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  • Dr. Evil

    This actually happened and Hulk beat the pulp put of the poor fellow Thor.

    Not just that, Hulk actually beat the Beta Ray Bill in the Hulk Animated movie, though, Beta Ray Bill had defeated Thor .

    So I would ask Thor not to meddle with Hulk. Else, the question will be not who will win, but how fast will Hulk Beat the pulp of out of Thor. It would be a slaughter.

    • quest

      Wrong, in the comics Thor has been proven to be able to b eat the Hulk, the only reason Thor doesn’t kill him and Hulk get’s some hit in is Thor hold’s back when fighting mortals. Thor has knocked out an enraged Hulk with one hit before, so the really Hulk isn’t even a march for Thor, Strength wise maybe, and that is a strong MAYBE, but Thor has many more  powers than just supper strength, experiences and Fighting skill than the Hulk. Thor can and would crush the Hulk if he ever really had to.

      • Kofi Bulluck

        No, I saw that, and Hulk Pounded Thor to a pulp

      • santiago

        hell no get real

      • KR Rayberry

        You are right. Check the ‘What If’ series of comics (what if Thor battled the Hulk). Thor breaks the Hulks neck.

      • Darth Vader 2.0

        Thank you Thor would shoot a bolt of lightning and fucking fry the bastard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.mortensen.7 Jake Mortensen

    This has happened before. Hulk won. It has actually happened a few times. Each time Hulk wins. You seem to forget, HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS! 

    • fred

      the hulk can grow larger and stronger the more angry he gets and red hulk only gets hotter so i think depending on how angry the hulk gets and given his anger and strength limits are as far as i know non-existent, the hulk would win.

  • Steeve

    hulk would toatly win because they “brawled”in the avengers movie and hulk won.

  • Steeve

    I don’t care about the comics Quest guy! (i read your comment) and if you look at the newest thing hulk crushed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy19712000

    hands down hulk wins!!

  • Prototype

    hulk would pwn him. In the comics hulk took on every marvel hero including x men, fantastic Four and avengers and then some and he owned them. He then got shot 20 times with adamantium tipped tranquilizers and fell asleep.

  • http://www.facebook.com/myafierachmat M Yafie Rachmat

    You Guys have Forgetten what the power Thor’s Have He can Open The Time and Because of that He will Repeat the time and see the Bruce Banner Born When He was a Born Thor can Kill Him Before He Was Born And Because Of That Hulk Never Born ! So If You Still Don’t Believe You Gonna See One Strongest Power Who has Thor Have it Is “Wrath Of The Gods !”. Thanos Can Beat Hulk But Thor Has Defeated Thanos And kill him ! So I Think Thor Can Destroy And Kill Hulk !

  • Padmoz

    Yes, right.  A man exposed to gamma radiation versus a god.  Try exposing yourself to gamma rays, see how it works for you. ?  The avengers movie seemed even to me, and in the comics hulk wins everytime.  If you ask me, Marvel just have it wrong.  Period.

    • Gin

      Ok dumass, incase you havent noticed, Hulk has an unlimited reserve of power so the regardless of any situation, Hulk would call Thors power and raise you 9000

      • john cornwell

        you do know thor could asborb all the gamma radiation in bruce banner body with his hammer right. so what would be left of the hulk, nothing he would not exist. there would be bruce left or just a dead body on the ground

        • Jslasher MC

          No he cant… the hammer is only electricity wise, not any energy like gamma radiation…

  • stubblyrabbit16

    Thor has the clear advantage of the hammer. Only he can lift it, so he could weigh hulk don to the ground and just start throwing punches. No Contest.

    • VonSpyder

      Actually in the comics Hulk has been able to lift Mjolnir. Once with sheer strength alone, and again because he was deemed worthy by the hammer itself.

  • jghaghh

    ACTUALLY Thor would only protect himself and not try to hurt the Hulk (mortal) Because he would know if the Hulk ever tried to hurt him it wouldn’t be Bruce trying to hurt him..

  • parish22

    The only reason Hulk wins alot is due to Thor having a warriors code of honor. Thor rarely ever uses any powers against Hulk and almost never uses mjolnir either.

  • Space Ace

    Thor holds back against Hulk, fighting him in a straight up brawl because he knows Hulk isn’t evil and fights fair against him. So they come across as evenly matched. Thor could send the Hulk into the sun through a space warp if he wanted.

    Also, anyone using evidence from movies, get out. If it didn’t happen in the Marvel comics universe, it doesn’t count.

  • carleone

    Thor would win, that person that siad hulk won in the avengers move move is wrong really thor toke that hammer and spack dead in the face thor is as strong as the hulk and with other power. One mor thing hulk may win half the battles but thor would win the war

    • arsenal

      The hulk can become more powerful the angrier he gets

    • KingdomCome

      on one show i watched Thor hit hulk so hard with his hammer it left a mark on his face and knocked him out leaving him with amnesia

  • carleone

    On mor thing thor holds back on mortals and knows that if the hulks trys to hurm him its not really the human insiden plus thor would just through is hammer at hulk hulk would fall and thor would put is hammer on hulks chest which will not alow him to get up and thor could just punch and punch and punch and on and on

  • Thor Odinson

    When Stan Lee created Thor, he made him the strongest hero in the marvel universe. Even stronger than Hulk. Are you gonna disagree with Stan Lee? It’s completely hilarious if you do 😀 Yep, Thor over Hulk in a no holds bared fight. Im talking REAL Thor and Hulk. They way theyre supposed to be according to the man who created BOTH. Not the twisted ones written by writers who werent even born when they were created.

  • The sophisticated genius

    Thor still has the odinforce aka the power of Odin he could use it to kill the hulk and hulks strongest version fought Zeus and lost bad Zeus is equal to Odin so if Thor chooses to stop the hulk he can coupled with his godblast and he’s broken hulks neck and killed him before that and most of all he recently beat the hulk and thing and had done it previously with one arm come on now

  • GandalfTheBlack

    Stan lee: when creating thor i thought “how could i make him stronger than hulk? so i made him a god”. the quote is sokething like that but thor was created to be stronger than hulk.

  • James

    Hulk dose not even have a weapon. Even if hulk wanted a weapon he can not even get one because only Thor can lift up his hammer. Thor beat Lockey (Thor’s brother). Even all 7 of the avengers (not including Thor) could not beat Lockey. Thor also never dies. And when Thor uses ThorMega Hulk will die so I vote THOR THOR THOR THOR THOR TTTTTTHHHHHHHOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ward13

      What are you talking about? In the Avengers movie, Iron Man defeated Loki in Berlin. ANd the Hulk tossed Loki around like a rag doll. Hul and Thor have fought many times, and the Hulk has defeated him on more than 1 occassion,

      • VSVS123

        Iron Man did not defeat him, he came with the to the carrier on purpose

    • Darth Vader 2.0

      Hey dumbass you spelled LOKI wrong!!!!

  • john cornwell

    thor destroys the hulk. If thor really cut loose, hulk doesnt stand a chance. Thor could drain all gamma energy out the hulk till either he dies or returns to bruce banner and pimp slaps to the grave. Or rip the soul out bruce banner causing instant death. Or teleport the hulk to the center of a star. Or use his real strength and kill the hulk with his bare hands when in warrior madness. He was able to beat hercules and ares at the same time. He also was beating the shit out of thanos in that state. Hulk as never been able to beat thanos in fight and actually been knocked out by thanos with a simple pimp hand slap.

  • http://twitter.com/surf_socal joe momma

    thor is the god of thunder. thunder= lightening. lightening strikes at twice the heat of the surface of the sun at about 18000 Fahrenheit

  • Redskins73344

    Thor he is more agile smarter and e could just lay his hammer on top of him and he couldn’t get up

  • datdude

    Thor would win. Remember, Thor often restricts himself when fighting on Earth, or against other superheroes. Rarely does he use his full powers, as his Mjolnir can smash small worlds and the winds it can generate can destroy the earth, if not tempered by the Odinson.

  • datdude

    Also remember Beta Ray Bill is essentially Thor without the morality.

  • datdude

    Last fact…Hulk, for all his strength, cannot lift Mjolnir. Thor would knock Hulk down, place the hammer on his chest, and proceed to urinate in Hulk’s mouth for all eternity. Case closed.

    • Exterus

      Mjolnir is enchanted to only be wielded by people fitting a certain moral precept, it has nothing to do with strength. Theoretically, Hulk has no upper limit when it comes to strength, since it is directly proportional to his level of rage. If he’s angry enough, he could destroy anything. I think one of the superbaddies of the marvel cosmos at one point utilized Hulk as a concussive force to break through dimensional barriers. I think a piddling hammer with a few enchantments wielded by a douchey, long-haired wannabe god speaking ye olde english is a level or three below those kind of things.

      • Marvelette

        Then why has Hulk failed to lift Mjolnir, multiple times, in both movie and comics?

        • Exterus

          Did you read what I wrote? It’s magicked that way by Odin so that only the “worthy” (according to him, I presume) can wield it. So it has nothing to do with strength.

          Yeah, yeah, Thor is a “god” and all that (Marvel has diluted that concept over the years so that I’m not even sure what it means). But Hulks level of strength is almost a force of nature. If he’s angry enough, nothing can stop him, as evidenced by World War Hulk, where even Sentry (reckoned to be the most powerful superhero in the Marvel universe, surpassing Thor) couldn’t defeat him. Even Thor himself has admitted that Hulk might actually be physically stronger than him (Incredible Hulk Annual #2001).

        • VonSpyder

          He has lifted Mjolnir in the comics and is able to defy gravity.

    • VonSpyder

      Actually in the comics Hulk has lifted Mjolnir on several occasions. Some out of raw strength, and again because the hammer deemed Hulk worthy. It should be noted that Thor has NEVER lifted Mjolnir out of raw strength and can only lift it when it deems him worthy. While it is a close contest Hulk is stronger than Thor…however it should also be noted that Thor could indeed strip Hulk of his gamma radiation and reduce him back to Bruce banner…however Thor does have a certain…lust for battle that often clouds his judgement. This really is one of those fights that could go either way.

  • Chickenman

    This is a tough one, but I think hulk would pull out on top.

  • Marvelette

    I’m gonna base it on the movie-verse because the pictures are from there…

    It would be close, and even though Hulk got a good punch in during the film, I’ll have to go with Thor…

    Lightning is painful. And Hulk is not infallible, he nearly got pinned down and overwhelmed by mere Chitauri grunts, after all.

    Worst comes to worst, Thor could just leave him pinned down by Mjolnir and attack him while he’s down.

    • VonSpyder

      Hulk is immune to lightning in the comics, just FYI.

  • C. C. Brown

    It seems that the hulk has done things that he could not do. I mean being able to put up a good fight against cosmic beings and gods yet having trouble taking on spider man or even captain america. It only means that it comes down to the story plot. I’ll favor Thor and even Superman over the Hulk any day, although I’m a die hard Wolverine fan. Let’s face it , despite the Hulks so call limitless strength, he repeatably tried to lift the thunder gods hammer and failed. Also he tried to duke it out with Zeus and was beaten badly which tells us that his level of power is far below that of Sky Father Gods of Earth. You have to learn about Thor 70+ years of history to truly see how powerful he really is. Remember, Stan Lee came up with an ideal of who could take on and beat earths strongest mortal? The answer don’t make him superhuman, make him a God!!!!

  • Nick Mitsch

    Thor is a god Hulk would be destroyed and he could weigh down Hulk with his hammer!

  • faizan

    Actually, thor WOULD win. He’s a god. His lightning would make hulk kneeling down and then he could smash his hammer against him and hulk would be flying


    Marvel does not have Thor correct in actual Norse Mythology Thor would win. Thor killed the Midgard Serpent who is 1000 times bigger and stronger than Hulk.

    • Jeffrey Gao

      Pretty much. Thor would win easily.

  • Jack Hoffman

    Not that it actually matters but I’m tired of this crap that the Hulk can’t lose. Thor would whip his ass.

  • Omar Clifton

    They’ve fought many times and Thor has serious problems with the hulk when its written fairly. Often times writers favor one char or the other but when its fair hulk wins by a small margin. In the comics Odin grants a few people the right to wiled the hammer. These people include Captain America and Spiderman. Hulk apparently is so strong thatmhe doesn’t need permission from Odin. He can just pick up the hammer. Yes his physical strength is greater than the will of Odin. And he’s done this and beaten Thor with the Hammer

  • Jslasher MC

    Although if thor was stripped from his hammer he is completely and utterly powerless and hulk would easily defeat him, while hulk has no way of retracting his gamma radiation powers.

  • CM Punk

    The reasons Hulk is shown equal in strength to fights vs Thor, and has an equal record vs Thor in comic book fights is…

    1. Hulk was more popular than Thor at the times those comics were written..
    2. Thor always held back in fights vs Hulk.
    3. Thor always brawled with Hulk. He did not use ranged attacks or his other godly attacks on him. The longer the battle goes, the stronger Hulk gets so in a fistfight, maybe Hulk will eventually match Thor’s strength. But in an aerial fight, with Thor’s hammer and his speed, Hulk wont stand much chance against Thor. The writers always made Thor brawl with Hulk, to make it even, to make things interesting.

    I would put my money on Thor. He is a god, he has the greatest weapon of all time, he has the Odin force, he has superhuman strength, he has battle experience of over 5000 years, he is near indestructible and he has a heart of a warrior. And don’t even get me started on Rune King Thor.

  • Michael Young

    I used to say Hulk. Now I say Thor. Hulk would just slam him and then it would take 20 seconds for Thor to lightning shock his stomach and Hulk is calm.