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  • iamhumanboy

    Ted wins this one. I really don't see Barney putting up much of a fight. Plus Ted punched Barney in the nards pretty hard that one time.

  • Tommy

    Barney would win, he works out everyday and he was able to run a marathon without training for it.

  • Kkjjfjfjgf

    barney weighs like 2 pounds tho

  • Juan miguel Vera romero

    ninguno de los dos es especialmente fuerte en cuanto a fisico no son nada del otro mundo la verdad eske tendria k emitir una pelea de ellos a muerte son totalmente opuestos aunke si eso ocurriera ganaria ted porke es el prota pero enserio yo veo a ted algo mas fuerte k barney koder me gustaria k emitieran una pelea de ellos dos

  • MouseBrat1

    Barney runs from anything that doesn’t get him laid.  Ted could knock him out no problem, and Barney would cry like a little girl and curl up in the fetal position.

  • Callefler

    Ted would win, Barney would cry

  • Toto

    im not shure if most of the people who vote understand the game

    • Luke

      I know. Barney’s a little bitch ass wimp and ted… is much less of one

  • Doğucan Gelbal

    Before – Ted would be looking for “The One” and crying at the same time while Barney’s banging random girls (plural). Ted-0 Barney-1

    Now – Ted’ll find “The One” (at last!) and Barney already found the one and will get married to her. Ted-0 Barney-2

  • Nphislegendary

    What about that time barney punches ted in the face? That hurt him a lot but there was also the time ted punched barney in the groin so I don’t know