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  • Anonymous

    Dr. Manhattan would be able to think Superman out of existence.

  • Vegeta906

    he could turn all of Supes surroundings into Kryptonite

  • CantSpellMyName

    Dr Manhattan would beat any version of Superman, be it Silver Age Superman, Superboy-Prime or All Star Superman.

  • Guest

    Although I like Superman more I have to agree Dr Manhattan would destroy him

  • SenorBane

    I’d have to think the only reason this is a close matchup is because most people have no idea who dr manhattan is

    • CantSpellMyName

      True, Doctor Manhattan wins this one, it really isn’t a question of opinion.

      • sdfgsdfg

        Yeah, it has nothing to do with opinion. Dr. Manhattan wins before you even thought of the question. Literally.

  • where the white women at?

    the good doctor would win, he’s related to dr dre and he is hung like a freaking horse

  • Noblerivera

    yeah of course dr. manhattan would win he cannot die soo yeah

  • Atlas

    dr.manhattan set foot on the sun!! what’s more to add?

    • JackofKings

      superman can go inside the sun…silverage superman nuff said.

      • Matteo Neviani

        Dr. Manhattan created a new universe including human beings. He’s essentially omnipotent and omniscient. Not even silver age Supes could touch him.

    • dan lupp

      so did superman

  • Zanza

    Good guys always win.
    And Dr. Manhattan is EVIL!!!

    Go Superman!!!

    • CannotSpellMyName

      No, Dr. Manhattan isn’t evil. He may not fit into the traditional characteristics of what most people would call a hero, but he is by no means a villain. And honestly, how exactly would Superman be able to beat him? Not even SBP would hardly stand a chance.

    • TheObjection

      Dr. Manhattan isn’t evil, just indifferent.

    • Al Gorithm

      Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! It’s not even a close fight, Dr. Manhattan has superior intelligence.

    • Crusader

      Go read watchmen. Adrian asks the question “which are better red ants or black ants?” to which the interveiwer responds ” Um, I don’t really have a preference”. “Exactly, this is how Dr. Manhattan views things”

  • none

    whats spb

  • Bearjdzt

    Superman is perhaps the strongest super hero in DC universe with his various aliases like Superboy, Superman Prime, Superboy Prime and so on varying a bit in powers and weaknesses. So how does Dr. Manhattan compares to Superman? Dr. Manhattan can probably destroy Superman even before Superman realizes what happened! How?

    Can Superman do anything against Dr. Manhattan -Nothing. Nada. Superman’s super speed is useless as Dr. Manhattan knowing the future will know where Superman’s gonna fly to! Superman’s heat vision is useless as heat can’t hurt Dr. Manhattan. Superman’s super strength is useless as Dr. Manhattan is invulnerable to physical damage!……

    • Al Gorithm

      ^This right here Superman fans read it and weep.

  • Fah kit

    I know its just a question of who would win , but really , I think Doc would lose ultimately . Killing Superman ? Not cool bro , not cool . Plus superman has a bigger dick XD

    • hmmm

      you must have sucked it.

  • ascascsa

    Whoever said superman has no idea who Dr. Manhattan is. Dr. Manhattan is basically the closest thing to God that anyone could conceive. The only difference between Dr. Manhattan and God is 1) true compassion and love 2%) God actually did create the universe 3) God actually exists in real life, and 4) God is still infinitely more powerful.

    No being out of any book or comic book or otherwise (except for God) could ever even remotely come close to defeating Dr. Manhattan. This is not opinion. This is fact. Whoever invented Dr. Manhattan really went overboard. Dr. Manhattan just thinks and instantaneously superman has now molecularly deconstructed and ceased to exist.

    p.s. An angel is also probably more powerful than Dr. Manhattan. I wonder if sometimes in the timeline of eternity God will get bored and decide to create a real Dr. Manhattan and then have him and an angel fight to the death. Now that might be a fair fight.

    Saying “Superman vs Dr. Manhattan” is similar to saying “Superman vs the Archangel Gabriel”. This is similar to saying, “half of a leg of a dead ant vs The Incredible Hulk – who would win?”

    • God

      Ok, we get it. Go back to reading the bible.

  • 1234

    I’ve voted for superman. you know why ?? because that son of a bitch Dr. Manhattan killed Rorschach !!!

    • mrmurda

      now i wanna change my answer

  • dan lupp

    i see alot of watchmen fan’s not real comic book fans chiming in…. superman wins….

    this is why… superman powergrade 10 Dr. manhattan powergrade 9.9999…..

    superman ability
    solar absorption— yellow ray= superpowers 2400H, blue ray- god powers 5400+
    solar healing/ invulnerability
    super hearing
    super vision
    artic breath,
    super breath,
    super strength
    heat vision
    super genus
    Martial arts
    psychic mind powers

    weakness – cryptonite..

    Doctor Manhattan—-
    superhuman strength
    control over matter
    perception of time (can not alter)

    weakness: tachyon objects

    in presence of Dr. manhattan and his blue ratiant superman’s powers become godly .. 5400H.. superman can fly at speeds “just under light speed” with radiant rays of 2400 or more… with dr. manhattans radiant of 5400 (blue) superman becomes faster than a tachyon object … all of Dr. manhattans powers are useless.. while the higher radiant levels increase supermans abilities and becomes godly…. superman can alter time as he did in superman 1 movie …

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003557517445 Hunter Lee Triche

      All that would just be like throwing a marshmallow at him

    • Al Gorithm

      You have no clue what you’re talking about, powergrade levels LMFAO, you just make stuff up as you go along, Dr. Manhattan is incapable of being destroyed in fact you can even touch him without destroying yourself Manhattan wins with ease…FACT!!!

  • spawn123

    if its the newest superman when kryptonite makes him stronger he’s unstoppable

  • Gus

    Superman can’t die unless someone has kryptonite but dr. Manhattan does not have kryptonite

    • mrmurda

      he could turn superman into kryptonite

  • ap156978@falmouth.ac.uk

    MANHATTAN TO STRONK, thinks out of existence or exists every where and gets some kryptonite also if he dint do any of that nonsense manhattan can replicate himself and easy out does supes in most way (perhaps not strength) so how would superman now do against 100 of it ? this one is silly

  • warlock

    Dr. Manhattan could just rearrange supermans atoms!!!

  • kawaka

    what kind of event is the baseline for win or lose. if it is to kill each other manhattan wins. but if it is to save an old lady from an uncontrolled bus superman wins as he gives a shit whilst the ugly blue gine that is just wetranization fo alladins jin dont give a crows shit

  • Bryan Pham

    Superman Prime would destroy Dr. Manhattan, Superman Prime is GOD

  • JoeSmackson

    Superman wins. Superman Prime, his future version that lived on the sun is even more powerful. He would keep Dr Manhattan from reassembling his atoms ever.

  • abraham carrillo

    Superman will win i know because he’s man of steel

    • Crusader

      Dr. Manhattan melts steel

      • Noopyz

        makes it so steal doesn’t exist

  • jayno1

    Superman can’t do anything to Dr. Manhattan. Hes body was disintegrated in instant to a subatomic levels and he reassembled himself in seconds. He can spread his energy everywhere and make copies of himself as many as he likes. So he is basically pure energy. Even if Superman can handle his matter manipulation (witch he controls in levels of subatomic particles), there is still nothing he can do to hurt Manhattan without some external help.

    In the end with ability to teleport, phase-shift and exicite of his body, density, strength, speed and almost everything the he can think of to with the energy he can manipulate, and also ability to see the future and the past, so imo, without major help Superman is toasted and ready for the breakfast.

  • John MaFukin Hodgson

    Dr. Manhattan teleports Superman under a red sun, destroys him with the bat of an eye. Even under earth’s yellow sun I think superman’s toast!

  • john johnson

    Dr. Manhattan controls matter, supermman is matter.

  • Rip rorshach

    What kind of scramble minded animals would vote superman

  • Andrew

    Dr. Manhattan could beat a thousand supermans at the same time. With a thousand manhattan copies without losing any potency.

  • Crusader

    This is not an opinion. Dr. Manhattan has supreme control of space, and an enhanced veiw of time, superman has already lost no matter what he does.

  • Kavin Sivaneri

    Whomsoever the opponent be Dr. Manhattan wins because he is the very fundamentals of physics…

  • BloodySpartan300

    I don’t know that much about Dr. Manhattan, so I gave the credit to Superman. Sorry, guys.