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  • Anonymous

    Bill Gates would probably rip off his fleshy skin, revealing his t2000 body and crush poor little Mark into a bloody paste.

  • Stwigg06

    Bill will just pay Mark to beat himself. 

  • Thewinklevosstwins

    Dammit Zuckerberg, you totally stole our idea to brawl with Gates.  Damn you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000740881292 Bilawal Bashir

      dude bill gates also stole the idea of making Microsoft.both are nerd and both are cheater but proficient and brilliant

  • http://jjcorner.com jimmy johanes

    trust me making an OS is much more difficult than making a facebook website.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ajaymailed Ajay Reddy

    Zuckerberg definitely has the potential to become like Gates or even better them. But Bill Gates through Microsoft achieved something so groundbreaking and revolutionary. It fundamentally changes the face of consumer electronics market. Although Windows is no-where in Mobile OS, but the kind of domination achieved in desktop and laptop is tremendous.

    For me Microsoft was the company making software that made it possible to use computer at homes. Intel was the company that made the hardware and Microsoft made software, they bought the revolutionary disruptive technologies to home computer market which till today continues despite the severe competition from mobile OS & hardware companies.

    Facebook is yet to reach that level stature for me. Although i use facebook to post this message, and firefox to actually open the website, i cannot do either without booting my computer. Windows and Intel will die a slow death when more than half of the population of earth start using Smartphone/Tablet. Despite the smartphone/tablet revolution, that is still some time away.

    If facebook has 1 billion users. Windows has 89% share of this entire worlds population using computers. there are probably more computers running windows  than computers connected to Internet.

  • pick a name

    Gates cant be compared at any level with ordinary Geeks because he is quite apart from the pack. He is in his on league.

  • ThePCHelperTech

    Bill Gates with Microsoft creates the Internet Explorer in 1995 with Windows 95,and Mark Zuckerberg creates a site named Facebook on 2004

  • Cheech Marin

    are you guys serious? as much as like bill gates, to address the actual question at hand, mark zuckerberg is the same height and like 40 years younger, and therefore would take bill down in a brawl in all likelihood.

    • VonSpyder

      youthful stamina is no replacement for wisdom and experience. Besides…Bill Gates steals Bulldozers.

  • Elliott

    I imagine this would be mostly slapping

  • Saesee Tiin

    Bill can make Mark go f’cked!

  • John MaFukin Hodgson

    “You’re adorable” -Bill gates

    • BillGates

      I never said that…

  • BillGates


  • KM3t3r

    not bill!

  • KM3t3r