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  • Anonymous

    This was a tough one. I say River Song because, even though Rose Tyler has some big ass guns and kicked a lot of ass, I think River has seen a lot more and knows a lot more. She’d take Rose down, but not without a good fight.

  • Ray-za

    Not really fair.. River Song is a time lord..
    Even things up a little, let Rose absorb the Time Vortex again? lol

  • Yinloveyang

    Rose, she was the first person I´ve seen in Doctor Who and it’s not the only reason why I love her.

    • The Doctor

      Middle Finger

  • Angelus_s_baby

    Rose definitely. She’s tough: she’s from the British projects, she’s worked her way through universes, seeing only she knows what. River Song, even if she didn’t spend most of her time a girly-flirt, couldn’t take Rose down. 

    • The Doctor

      NO. River was trained to kill a TimeLord. even her MAKEUP is a weapon. For her entire first regeneration, she was terrorized by really creepy aliens, and she’s part time lord. she even killed The Doctor. rose wouldn’t take a chance. EVAR.

  • teherica

    No question here. River Song would definitely beat wimpy, whiny Rose Tyler.

    • http://www.facebook.com/abby.weller3 Abby Weller

      Rose would definitely
      beat river’s in a fight

      • The Doctor

        How? River is trained to kill a Time Lord, she is half Time Lord, AND she’s overall badass. rose, on the other hand, SUCKS. she’s selfish, whiny, and overall full of herself. unless she opened the TARDIS (whom by the way, did NOT want rose violating her SOUL) and even then, that isn’t her power and she would die soon afterwards.

        • Ginger Crawford

          Jar Jar Song is a Mary Sue and I wish the Bad Wolf could end her forever.

    • The Doctor

      yes! thank you!

    • Ginger Crawford

      BAD WOLF. Bye bye sweetie. River wouldn’t stand a chance.

  • Anonymous

    If we are to accept that River Song is Melody Pond, then obviously River would beat Rose, because River was raised and trained to be a weapon against the Doctor, and Rose really wasn’t.

  • The Doctor

    River, by far. As much as I love Rose, River has had tons of training. She is literally a weapon herself.

  • Asynonymforlove

    It would have to be River. She’s literally trained from before birth to kill the Doctor and simultaneously manages to kill him and stop herself from killing him, even if it requires tearing apart time. Even if you don’t like River you have to concede that she’s not a normal human being and that she would kick so much ass. 

  • Anne Moss

    Um, seriously? River, everytime. She’d have her gun out before Rose turned around. Unarmed, well, River’s part time-lord. Forced her way out of that spacesuit, didn’t she? Much stronger, physically.
    Unless of course you mean River Song versus BAD WOLF.

    • The Doctor

      and even then, rose would die afterwards, because she is human, and it isn’t even her power, it’s the TARDIS’s power.

  • Pablo Diablo

    Stupid question.  River is a time Lord.  Rose is a human.  
    A better question would be: 
    Martha Jones Vs. Rose Tyler.
    Donna Noble Vs. Amy Pond.

    • The Doctor

      Martha vs Rose, Martha, definitely, unless rose was bad wolf, which would still be terrible because she stole the power by ripping open the TARDIS’s soul, and she would die when her human body burned.

      As for Donna vs Amy: tie. i don’t think i can contemplate the outcome of those two fighting.

    • Ginger Crawford

      River is not, never has been AND NEVER WILL BE A TIME LORD!
      Christ, she just has some Gallifreyan DNA, you have to go to The Academy and then she still wouldn’t be a Time Lord, she’d be a Time LADY.

  • Shardoom

    I’d like to say Rose but, I honestly don’t think there is ANY way of her winning, except maybe Dr Who himself saving her. She wouldn’t even be able to turn ‘Bad Wolf’ again, not even on the TARDIS with an open console. River Song is literally the child of the TARDIS, I mean I could be wrong, but I really can’t see it giving Rose the power to kill it’s own Daughter. IF though Rose got the power obviously she wins in less than a second, nothing stands up to ‘uber Rose’, just can’t see it happening. (I did however vote for Rose though, voting’s pretty much over anyway, not like my vote made a difference)

    • Shtoops

      River isn’t literally a child of the TARDIS. It didn’t purposefully create her. River was made through exposure to the Time Vortex, while Rosé became the Tangible equivalent of the Time Vortex. It is my personal belief (as well as many members of the fandom) that Rose been in someway modified by her exposure (Maybe a TARDIS/Human hybrid) and may actually posses some abilities of the Bad Wolf entity. Although Rose was not very “badass”, at the end of series 4, she was pretty cool. Plus Torchwood training would probably give her some skill. But I don’t think Bad Wolf Rose would have left normal Rose without something. So ya… But I do think Rosé would win. Besides everything else, I think Rose has better improvisational skills than River.

      • Voiceofreason

        I totally agree with you, shtoops

        • The Doctor

          Let me settle this, I choose River Song.

    • Voiceofreason

      It’s the doctor, dumbo


    Rose as Bad Wolf would totally kill erase River Song from existence.

    • The Doctor

      FUCK YOU

      • Ginger Crawford

        2 words: BAD WOLF. Tough cookies *sweetie*.

  • effster

    If Rose was being all time vortexy, River would be fucked. Rose FTW

  • riverpondmelodysong

    river song anyone who says rose is an idiot rose could never go bad wolf to kill river the tardis wouldent give rose the power to kill its own daugter rose is a wimp and river is part time lord she wouldent know what hit her river song is amazing rose is just a dumb shop assistent, river could kill rose and look good doing it and HELLO River Song is in PRISON for MURDER and she flirted with the doctor by bragging about how many scilance she could kill then kill all of them, she joked with rory that she became an archeologist becouse “i love a tomb” , She made the stone darlek that she belived had killed the doctor beg for mercy then killed it anyway! fuck bad wolf river is totely bad ass she jumped off a fuckin building and threw herself out of a spacelock! she is insane p.s.Angelus_s_baby river was trained from birth to be a phycopath and killer thats why she can afford to be all fabuless and flirty rose wouldent stand a chance

    • Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

      lets remember, it says who would win in a brawl, that doesn’t mean they would have to kill each other.

    • The Doctor


  • FantasticalWonder

    As much as I love Rose . . . and as much as I prefer Rose/Doctor to River/Doctor . . . River would win. No contest. She can use guns – well, Rose did have that big Dalek-destroying gun in that one episode . . . but River’s like, the Black Widow of Doctor Who so . . . yeah.

  • Voiceofreason

    Shardoom you are an idiot. It’s the Doctor not Dr who. Duuuuuuuuh

    • Voiceofreason

      Anyway rose is awesome

      • The Doctor

        your picture is stupid. fuck your picture.

  • SomeCallMeTim

    I like Rose much better, but she has no chance ….unless she was the time vortex at the time

  • asddf


  • doctorxriver

    I adore both Rose and River, but River was trained and conditioned to kill the Doctor. Even her lipstick is a weapon. River could easily beat the crap out of Rose, but she wouldn’t, because she wouldn’t hurt a friend of the Doctor. I’m sure Rose and River would actually be close friends because Rose has 10.5, so there isn’t any conflict in their relationships.

  • Lewis

    Rose, and nobody else

    • The Doctor

      “I’m a sheeple and an idiot.” -Lewis

  • Jade

    It’s always gonna be Rose…

    • The Doctor

      I choose River.

  • random

    i love rose. soooo…. rose
    plus rose would win in awesomeness guys

    • The Doctor

      middle finger, b%$#@.

  • Nick Mitsch

    RIVER IS A TIME LORD I think that pretty much tells you who would win =D

    • Ten Is The Best

      But think about it, Rose may still is a bit BAD WOLF, think about what the werewolf said, “The wolf, there is something of the wolf about you” in Tooth and Claw. That kind of implies that she still is BAD WOLF, plus she disintagrated half a million daleks with the wave of her hand.

      • The Doctor

        I married River. Screw rose.

        • Passer-by

          Oh, I bet you wish you could, Doc.

  • Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

    You dont need to insult a character to prove your point. Jeez guys, settle down. (Plus it says a brawl not to the death.)

  • Astie

    Rose Tyler. And I only have two words everyone seems found of forgetting: Bad Wolf, people.
    This is one of the things that keeps bothering me: River gets conceived in the TARDIS, and suddenly, she’s a sort-of Time Lady? Sorry, but after what we’ve seen happen at the end of season 1, and the sheer difference in the exposure to the time energy generated by TARDIS River and Rose received, that doesn’t add up.
    As to the “child of TARDIS” part – don’t take the saying so literally. It’s like pretending your country is your mum when someone says you’re it’s child. By the same reasoning, you can say that Rose really did create herself and exists in no world but the one the Doctor does because the Bad Wolf said so (if you want to, you can even add Jackie and Pete having no kids in the parallel world to it).

    • The Doctor

      she’s only bad wolf once, and it’s stolen power. she forced the TARDIS to open her SOUL to get it, and she would probably die soon anyway.

      • Astie

        I hardly think you can force TARDIS to do anything, esp. if you’re just a human – look at what happened to Blon when she looked into the heart of TARDIS. And while we see her as Bad Wolf only once – let’s count the influences, mentions, and, of course, the Moment. Force? Hah. Doubt it.

  • Alexander Andary

    iamhumamboy you are a loser

    • The Doctor

      “I am a stupid dick.” -Alexander Andary

  • MidnightCalamityInABlueBox

    Seriously, all Rose would have to do is give River one of the ‘Tyler’ Slaps, that even disarm the Doctor and she’d probably be down.

    • The Doctor

      river could easily kick her butt and resist one slap. The Doctor wasn’t disarmed, only alarmed.

  • The Doctor

    River is trained to kill a Time Lord, she is half Time Lord, AND she’s
    overall badass. rose, on the other hand, SUCKS. she’s selfish, whiny,
    and overall full of herself. unless she opened the TARDIS (whom by the
    way, did NOT want rose violating her SOUL) and even then, that isn’t her power and she would die soon afterwards.

  • Nicola

    The question is not who would win in a gun fight or a whatever fight…but a BRAWL…bare hands fighting. On one hand River IS stronger. On the other hand, she is used to using weapons, and wasn’t really trained to fight. Rose is a gymnast, grew up in a rough neighborhood, and is much more an fight by instinct kind of person. Rose would win in a fist fight.

  • Veto

    Rose is just a pathetic girl who cries all the time. She has no strength. She says she’s a gymnast, but she must have been a pathetic one. I don’t like either if the characters, but River is obviously stronger and better.

  • Ginger Crawford

    “You are tiny. I see the whole of Time and Space. Every single atom of your existence. And I divide them.” – Rose Tyler as The Bad Wolf. No more River. She needs to go to the Library and stay there anyway.

  • Bluey3214

    River would probably just pull out her gun and be all like “back the F off” haha. River would most likely win (in my opinion at least)

  • http://nerdsfunny.blogspot.com Lewis


  • Kayleigh Pierce

    I love Rose but even I have to accept the obvious; River would kick Rose’s butt. HOWEVER, Rose would put up a good fight. She did train with Torchwood for the two years she was in Pete’s World. So River would win, but Rose would put up a pretty good fight.