he can actually with no problem, and Yoda can’t fly, only momentarily levetate. I don’t think none of them would be badly outmatched, but if one of them would, it would be Yoda. Yoda is still cooler than Voldemort though.

    • Cs Dt

      He couldn’t destroy a schoolboy because he tried killing him after his mother sacrificed herself for Harry. Also he has killed Harry, so what now moron, read the stories!

    • James Bell

      Voldemort could levitate with just magic. He couldn’t defeat Harry because there was a prophecy, and he has Dumbledore on his side. Nowhere in the books does it say that wizard’s magic only works in the wizarding world; in fact, magic is used on muggles quite a few times. You know nothing about HP and your argument is invalid.

  • Watcher198

    I Prefer Yoda, he can destroy the horcruxes, just put them in some kind of cannon and throw it in the sun, or use the Death Star laser in Earth with the horcruxes (including Voldy and Harry).
    Voldy is finish like that…

    • CantSpellMyName

      Though it would suck if the sun didn’t destroy the Horcruxes and they’d have to try to get them out of it 😛

      • Watcher198

        Lol, but i think the sun will destroy it, but destroying the earth will be more suitable.

  • SenorBane

    If Yoda can stop Sith Lighting with his hand, I’d think he’d be able to do the same with anything Voldemort uses his wand for. Yoda wins.

    • CantSpellMyName

      In Harry Potter, no spell can stop the killing curse Avada Kedavra, so I highly doubt Yoda would be able to do it as magic is more versatile. He’s a good jumper though so he could probably avoid it for quite a while, but there’s no way he can penetrate a protection charm and I don’t think he stands much of a chance if Voldemort throws everything he has on him. Yoda wins in awesomeness (Yoda and house elves, unite!) but I can’t see how he could ever win this fight if Voldemort uses his powers cunningly.

      • Darth Jedi

        Cantspellmyname is right, no spell can stop the avada kedavra, however the force is the essence of the universe. the nightsisters, which are a group of female aliens who can use magic(the same magic voldemort uses) cannot stop the jedi or sith… Grand Master Yoda can use the force to project images in voldemorts  mind and permanently damage his mind… if yoda wanted to, he could use he force to manipulate voldemort into killing himself…. voldemort is not all powerful, far from it…… Now Darth Sidious would ally with voldy and rename him darth riddle bring down the jedi and have darth vader and voldy fight for second place 😀

        • CannotSpellMyName

          Well, there really is no way to compare magic in different universes, first of all because we can’t know if magic is the same in both universes, and secondly because the Harry Potter books don’t actually describe what magic is, magic may very well be a universal force just like the Force in Star Wars. Voldemrot is a powerful Occlumens, he can shield his mind against intruders. There really is no way to decide who would win because of the fact I mentioned earlier that we can’t compare different similar forces, each observer can only come to their own conclusion, and in my eyes, magic trumps the Force because it has shown to be more versatile.

  • where the white women at?

    yodas actually a brotha…thats all you need to know cuz voldy is obvi a dirty old white man

    • CantSpellMyName

      That’s funny considering that Yoda is about 900 years old or so 😛

  • Kingspiderman

    Yoda wins, because he would deflect Voldy’s killing curse right back at ’em!

    • CannotSpellMyName

      Magic isn’t part of the Force so Yoda wouldn’t be able to manipulate it.

      • Common Sense

        Buttt yoda could jump around like a monkey, and last time i checked the killing curse is straight at you, plus yoda can throw things around with the snap of his fingers

        • CantSpellMyName

          There are charms that impede the movements of anything and anyone in the spellcaster’s vicinity. Voldemort isn’t a fool, he has faced and defeated far more dangerous enemies than those who can jump around like monkeys and throw large objects. How is throwing things around gonna help Yoda beat Voldemort? He can stop them easier than Yoda can throw them.

          • The4thHorseman

            force choke. nuff said

          • CantSpellMyName

            Nonverbal magic. Nuff said.

      • DaCookeyMonsta

        The killing curse can be blocked by objects, and does not move very quickly, Yoda could conceivably block these.

  • wherethewhitewomenat?

    damn you some funny ass nerds

  • Mr. Correct

    Yoda wouldn’t stand a chance, this is coming from a fan of both Harry Potter and Star Wars, I can tell by most people’s logic that they voted Yoda because they like Star Wars better or know more about it. But Voldemort is basically immortal, has access to almost unstoppable magic, and could kill with just two words. I do not deny that Yoda is immesely powerful, but he wouldn’t be able to get close enough with a lightsaber and even if he did, Voldemort wouldn’t be killed.

    • Energy

      Since I come from both a star wars and harry potter family we always argue but me it would be star wars because since the force is like energy plus the spells used are energy as well. So Voldemort doesn’t stand a chance.

    • alexander

      I think Yoda could use shatterpoint from a distance that is the amin reason why I chose yoda.

      • alexander

        Is this without horcruxs? Because without yoda but with them voldemort would win.

  • Jeremy

    As seen in Attack of the Clones, Yoda can Catch Lightning and Throw it Back. Sure, Voldemort has his Horcruxes, But his Body Would be Destroyed and he would Need a New one. Even if he gets a New one, Yoda would soon Destroy it.

    • CantSpellMyName

      You’re basically saying that because Yoda can catch lightning, he will automatically have advantages over Voldemort in every other way and that banishing Voldemort from his physical body is piece of cake, which is as erroneous as saying that because Doomsday has adaptive powers, he can adapt to attacks from God himself or that it’s piece of cake to find a piece of kryptonite to kill Superman with. You have to take into account that Voldemort can protect himself against anything Yoda can throw at him without breaking much of a sweat, and he most certainly can find more than a few ways to hand Yoda his ass. Yoda is friggin’ badass, but as omnipotent as I’d like him to be, he would most certainly go down against Voldemort.

  • Nholtry

    Yoda is bad ass ok voldamort is a punk ass bald douchebag yoder would murder him with little to no effort I mean come on that pussy ass used tampon harry potter kill him

    • Cs Dt

      Yoda would be raped, Voldemort would easily kill him!

  • Harrisonwebster13@live.co.uk

    You can kill pretty much anything if you cut its head off so yoga could just use the lightsaber to decapitate voldemort and the fight would be over.

    • burbert

      “…so yoga could just use…” yoga? lol! yoga can kill anything!

  • Harrisonwebster13@live.co.uk


  • Just Plain Logic

    In my opinion, I think Voldemort would be able to defeat Yoda quite easily. Why?

     Well, Voldemort has quite a large arsenal of spells at his disposal while Yoda’s force powers are limited to throwing things, pulling things, pushing things and perhaps choking things. And of course the lightsaber. But Voldemort could easily use Accio to summon the lightsaber and then destroy it with Reducto. He could then apparate behind Yoda and kill him with Avade Kedavra. And Yoda is quite old and let’s face it, worn down a little. While Voldemort is in his prime. And even if Yoda did somehow manage to disarm Voldemort, he could not kill him as Voldemort is immortal due to his several Horcruxes. Though I think Yoda would be wise enough to avoid clashing with Voldemort in the first place.

     I like Yoda, but I just think he would meet his demise with Voldemort.

  • Cs Dt

    Voldemort wins hands down!

  • Kyeagercpddv

    dout me you do unwise choise my friend you forget size maters not

  • Sabihjamal

    yoda    wins   here   voldemort’s   killing   curse   is   way  too  slow   to   hit  yoda   remember  yoda   can   block   lesers   with   his   lightsaber    with   his   speed   he   can   easy   dodge   the   killing   curse  or   even   block   it  the   avada   kedvra   is   unblockable   by   magical   means   it   can   be   blocked   by   solid   objects   or   the   lisghsaber   yoda   will   easily   dodge   or   block   the   killing   curse   and   snatch   voldy’s  wand   using   force   without   the  wand   he   is   just   a   weak   old   man   and   yooda   will   kill   him   

  • Amir

    Yoda is a jedi with hundreds of years of experience.
    he doesn’t know magic, but magic is not everything

  • Thwomp

    If it’s old Yoda, then of course Voldemort will probably take him.

    But if we’re talking Yoda in his prime? People here are either ignorant of, or seriously forgetting just how powerful the force is in the expanded universe, and Yoda was a grand master for centuries, considered the greatest of his era. Mastery of the force is far, far more than just “throwing things and pulling things”. He can bring entire starships down to the ground with his mind, and move at lightning fast speed. His mastery of the force allowed him to read minds, use hyper acute intuition to “feel” the nature of various situations he landed in, manipulate the emotions of other beings (for instance, lift the spirits of an entire army while at the same time lowering the spirits of another.), and he could also contain and redirect energy attacks like force lightning.

    And before someone brings up the horcruxes, which just muddles up the whole fight and makes this a bit more than a simple one on one fight since its essentially cheating, I find it extremely hard to believe that he wouldn’t be able to at least help in figuring it out. Voldemort also had a bit of an ego, a personality type that Yoda was famous for being able to take advantage of.

    I know Voldemort is very powerful, and he could probably take even Clone Wars era Yoda perhaps (though just watch the traditionally animated Clone Wars shorts to get further examples of how godlike Yoda is.), but Yoda in his prime could figure him out.

  • Bruinman86

    Let’s not forget that Yoda is hundreds of years old and just can’t seem to die, while Voldemort can’t seem to stay alive. Voldemort requires a support group of villans to help him. They both have magic powers. Yoda has the amazing ability to survive situations and is very handy with a light sabre. Tough call, but I give it to Yoda.

  • The lulz

    jedi mind trick.

    Voldemort: “These are the horcruxes you’re looking for.”
    Yoda: “pwnt you are”

    • TheName

      I don’t think any “mind trick” would work on Voldemort that easily. He has more experience in “mind tricking” people than all the Jedi combined 😉

  • Boonga

    I can’t believe u guys would name he who shall not b named!! The force with you it is not!

  • TheDoctor,Potter,Sherlock

    Have you forgotten that Voldemort blew up Hogwarts “impenetrable” force field (Stronger than the force) with one spell!?!?!? Voldemort OBVIOUSLY!!

  • Mr.Correct is Wrong

    MR. Correct

    Yoda could deflect avada kadavra with his light saber and he can use the force not to mention yoda can dodge that s*ht

  • mae5eric

    Everything is insignificant compared to the FORCE (even magic)

  • mae5eric

    The Force trumps everything magic, horcruxes, not to mention, the Force can easily manipulate the weak minded. Voldemort falls into that category easily. Much to learn the Harry Potter folk have.

  • mae5eric

    Haven’t seen HP movies destroy entire planets lately.

  • MyLogicIsBetterThanYours

    Wrong. Even though Yoda is worn down a bit, he can move high speeds and jump up to 15ft. Easily, he can just use the force to knock Voldemort’s wand and throw it away. Then he could just choke Voldemort until he is knocked out, while dodging and hovering away from any spells. Once Voldemort is knocked out, Yoda can just cut off his head with the lightsaber and repeat the process infinite times with all horcruxes.

  • Tom Marvolo Riddle

    YOU MUST BE JOKING!! Voldy can kill with just two words “Avada Kedavra” .. beside he’s IMMORTAL .. he’s got seven souls ( or part of a soul ) .. Yoda is old and voldemort is 71 and he moves like a teenager 😀

  • Elliot

    Ha! Yoda has to win!

  • Rawrrrrrrrrr

    Voldemort wins 100% in any way he desires, he could first play around with Yoda for a few years without ever being in any danger.
    This fight is ridiculous, it’s like Hulk vs an average man…

  • Adriaan

    voldemort cant even kill a kid.

  • Invinc

    Here’s the deal why Yoda should win.

    When it comes to both spell casting and using the Force, their magic/force is only as quick as the user and how fast their mind can react. Voldemort may prove to be one of the most powerful magic duelist but there are countless cases where a far weaker opponent is able to hold him off,

    Yoda’s one of the Galaxy’s fastest and most powerful Force User of his time. His abilities allows him to sense the force from entire star systems away. If we’re gonna make this a duel, then either the Force can shield Yoda from Voldemort’s Magic, and Voldemort’s Magic can shield him from Yoda’s Force Powers.

    Otherwise, Yoda wins before Voldemort even lays eyes on Yoda. Mace Windu was able to crush General Grevious’ metallic chest with a single gesture. Yoda is stronger in the force than Mace Windu. Imagine what he can do to Voldemort’s flesh?

    The killing curse (and most spells in the Harry Potter Universe) can also be dodged or block by a physical object. That means it’s most probably that Yoda can actually parry Voldemort’s spells with his Lightsaber, and easily dodge everything considering how he fought and dodged blaster fire in the Clone Wars. It’s worth mentioning that a disarming charm is practically useless when a Jedi can easily use the force to pull his weapon back in an instant. I’m not making this up. Go read the books. Harry and gang used stuff for cover in the Battle at the Ministry. It works.

    Also, Voldemort is arrogant. Yoda is agile and more than capable of dodging and frustrating Voldemort’s aim and casting. Yoda is more than willing to adopt stealthy tactics while Voldemort, beyond shock and awe, is less likely to adapt.

    Finally, Voldemort is reliant on his wand. Without his wand, his magic is no where as capable as Yoda using the Force. It does help that should both Yoda and Voldemort lose access to their supernatural abilities, Yoda actually has a weapon.

    Yes, Horcruxes prevent Tom Riddle from dying. But it does not save him from being incapacitated. His mortal body may be rendered helpless and it would take time for him to reconstitute a physical form that he can use to do battle. More than enough time for Yoda to attempt to sense and destroy the Horcruxes, or use the resources available to him as Jedi Grand Master to find them.

  • qwert123

    YODA IS SO WEAK!!!!!! VOLDEMORT OF COURSE WOULD WIN!!! He can just do Protego to protect himself, or just do Avada Kedavra to kill Yoda. Or, he can do Accio and get Yoda’s lightsaber.

  • colton smith

    yoda is the master

  • ishmael.lives7

    I think the only logical way of predicting the outcome of this battle is to nix the horcruxes (any form of immortality) as that is cheating because this is a fight to the DEATH. Therefore, both participants should have a chance to win this fight. Make it like it was the final showdown between Harry and Voldy, where all of his horcruxes have been destroyed, only replace Harry with Yoda. In my opinion Yoda takes it easily due to more experience and the wider versatility of the force against magic.

  • Senior Tactician

    I never read the books, but in the movies, its clearly obvious that spells can be physically dodged, there is NO WAY voldemort could hit Yoda. While old an decrepit, yoda infuses his body with the force and can move like greased lightning, while the force allows his to see far enough into the future to know whats comming next. Anyone who says Voldemort just doesnt get the writers concept of the force.

  • Abby

    Voldemort all the way. He’s immortal, extremely sadistic and twisted(seriously, I was absolutely amazed at how sick Voldemort was when it showed his past in Half-blood Prince), cunning, ambitious and pretty much the worst thing you can think off.

  • Joseph Caswell

    One word horcruxes!!

  • Yodaman

    i think that voldemort would win because although Yoda is stronger and much more awesome than voldemort, Voldemort has Harry as a horcruxe and I seriously dont think Harry would be with him while fighting

  • Chickenman

    Yoda is just too frickin’ awesome too lose.

  • Luke

    if a braw is a fist fight… shouldn’t we exclude things like wands and the force, lightsabers, etc. and just bare hands? in that case yoda’s quickness would help him win otherwise yoda would win thanks to the force being stronger than spells

  • Saesee Tiin

    Yoda,of course! He gets protected by the force

  • Saesee Tiin

    Don’t think Voldemort is,certainly Yoda will

  • Jedimasterminx

    Yoda fucking destorys vodly being the last of his race being around for 900 years and can return voldys magic back if its like force lighting which most of them are and ps nice wand oh wait did i force it out your hand

  • Saesee Tiin

    The Jedi will block Voldemort’s spell.

  • Lolman

    Yoda can through his lightsaber at voldermort nose.Oh! Wait he does’t have a nose.

  • Ultron

    Voldemort can’t die. He would incinerate yoda’s lightsaber and apparate around and avada kedavra him. All yoda has is the force but magic is stronger.

  • random

    is it just me … wands are probe shattered by light sabber

  • Bob

    Yoda would whoop Voldemort’s butt with Jedi Mind trick

  • Smitty

    Yoda all the way

  • http://www.thajackal.com/ Tha JackaL

    Yoda like a BOSS!

  • AstroGuy

    Can lightsabers destroy horcruxes?

  • Starfreack

    Yoda could beat the whole legion of death eaters. the people sensitive to the force can interact with the environment only with the mind, while the people with “magic powers” need a damn wooden stick (very brakable) to use your powers.

    Force + Mind vs Wooden strik + words

    Lightsaber + ships vs wooden stick + Broom

    Science (Phisic) vs Fairytales

  • Twój stary

    Yoda, because it’s Yoda.

  • Just some guy

    Horcruxes, yoda would have to find and destroy all 7, he just can’t walk fast enough to even make that feasible, but if got Harry or Luke to destroy them then he would stand a chance. What happens in a fight between light sabers and magic?

  • Bill Gates

    If you voted for Yoda…


  • Rob

    Mr correct is Correct

  • Alwaysright.com

    just watch luke skywalker vs harry potter death battle with wizard and boomstick, if luke can kill harry, yoda would definately kill voldemort.

  • BloodySpartan300

    Those of you who think Voldy would win are idiots. Clearly, the Force is much stronger than magic. Plus, Yoda has a lightsaber.