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  • iamhumanboy

    I think that the Terminator's technology is too far advanced to have a huge problem with Robocop.

  • Gouki

    Robocop is heavier therefore is stronger. He may not be faster but his strength is insane. Besides he took on two huge robots. In the first Robocop and the second one.

  • Noblerivera

    the t-800 i didn’t see robo cop

  • Santeeklaws

    The Terminator is obviously faster. Robocop is slow and he has to wait for the gun to come out of his leg. But also I didn’t see these movies.

    • Vectortangram

      Robocop demonstrated several times that he was capable of defeating heavily-armoured, better armed, faster opponents by out-thinking them and using their disadvantages against them. The terminator is relentless but not very good at thinking ahead. Robocop would win.

  • ProudNerd

    TERMINATE! Terminator FTW!

  • Von

    In the Robocop vs. terminator comics, Robo is able to make short work of the T-800 series robots when its one on one, and in groups, while he does get heavily damaged he still comes out on top. Robo wins.