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  • iamhumanboy

    Christian Bale just seems like a tougher guy than Michael Keaton.

  • Sheiky Baby

    Maybe the children nowadays think Christian Bale is superior just because of the quality of the new films but regardless how good they are, Michael Keaton is the best Batman.

    • Po_pop

      yeah and where’s you evidence old nostalgic fossil? At least Bale is shown kicking serious as. All you said is “Keaton is the best…well because i say so”. GTFO prick!

      • johntoreno 01

        SHUT THE FUCK UP you Nolan FAGGOT !

        • 0MEGA1950


          • Jeff Rittenour

            and everyone SINCE Keaton has COPIED HIM. He CREATED the Batman we’ve known since 1989… There’s only 2 Batmen. Adam West as lighter one and Michael Keaton as the dark one. No else ever brought anything NEW to the table…unless you count Batman shitting his pants every time he opens his mouth something worth while…

    • deathstalker

      Maybe the children nowadays think Christian Bale is superior just because of the quality of the new films but regardless how good they are, Michael Keaton is the best Batman.


    • me

      OK, from another old fossil: The Keaton Batman movies worked as “dark” comic-book characters brought to the screen (as opposed to Adam West BIFF-BOOM-POW); Bale’s is too violent and Bruce Wayne a bit of a creepy character, just short of child-molester turned Robin Hood.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      Iran, #1…Russia, #1…Keaton, #1…Bale, ack phoohey!!

  • erratyc

    The Christian Bale Batman sounds like a chain smoker

  • Andreasmamoulides

    Keaton's 1989 version of Batman and 1992 sequel Batman Returns, always seemed way more scarier and awesome to me. From Gotham City, to the car, to Vicky Vale, to the villains and even the damn butler, these first two installments of the Batman's modern day saga have always been the best Batman movies. Firstly Keaton portrays a much darker character in his Batman persona. He is more feared by criminals and is more of a shadow like figure than a full blow vigilante. Secondly i think he does the best Bruce Wayne. Way more charismatic and easy to connect to. Also as the Bats he speaks very few times, again adding to the dark mysteriousness that surrounds this amazing character. Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale can not be compared. Even with the latest revival of Batman with Bale, Keaton's version is the one I associate this character with.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001548225404 Michael Young

      You could not be more correct

    • Po_pop

      Because you’re a 40 year old virgin who can’t let go of his childhood hero?
      The burton series wasn’t scary, it was emo. His films lacked depth, his story lacked any sense of danger. Nice try troll but you fail.
      At least, Nolan’s films are easy to relate to dumbass. We dont need a mutated penguin or a Joker dancing to Prince music.

      • Batman9799

        Po-pop you seem to have some anger anger issues, you should talk to someone about that. And i am a huge fan of both Batman’s. Michael Keatons Batman as a kid and Christian Bale’s Batman as an adult.

      • Jeff Rittenour

        worst come back ever… Nolan’s films are scary? Have depth? Hahahaha – and easy to relate to means commercial piece of trash that EVERYONE can go see. Not ART like Burton’s – with an original style and Academy award winning set design. Burton’s films lack the easy to follow ‘die hard’ like story line ( in which you could insert ANY HERO or ANY character and still have the same fuckin movie) that Nolan’s do – but there’s more originality in one frame of Burton’s (especially Returns) than in Nolan’s whole series. Yeah I like seeing Batman on the chrysler building – that’s OBVIOUSLY GOTHAM CITY. Please. Nolan;s ridiculous “Batman’ is a symbol nonsense rob the charcter of his very definition. If it doesn’t matter that he’s batman – then WHY even make it Bruce Wayne. Had it been Batman Beyond – it might have made more sense. But it is BRUCE WAYNE for a reason. The lifestyle to BE batman (money), the murder that (was almost fate/destiny) that spawned Batman, the vow to never let this happen to anyone else again, the PROTECTOR of Gotham city… oh it all means nothing cuz Batman is a symbol. A symbol who is wanted for murder and hides out for 8 years only to come back for 2 hrs and blow up? WTF is THAT shit? His relationship with Alfred is absurd. First time we see him – he’s a total DICK to only family he had left? The one who was always there for him? And then said useless butler leaves his ass in the third one? Don’t buy any of their relationship – sorry. Only thing those movies got right we’re giving 2 face his PROPER dues and an interesting Scarecrow. Heath was great as a madman taking a city hostage but he was NOT the Joker, Jack is the definitive Joker. Warpaint? Go fuck yourself with that horrible convenient writing. Catwoman? Retarded. Bane? Retarded? Ras Al Ghul – oh yeah they got his fuckin NAME wrong.. everything about those movies is stupid when you analyze and scrutinize them. But what else would you expect from a director who admitted he ‘KNOWS NOTHING OF BATMAN”..oh yes you get a generic, anybody could have made this movie series for everyone who knows DICK about Batman… You Nolan fanboys are gaga over a guy who’s movies are just OK. Tim Burton may be past his prime and utterly boring NOW but Nolan’s work doesn’t even compare to the old genius Tim Burton. And that’s what you new school losers don’t get cuz you’ve been raised on shit for the past 15 years. His first 2 Batman movies are Tim Burton movies ABOUT Batman – that’s what makes them special. They’re not generic formula movies like Nolan’s. Burton understood the character’s better than Nolan does and gave them a world to exist in that was unique and PERFECTLY suited to them…as opposed to bland NEW York ripoff city. You know what – I’m done, fuck it…

  • Joker

    Keaton was more real and scary. More resourceful and such. No competition for him.

  • TommyBoy

    I first watched the Keaton Batman as a kid, and it scared the hell out of me. Not only is Keaton's Batman way darker and way scarier than Bale's, but Keaton's Batman (whether people agree or not), was willing to cross the line and eliminate criminals from time to time. Which is something Bale's Batman promised he'd never do. Just that fact alone gives Keaton's Batman the edge in a fight. In my opinion.

    • the darker knight

      yeah but that only means that christian bales batman is more compassionate cause he remembers his parents if he were to kill an opponet he would just prove that he could kill he wants to prove that there is still goodness in the many hearts of gotham he wants to prove that no matter what he will always come out on top where as michael keatons is darker and more edgy so wouldnt that just means that he would be willing to kill and if he doesnt talk as much its because he cant portray emotions
      and are you serouse it accualy scared people his costume sucked the villians were horrible it was like watching a cartoon where as christian bales bad guys are way more in depth they made you think that there could acually be some one like that ive seen those old batman movies the villians suck look at jim carries riddler he acted like one of jim carries characters he was like the mask he wasnt funny just like the other horrible villians

      • Bordomliner

        we’re talking about the Keaton Batman not the horrible Kilmer/Cloonie-disaster

  • Bah

    “Keaton's Batman (whether people agree or not), was willing to cross the line and eliminate criminals from time to time.”

    And so it wasn't really Batman.

    Bale hands down.

    • Extrawhatever

      The original Batman, was extremely dark and killed crimninals. Look at the original comics, Batman would swoop down and break people's necks. The one you know of is what most folks know of Batman, publicly correct. I believe both version is cool but do not state “…and so it wasn't Batman” because someone believe he would cross the line.

      • Guestbat

        Keaton Batman. All the way. I also love Keaton's original bat suit out of all Batman films made imo.

        • BM’89

          Keaton-better suit, cooler, calmer, more resourceful, better fighter, less on the edge of his own sanity, less superficial, better acted, better girl — Kim and Mike were the best leading couple in any of these movies; better butler, cooler car, better cave and mansion.  The only thing the new movies have over the original are Morgan F, and while that is significant because he was g-d and the president, it isn’t good enough.

      • Myconius

        people seem to forget that little fact!!!
        they only know the modern age comics or what they’ve heard about it.

    • the darker knight

      for sure right bale forever

    • Told Correctly

      You know if you people actually studied batman you’d realize there are several occasions in every comic (doesn’t matter what company) where he killed someone. It shows the struggle of being batman and the sacrifice he makes to protect the city. FACE now please accept that they are both batman and their own ways but that Keaton’s was much closer not only to the comics but definitley made it darker through ways of creepiness and things that aren’t realistic like mutants and shit instead of stuff we can relate to. It’s an unfelt experience and is stranger to us and more mysterious because it’s not something we see on the news every day like in bales. His was meant to be realistic and within our limits which is what makes it boring unlike Keaton’s which is over the top and amazing.

  • Guest

    Keatons Batman will always be the best much like Reeve’s Superman.  He was way more mysterious etc. Bale’s version gave us more back story on his training  etc  but seems to be portrayed as nothing more than a ninja with a Bat outfit and bad voice. Keaton was better

  • Devin

    Seriously i looked into it, Keaton hands down. Between both movies he is responsible for at least 25 deaths. How many does Bale have? 0. 

    • Myconius

      no but Bales Batman just blows up peoples cars, buildings, drives on roof-tops and destroys pretty much everything in sight.

  • Khair_idzuan

    keaton had a psycho face than bale..

  • http://twitter.com/Funzi159 Gabriele Funaro

    I personally appreciate Nolan’s Batman for the way he treats the character, I mean, he analyses the story and the psychology, but Christian Bale is too much Bruce Wayne and very few Batman. Michael Keaton had a wide range of expressions, from calm to nervous, from serious to disturbing smiley, and this is why he is the best Batman ever! Also, the suits, even though it was actually uncomfortable, is the best looking and the Batmobile, well, do you want to compare to any other??? Keaton is the best!!! My page for this;


  • http://twitter.com/Funzi159 Gabriele Funaro

    I personally appreciate Nolan’s Batman for the way he treats the character, I mean, he analyses the story and the psychology, but Christian Bale is too much Bruce Wayne and very few Batman. Michael Keaton had a wide range of expressions, from calm to nervous, from serious to disturbing smiley, and this is why he is the best Batman ever! Also, the suits, even though it was actually uncomfortable, is the best looking and the Batmobile, well, do you want to compare to any other??? Keaton is the best!!! My page for this;


  • Prahalad

    Bale wins easily.
    a) Keaton’s Batman couldn’t turn his head so anyone can move to the side or behind.
    b) Keaton’s Batman only took on one person at a time. If the criminals gang up on him then he’s dead.

    • Myconius


    • gmoney_2006

      you must didn’t see the scene in Batman returns where he took on and beat most of the red triangle gang

  • Anonymous

    Bale’s Bruce Wayne/Batman was too “normal”.  Even when he wasn’t out in public trying to put together an act for the front page of the newspaper he seemed like a pretty average billionaire that just so happens to dress as Batman. 

    Keaton’s Bruce Wayne/Batman character/s made sense due to his past haunting him for YEARS until he decided to take on a very dark approach in his life.  His mind was always on Batman.  Even out of the costume.  He didn’t have to make a terrible, over-the-top growl to intimidate.  Nor did he have to make cartoonish facial expressions.  Keaton was very natural for the role and was able to connect to the character quite well.  He literally looked and felt like Batman. 

  • Anonymous

    And also, Bale’s Batman is pretty  careless.  He’d probably end up killing me by accident like he almost (or possibly) did with the cops in Batman Begins and the two little kids in the vehicle when Batman went around blowing things up near them. 

    Keaton’s Batman wouldn’t act so careless.  Even if he must break his rule at least he isn’t putting innocent lives in danger.  Lol :)

  • R Gibbs3

    i believe bale played a better bruce wayne yet keaton was a better batman

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.mortensen.7 Jake Mortensen

    I love Keeton but Bale’s Batman is much more edgy and tough, giving him the one up on Keeton in a fight

  • Jimmy19712000

    i agree with andrea keaton is the best batman who ever played the role!!!!! bottom line keaton wins!! bale is a douche bag!!

  • Anamaria

    christian bale is the best BATMAN THAT’S IT

  • Bat-freak01

    I love both versions of Batman. Granted they each have their pros and cons, no need to list them here, but when you take close looks at both versions they bring out the essences of Batman. Keaton’s portrayal of Batman was almost like that of a phantom, he was there just staring you down with those piercing eyes. He was so cold and isolated, especially in Batman Returns, that it showed us that Batman is the real identity of Bruce Wane. Keaton had the feel of the Batman legend behind him with they way he was portrayed.

    Bale’s portrayal showed us how to become Batman and the full motivation Bruce Wayne had to become Batman. Clearly Bale was the most physical Batman we’ve seen and that showed us the abilities and rage Batman has. Watching him especially in Batman Begins it’s like you could feel the anger welling up inside him ready to explode on his next target. Bale gave us the feeling of really becoming the Batman which is why I loved his movies.

    Personally I love Keaton more because I see Batman as a silent, cold, and brooding hero. Why argue and insult what these two actors have done for Batman? Keaton helped shape what Batman is and Bale took it to a different level. Both of these actors have the best portrayals of Batman and I’m proud to have those two represent my favorite hero. They both brought different things to the table and pulled it off like no others probably ever will.

    • batfan76

      Well said! Both brought their own awesomeness to the Caped Crusader!

  • Wolverine

    Bales batman would totally woop Keaton batmans butt. Now I’ve seen all the batman movies and bales by far was way more scary, dark, stealthy, strong, and smart. Bales would totes win.

  • johntoreno 01



  • The Truth

    Haha only the fans of Batman 89 and Batman returns think Keaton is better when they don’t know shit about Batman. Bale portrayed the pain and anger that drives Bruce Wayne Keaton didn’t portray shit he just looked like a fat retard in a bat suit. Burtonites don’t know anything about Batman/Bruce Wayne that’s why they talk random bullshit. Bale was/is way more built for the role and looked bad ass as Batman unlike Keaton. People saying Keaton please go away and do your research. Bale is Batman, Keaton played the role of Batman.

    • Batman & The Joker

      bitch I have no nostalgia towards the ’89 film since I just watched a couple weeks ago and I I have to say way better the bale batmans and this is coming from someone who knows more shit about batman then you can imagine from the 40’s to the 50’s,60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s,00’s and up until know

  • josh

    This is over who would win in a fight not who’s a better character. Hands down bale woulda bsat keatons ass. Keaton is scrawny and undersized compared to bale. But I prefer keaton too

  • go west

    No freaking way keatons batman beats bales. Keaton didn’t even look like he was remotely trained by ras al ghul. Im sorry but simple kicks and a punch here and there was nothing compared to the fighitng skills of christians batman. Also, i hated keaton in the fact that he killed at least 3 people in his time as batman in both movies he was in. THis went against everything batman stands for and keatons batman and just took a shit on it. Michael Caine was so much better than Gough because Caine served more as a father image to wayne rather than a servent like Gough did. Ledger was kick ass and anyone who disagrees doesnt know good acting. Devitos penguin disgusted me too. THe only thing i would give burton was that catwoman was better (hathaway sucked), gotham city looked waaaay cooler at night and kim basinger was better thatn gylenhal, hathaway, cotillard, and holmes combined as a love interest. Burtons gordon was too vaugue to see what he really was whereas gary oldman captured exactly who jim gordon is. Harvey dent too. Aaron eckhart was awesome. The music from nolan sounded soooooo much more batman badass but burtons was cool too. end of story

  • http://twitter.com/surf_socal joe momma

    to big a time difference. they r basically made up of just their toys and the special effects r so much better now

  • http://www.facebook.com/bishwaroop91 Bishwaroop Dasgupta

    In terms of looks – Michael Keaton

    For everything else, Christian Blae

  • Sugar Nick

    Christian Bale’s Batman was beaten up by normal Joker thugs in “The Dark Knight”

    was set on fire and outsmarted by Scarecrow in “Batman Begins” and also beaten down by The Joker in “The Dark Knight.”

    Keaton’s Batman KO’d most of his bad guys with one or two moves,a punch or kick. Keaton’s only competitive fight was with the toughest member of Joker’s thug group.Keaton’s Batman easily handled his Joker and his Joker was unable to hurt him. Bale needs a number of techniques to beat his street thugs.

    Head to head,Keaton Batman vs Bale Batman ?

    It’s competitive but Keaton would win like Bane won. Eventually Bale Batman would be too beaten to fight back.

  • Greg

    Keaton is THE Batman. There are no complaints. Best suit, best car, ect. How many Christian Bale batman spoofs have been posted to YouTube? How many Michael Keaton spoofs have you seen?
    Bale gets criticized for the voice. No doubt. It was a really weird choice. What did Michael Keaton do wrong? Nothing!
    Christian bale could fight crime in black clothes. He’s scary enough. Keaton would HAVE to dress up as a bat!

  • Tim Drake

    Personally, I thought this one was tough. I like them both so much, just in different ways. Keaton was overall freaking awesome and that is undeniable. Bale on the other hand is tougher and well…”cooler” (no hate please) not to mention pretty attractive. But, bale had a lame bat-voice that just ruined it for me. I think I prefer Keaton though because he’s just flat out awesome (and he has those moments where he seems kind of awkward which always makes me smile). When I watch the Tim burton batman films I also just get way more into it than when I watch the Nolan films. So, yeah, tough decision but Keaton takes the cake. (but the batman comics are still way cooler than the movies because only there is batman perfect and without the chance of an actor ruining it (*in refrence to batman and robin (I shudder at the thought)))

    Btw if you haven’t, watch city of scars!!! It had some things I wouldve changed if I would’ve made it but for being a batman film made by fans, it’s o-mazing

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Keaton would beat the shit out of Bale’s Batman just for stealing his lines… “I’m Batman!”

    • Jeff Rittenour

      and Bale’s Batman is whiny, spoiled douche-bag who has everyone do everything for him. Oh hey Morgan Freeman – you got suit for me? Awesome! Oh snap – you got a car for me too!? Shit this crime fighting thing is gonna be easy. So easy in fact, I’ll just be batman a couple times and then hide out like some chicken shit for 8 years until part 3… HAHAHAHAHA – total garbage. At least Keaton solved the Joker’s formula in 1 and FIXED THE BATMOBILE HIMSELF IN ‘Returns’ oh AND patrolled the streets LIKE BATMAN DOES…

  • rockyslayer

    Michel Keaton smiles while shoving dynamite in a guys pants and pushing them into man holes, uses all sorts of over the top destructive gadgets, sprays down villains with mini guns, turrets, missiles, and explosives. long story short this is the dark violent vigilante Bob Kane originally invented before batman was diluted and warped in the 50s by the comic code authority. bales batman has strong orals and wont kill when he honestly needs too, he’s more stealth that Keaton but Keaton goes in buns blazing and fists flying to get the gob done. bale only uses a few gadgets where Keaton and others use full fortresses of them. I think the only thing better about bales batman is his interrogations. Keaton would destroy bale!

  • anzuu7

    christian bale can turn his head. major tactical advantage.

    • gomen

      Not in Batman Begins. And the stiffer cowl prevents you from getting your neck snapped.

  • Jorge Vargas Almaguer

    The people voting here are kids who never saw the original 1989 Batman film.

  • Tim

    I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that Keaton’s Batman/Bruce Wayne was better in any way are simply stuck in their own nostalgia. Bale’s Batman was more intimidating, physical, and believable. His Bruce Wayne more a more convincing playboy/genius. He has the physique to play a superhero that Keaton could never have. He has the swagger to portray a playboy. And he has the acting ability to play the angst in ways that Keaton simply isn’t capable of portraying. I know that the Keaton Batman movies were epic at the time they were released but they simply can’t hold a candle to the Bale/Nolan films.

  • john johnson

    how many people christian Bale killeda in his movie?

  • LegendInMyMind

    And as with everyone of these polls, Bale wins and Keaton/Burton fanboys bitch about it using their complete misunderstanding of the character. Nothing to see here…