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  • Anonymous

    I think Martin would win here. Ralph seems so out of it, he wouldn’t know how to react to a fight. Martin, on the other hand, just has to have some rage waiting to get out and explode from being beaten up so many times.

  • Gad

    Ralph would, his father is a fuckin cop

  • Johnny2071

    Martin would win, considering this is a strictly one-on-one battle. Martin could just use his intellect to out-smart Ralph, plus Martin is also an inventor. If however this battle is strictly hand-to-hand, Ralph may win, due to his girth and whatever possible demons hid behind that Tickle Me Elmo-esque personality of his. He could just snap and go Gaia (from Grappler Baki) onĀ  Martin who may be so bewildered by the defiance of logic in this occurrence to do anything.

  • Thwomp

    Surprisingly tricky. They both seem very harmless

    Ralph, whether he’s stupid, or has some inane case of supersanity, is considered the most harmless kid in school. He’s really nice, but he’s nonetheless shown to be rather strong too and a couple of times has shown that he’s probably picked up a few things from his dad, who’s as Gad said…a fuckin cop. He was able to sweep Comic Book Guy off his feet!

    Martin on the other hand, may be generally a wuss physically but he’s brilliant. He could probably make a bodyguard robot to fight for him. He’s very non-confrontational too however, but as shown in the Simpsons Movie…the sheer amount of inner rage he has allows him to take down all three of his bullies, who are all much larger. I think the kid could be pretty dangerous actually, his gentle nature being really the only thing keeping him from being that. (and also unfortunately being the reason he’s picked on.)

    Bottom line: Generally, Ralph is physically more able than Martin but due to his loopiness, he’s very unpredictable. Few, if any have been able to elicit anger out of him…which could be what gets this for Martin. However, Martin doesn’t have a problem with Ralph really…so how it would probably go is that Martin wouldn’t be able to muster up the rage he needs to beat him or would flat out just avoid the fight altogether, letting Ralph either win by default…or if Ralph has an even brief moment of rare clarity, win with a quick but hilariously oblivious punch to the stomach.

  • Saesee Tiin

    Ralph does!!!