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  • iamhumanboy

    While it may be a good fight, I think Hulk would win

  • brumblebull

    Uh, No it wouldn't be a good fight…Hulk would destroy him

  • Fdfdfd

    Hulk would flatten him into an oversized pancake

  • Guest

    Hulk would just throw him into space

  • Deaven69

    the blob will be eating a 11 foot hotdog than BOOM hulk will punch his fat gut than he wiil pop like a ballon!!!

  • Dvlang

    hulk  look like Freddy Kruger  

  • ProudNerd

    This fight is LOL.
    Hulk FTW!

  • Karastyn

    are there a 172 ppl on this site who don’t know who the hulk is, no contest hulk hands down.

  • itoldyaso

    hulk would tear the shit out of the fat ass blob

  • Soup2eat

    No contest In speed Strength and plain destructive power Hulk is superior people who picked the blob eather hate the hulk are joking around clicked it by accident or are really slow

  • FenrirStrongFang

    Hulk rapestomps

  • Saesee Tiin

    Um FenrirStrongFan,what does rapestomps mean?
    But I still think Hulk will win.

  • SkythekidRS

    (blob eating burrito)…HULK SMASH!!! (blob dies)

  • 67rogueman

    The blob would win. A – the Hulk is too stupid to realize the Blob’s weak spots. B – the Blobs entire body is impervious to injury and it would end with the blob sitting on the hulk and the hulk turning back into human form. The Hulk might have brute strength but the blob has the ultimate defense, especially against someone who is blinded by anger.

  • Michael Young

    Blob would just punch him a lot and eventually over 10 seconds it’ll get to the point where Hulk is just angry and just throws him against the wall.