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  • Anonymous

    Mario. No question. This brawls is primarily here because I’ve gotten so many suggestions for it.

  • Hobbithater

    It should come as no surprise to me that you have taken such a simplistic and wrongheaded approach to determining a victor in this particular brawl.   To help demonstrate the asininity of your conclusion, I find it helpful to think of Mario and King Koopa as the Dons of rival mafias.  Luigi, in this scenario, is the covetous underboss, jealous of the power his shorter, redder kin wields.  From the outside, this undercurrent of envy is clear to all, but Mario is oblivious – his eyes, and worries, remain firmly fixed on his terripanic rival, never suspecting that Luigi is plotting a move to usurp him as head of the Mario syndicate. 
    The brawl itself would end swiftly.  Luigi unexpectedly knocks his brother to the ground with a blow from behind.  Savagely, he pummels Mario’s limp, lifeless body, until his green shirt and hat are as red from blood as his dead brother’s.  And, like that, Mario goes to sleep with the Cheep Cheeps.

    • Jkf

      that wouldn’t be a brawl. That’s just a random scenario of how mario could get double crossed by luigi

    • Hammurabi

      What you’re forgetting is that Luigi himself has an IQ of 30 and is mentally retarded.


    Luigi would win hands down. Mario’s fatter and slower, Luigi is fit and really to battle always even if they had the exact same power ups, Luigi would win plus Luigi is smarter all Mario thinks about is Spagetti and Peach

  • Gvasquevz

    vote for luigi, i mean he is better than mario mario is clumbsy, luigi is ready to fight browser and turtles and boney guys SO VOTE FOR LUIGI

  • Deaven69

    mario will be eating a shimp dipt in icecreem with his friend toad on the side then luigi will chuck a shell at mario!

  • Osmanobaidullahshafiqi

    yo why cant we all just watch south park this is so boring

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JFLS2RJGW3AJKSMCKMGUI45BIM Paytonic2Payto

    Lol so funny how much people are dissing out Mario and his weight problems… LUIGI!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3QEDPXDDFJYQU75UQORJJS4GLQ seneca

    Im going with LUIGI….MARIO has too many miles in them legs of his from saving the princess

  • Gregor

    Luigi! He does everything exactly the same as Mario but can jump higher…can’t hurt, might help

  • sol rael

    mario jumps hire in some games luigi can jump hire

  • Fantasy Section Debates

    isn’t Mario over 9000 times smarter than Luigi

  • Saesee Tiin

    Its a tie but Mario is a little better.

  • Skythekid


  • SkythekidRS

    Mario to fat!!!Mario to slow!!!He lose!!!

  • Michael Young

    I root for Mario for that once because he beats him.