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  • iamhumanboy

    This one was tough. I went with Merry & Pippin because I've actually seen them kill some orcs and whatnot. All I've seen Fred & George do is cause trouble at school.

    • Dracolover

      Not true, Fred and George fought in the battle at Hogwarts and they were members of DA. 

      • Guest person

        Hobbits are resistant to magic though…..hence why frodo carried the ring

        • Timc916

           Frodo didn’t carry the ring because he was resistant to magic. He carried the ring because he and most hobbits have pure, incorruptible hearts that the One Ring cannot take over easily.

    • ben

      I love merry and pippin,  but magic beats swords :(  if the matchup was a Joke bbrawl.  merry and pippin all the way!

  • Ella

    Fred and George for the win! One, they're both bigger than Merry and Pippin, and two, they're both amazing at magic. And as to them only having caused trouble at school, they also both participated in the plan to get Harry away from Voldemort and to the Burrow, and in the Battle of Hogwarts.

    • Ana_dgc

      Bitch please! Have you ever read LOTR? The size doesn’t matter those hobbits are brave. Beside they have the power of Galadriel with them.

      • melsforever

        i thought i saw them whining and being carried away by weak orcs

  • baitos

    If only the question was about who is more awesome. Awesome? Anyone from the fellowship, in my book.

    Who would win? those red-headed troublemakers.

  • ballz

    just watch order of the phoenix and you'll se why fred and george are better

    • Rhiannon

      The fact that you suggested to watch the movies as opposed to reading the book demonstrates why your argument has no validity.

      The movies are tripe.

      • poug

        the thesis is still true though 😛

    • Ana_dgc

      Just read the Return of the King and you’ll see you are wrong. Those hobbits deserve respect!

    • Angie

      EXACTLY!! The actor that plays George (Oliver Phelps) is boyfriend! So back off!!!!

      • Suzy

        Wow! He is? Awesome! Sorry I ever liked him! I feel so bad :(

        • Angie

          Well at least you said sorry. 😉

  • Watcher198

    For God sake’s, this is a unfair battle, Fred and George has wands, Pippin and Merry doesn’t, but i prefer the hobbits, because in the prologue of LOTR The Fellowship of The Ring, Tolkien said that the hobbits can be invisible in nature environments, and they are quick to escape from attacks, actually i think Merry and Pippin can kill the twins brothers, it will be difficult but they will have the victory.

    • Ggirl

      I agreed with mister Watcher, and it’s true, Fred and George only cause trouble in the school like inhuman boy said, and doesn’t kill anyone in Harry’s book, and one of them die in the Deathly Hallows. Pippin and Merry kill many orcs and help Treebeard and the ents in the Isengard assault.

      Pippin and Merry Wins.

  • Star Killer

    As long i like Pippin (my favorite hobbit) i have to say.
    Fred and George would probibly win :3

  • LOTR lover

    Pippin and Merry FTW!!! <3

  • Umbarger_julie

    the twins well win

  • darth death

    Merry and Pippin cant be hurt be magic. All they have to do is get close enough to Fred and George to stab them 

  • Kaylee H16

     to me, it’s an equal battle. they’re both trouble makers, but in the end they both come out as strong as ever. and if you know your characters, i don’t think they would fight each other, mainly because they’re on the same side. height and strength aren’t everything people. don’t you watch the movies? love, friendship, and courage beat’s the crap out of everything that’s evil. all four of them are my favorites in both. :)

  • duffy potter

    awwww… come on!!! who would even vote for merry and pippin, I watched LOTR but fred and george are much better than them!!

  • Abby

    I don’t really know. No one does and no one will ever know. I have read both LOTR and HP series and seen them all, and I’m massive fan of both stories. Fred and George are really good at magic and stuff but Merry and Pippin are also good at fighting, etc. They’re all really brave, Fred dying in the Battle of Hogwarts, George fighting and both being members of the DA and Merry and Pippin fought in battle and everything. Both pairs are clever though, and not stupid enough to fight against each other though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1017840910 Jack Brooks

    Merry&Pippen-Resistant to magic (to an extent), small, mobile, and, well, they did beat the crud outta some orcs once so they’ve got that running for them.
    Fred&George-Taller, have magic, and are more clever then Merry though I’m not entirely sure about Pippen.
    Taking all of this into account, I think that Fred and George would win. Assuming that Fred and George got their hands on Merry and Pip, they could beat them up easily. If not, even so, Hobbits are only resistant to magic for a period of time, which is why Frodo could resist the Ring for so long. He eventualy broke so eventually Merrry and Pip would too.

    Fred and George hands down

  • Saesee Tiin

    Merry and Pippin?

  • Isaac Joshua

    stop going by what movie you just saw and think about facts! fred and george are wizards! wizards in middle earth pretty much rule all {gandalf, saruman, etc}, there power should be matched against them, not these SMALL MUGGLES.

  • Ultron

    I love merry to death but I fucking hate that dumbass pippin. He’s always fucking everything up. Fred and George.

  • Nick Mitsch

    Fred and Gorge, they can prank with the homemade trinkets they made also they learned quite a few tricks in the DA meetings fred and gorge both fought the battle of hogwarts and at least 1 of them made it. It’s been shown that they can take pain cause one of them got there ear blasted off with dark magic witch makes it irreplaceable and they have courage. they may seem like trouble makers but they really love there school and fought for it knowing that they might die they went on 2 missions just to save Harry cause if harry could kill Voldemort it would make the world better even if they died they didn’t care as long as the world is a better place!

  • melsforever

    i think merry and pippin would win against them because…well…fred…

  • Michael Young

    Lord of the Rings beats Harry Potter, I am not saying Fred and George.