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  • Anonymous

    Gandalf. He came back to life. Obi Wan can’t say he’s done that.

    • Alfa Nery

      You’re right, but let me remember, George Lucas made Star Wars in inspiration, taking as support Lord of the rings, you can’t make a thing like that, a brawl with this, i just voted for Kenobi because he’s losing.

      • ben

        Um dude.  magic beats the force. period.  if it was luke skywalker vs gandalf,   there would be no votes for luke.

        • Amandaskelly20

          Um magic has to be used with spells and stupid sayings. The force is always there, all Obi-Wan would have to do is crush his troat by thinking it and Gandolf is done.

          • Jsoccer625

            Gandalf is a demi god one of the creators of his own earth if he wants to take away the force he can! people need to read the silmarillion before they make opinions because you would know that gandalf is a god!

  • Narya ring

    I like Ben Kenobi, but i think Gandalf would win, he is the great wizard from the century.

    • Watcher198

      I agree with that Narya Ring

  • Star Killer

    Obi Wan is cool and is old 😀

    And i saw he when he was a padawan, i stand with Obi Wan
    He have a lightsaber, but let’s think for a moment, that is unfair :C
    i stand with obi wan >.<

    • Star Killer

      Agree /w ya man!
      Star wars is my fav saga 😀

  • Woopidoopi

    The force and a lightsaber. Gandalf wins how??????

    • Snhprocks

      You’ve gotta be kidding me….Gandalf has like, the most powerful magic in the world, and you’re asking how he wins?? The force and a lightsaber seems pretty lame compared to that. XD

    • gandalfwins

      Glamdring (elvish blade, same as sting) and the most powerful wizard in Middle-Earth. Obi-Wan wins how?????? Gandalf is three times the wizard he ever shows in LOTR, and he could just use however much of his power he needs to obliterate Obi-Wan. This is a blow out.

  • Observer

    In melee department, Obi-Wan wins, hes master of a defensive lightsaber Soresu style. He defeated enemies like General Grievous or Darth Vader (Episode III). Gandalf is working really nice, but he wont fight too long. Obi-Wan has a lightsaber which will cut through Gandalf’s staff and strike him down. In magic there are many outcomes, but Obi-Wan isnt defenseless. Hes strong in Force, he can use Force Push, o Pull and impale Gandalf on lightsaber, but i must admit that Jedi can do less things than Sith – he cant Force Choke or use Force Lightning, because it disagrees with Jedi Code.

  • Darth Vader

    Obi-Wan Kenobi has the Force
    Gandalf has magic
    Obi-Wan took down Darth Maul, and Darth Vader on Mustafar
    Oh, excuse
    What did Gandalf do?
    People say Gandalf beat Obi-Wan
    That’s not true That’s impossible- Luke Skywalker

    • gandalfwins

      I can give you a couple of examples of what Gandalf did. First, he defeated all nine ringwraiths on Weathertop (read FOTR), he killed the Balrog, DIED AND CAME BACK TO LIFE, he has killed countless orcs, he turned away three of the winged Nasgul at once in Return of the King, and he faced the leader of the Nasgul one-on-one and survived, and only Merry and Eowyn can say they have done that besides him. Gandalf would obliterate Obi-Wan. I’m not saying I hate Obi-Wan, or Star Wars, I like them both well enough, but Obi-Wan is no match for Gandalf.

    • gandalf supporter

      Oh I’m sorry? Gandalf fought in a war, killing numerous orcs, uruk hai, trolls and not to mention, a giant Bolrog which would make Obiwan kenobi piss in his pants.

  • Lord Gandalf

    Gandalf would obliterate Obi wan.

  • Thekingofmagic/The elders geek

    Obi wans lightsaber may obliterate but gandalfs staff can withstand almost anything,
    Gandalf is a demi god but obiwan is a jedi,
    Obiwan is a master but gandalf is a white wizard,
    Gandalf has 7 allies but obi wan has millions,
    Obi wan is dead but Gandalf can be ressurected,
    Gandalf has the prince if horses, but obiwan can fly,
    Gandalf has magic and obi wan has the force, WHO WINS?

  • hello

    Gandalf the White is more powerfull than Gandalf the grey and even more powerfull then Saruman, which was the head of the order before he joined the dark side (star wars reference xD).. So if Saruman can use Magic to change the weather and destroy a mountain, imagine what Gandalf the white could do if he wants to.. On the other hand Gandalfs magic in the films looks weak, I guess they didn’t wanted him to look overpowered, but the force doesn’t look that powerfull either. It’s not like Harry Potter, where magic is overpowered and you wouldn’t stand a change. I guess that Gandalf would win in the end, if a Balrog can’t hit him, how on earth would a lightsaber?? So if he uses his protection thing he uses on de bridge of Khazad dum he’ll be safe for Obi wan Kenobi.


    Really. This might have just been Gandalf vs a Block of Moldy Cheese. Obi-Wan has literally NO powers that could match Gandalf’s. His lightsaber would just break & his Force is WEAK!!!!!

  • Tom

    to hard to choose
    they are both part of my favortie movies

  • LogicBear

    I voted for Ben only because I voted for Gandalf in th “Gandalf vs. Dumbledore

  • t4

    gandalf.. ranged weapons. and immortality. or he could pull a balrog.

  • Saesee Tiin


  • random

    Gandelf?????? not sure on that one

  • random

    just say gandelf

  • Michael Young

    Obi Wan Kenobi vs Gandalf? Obi Wan Kenobi just slashes his staff and legs and Gandalf will be no wizard and he crawls like a baby and Obi Wan Kenobi drops his lightsaber and punches Gandalf.