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  • TheNash

    Not even a contest. Like pitting a Mini against a Monster Truck

  • SenorBane

    Iron Man could just take to the sky and bomb the crap out of him

  • Noblerivera

    um i never saw robo cop so yeah ironman

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503602754 Saood Vidal


  • Trisha

    iron man is totally a winner!! plus he amazing!

  • Joe

    Robo’s a tank, ya gotta give the guy credit. Plus, when Tony’s spent from human exhaustion, Robo can keep right on coming. Tony would have the advantage in tech, at the moment, (god I hope they don’t screw up that remake), but if properly outfitted, Tony would have his hands more than full.

    • john johnson

      human exhaustion, like when? after EMP his ass? or hacking his sistem? this is not about strenght is about intelligence.

  • ryan christopher

    iron man has bullet proof armor and cannons robocop has a little peashooter

  • Emilis Kmielius

    iron man is new school SH!T get some old school ROBO HOBO!

  • Saesee Tiin

    Iron Man!!!

  • http://www.seminds.com/ Sabreen Rezvie (Sam)

    which part of ‘brawl’ didnt you idiots understand? its about who can fight close combat, not who has the biggest gun.

    • LanceK

      Iron man would still wreck him dummy the guys gone toe to toe with rune king thor and even world breaker hulk 1 punch and robo cops sleepin

      • http://www.seminds.com/ Sabreen Rezvie (Sam)

        ever been on a brawl kid?

        • Arceus Ketchum

          Easily ironman from the movies and if was from the comics than its a one sided match

  • Iron man

    Iron man would win in a long shot in close and ranged combat against robocop iron man has better weapons and has a better power source

  • Willie Thomas

    Have you seen “Robocop3” I believe he can take to the air too but Robocop needs recharging and Tony been a genesis will take avenge?