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  • Anonymous

    Joker would destroy Lex.

  • CantSpellMyName

    Intellect stands no chance against unpredictable, boundless insanity. JOKER curbstomps and laughs at his funeral where he kills everyone attending!

    • VonSpyder

      Actually Joker is a genius level intellect. His particular specialty is chemistry. Lex is a better tactician, but only if he is EXPECTING an attack. The Joker is so unpredictable Lex wouldnt be able to formulate a defense by the time he realized what was going on.

  • Guest

    Luthor would destroy Joker. His intelligence is on par with Dr. Doom and the like. Joker would amuse Lex until he got tired of him and killed him.

    • CantSpellMyName

      Highly unlikely. My first comment was partly ironic because I don’t think Luthor would stand no chance against the Joker, but the Joker is the uncrowned King of Crime, and despite his madness he’s extraordinarily intelligent, I think he’d have a good chance defeating Luthor.

  • Vegeta906

    this is very situational.  Does Luthor have access to his battle suit? if so he would win.  If dropped in a room together with no weapons, it’s tough to say, Joker isn’t particular a capable fighter (usually), but sometimes has poison skin.  This is very tough to say.

  • Jobbeybob

    The Joker would win.  Why?  Because the Joker is much better at cheating.

  • Orisprime

    Joker would win He nearly baffled Batman at times and Batman could match luthors intellegence or better. But in the end joker would win because Luthor is obsessed with Superman

  • ProudNerd

    Joker would be Luthor… IF they are just in normal clothes, no weapons/armour (that includes luthor’s battlesuit and joker’s acid flower toxic nerve/laughing gas etc) Then joker would own. Play batman Arkham Asylum and you’ll see how good joker is. He would destroy Luthor, joker’s fighting his comical but effective.

  • LL

    Joker is all hype ppl pick him cause of his look luthor all day

  • khazad dum

    It’s tough, but the joker is a pure evil psychopathic genius, a.k.a. the Emperor Palpatine of Gotham City!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/surf_socal joe momma

    luthor train to b as strong as humanly possible. plus he is a a genius millionaire scientist. in just trunks and gloves easy luthor. they have there toys joker play dirty with poison but luthor is the main enemy of a man who is basically invisible and he is a developer of weapons

  • j

    Joker is a criminal mastermind, a great fighter , and a overall badass fuck luthor

  • Gus

    If lex has his suit on lex wins if not Joker

  • Tim Drake

    Joker is so unpredictable and creative he’d leave Luther with a smile on his face anytime

  • Saesee Tiin

    The Joker way better!

  • john johnson

    this one is hard, ill hold my vote.

  • Nick

    It’s happened in the comics before. Batman No Man’s Land. Luthor hired Bane to wreck the Joker.