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  • http://whowouldwininabrawl.com humanboy

    Well, assuming Spock could get close enough to Sylar, he could perform the Vulcan Death Grip. …But Sylar probably wouldn’t let that happen.

    …Then he’d saw off Spock’s head.

    • Ace

      If you watched the series, the Vulcan Death Grip was made up to get Kirk off the Romulan ship only to become disguised as a Romulan to get the cloaking device……Just sayin'

  • http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/aa/welcome Gabriel

    This is a stupid hype question and nothing more, Sylar has amassed so many powers it’s like asking if Spock could take down a god. The only reason to ask this is the excuse to post two pictures of Zacky boy.

    • http://whowouldwininabrawl.com humanboy

      So, I’m guessing you voted for Sylar?

  • Repsonder

    Sylar seems the obvious choice and assuming it was based on a battle he would be the clear winner but Spock might have the ability to talk Sylar down. As we’ve seen Sylar is more complicated then just a killing machine and if Spock could convince him logically to not kill him then he might just win the fight.

    • http://whowouldwininabrawl.com humanboy

      That’s what I was thinking. If Spock could get close enough to Sylar he might have a chance.

  • Kim:)

    I voted Sylar. Let’s say Spock & Sylar were face to face. Sylar is about to saw Spock’s skull off, but then Spock tells him that he is confused & he is a good guy. He explains it with such great words & knowledge, that it indeed, does confuse Sylar. So while Sylar thinks, Spock shoots him with his gun. He then walks away, when all of a sudden, Sylar heals & gets up & let’s just say..it ended like all the other ones do. Spock is history!

    • http://whowouldwininabrawl.com humanboy

      I totally agree. Spock could speak with him about logic and all that, but Sylar is still going to saw his head off and take his pointy eared powers. (the power of having pointy ears …Spock, to my knowledge, doesn’t really have any powers)

  • baitos

    Since it didn't specify, we can only assume that Sylar has only his birth given power, to absorb powers when seeing how people work, meaning he would first at least need to disarm Spock somehow to even begin to use it.

    I'm just going to bet that Spock has faster reflexes.

    I vote Spock because Vulcans are three times stronger than humans, plus Spock has powers of his own, including telepathy in which he would be able to foresee anything that Sylar would try. Is he armed? He could kill Sylar with his phaser. If not, Spock knows martial arts, too, and that nifty nerve pinch . I'm so serious.

  • ArtemisDiana

    I voted Spock. He is not fully human and we do not know how Sylar's powers would work on him. His mental powers are more developed than any of those Sylar has faced off against and he is armed.

  • Saesee Tiin

    Sylar beets Spock!

  • I am Right

    In what time period are we talking about? What abilities does Sylar have? If this is after he’s take Claire’s healing ability, then, of course he wins. But then again, even without the healing power, he’d probably still win. With Elle’s electricity, Theodore’s self-destruction, he is nearly unstoppable…