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  • humanboy

    This one was a hard decision for me. I chose Mario because he’s just a regular guy that gets transported into a completely different universe and prevails. I think that a guy that triples in size and shoots fire can take a young boy with a sword and shield.

    • ben

      Obviously,  you have not played the legend of zelda.  Or you would know that Link,  with his sword and sheild (that you seem to think are worse weapons than, *cough* jumping)  has defeated numerous giant sized foes.  And link has been able to put on his giants mask wich makes him hundreds of times bigger.  As for fire?  haven’t you ever heard of fire arrows?  or dins fire?   Hell,  link has a fireproof suit! (and sheild that reflects fire)  And one more thing,  Link is a hero.  not a fat plumber.

  • Joe

    I voted for Mario cuase he is the first video game charecter I can remember.

    • Space Ace

      That’s a really stupid reason.

    • Chris3014

      Joe your retard because LINKS GOT FING FAIRS that help him when he dies DUh

    • Nick Mitsch

      Link could topple Mario, Mario is just a plumber who couldn’t destroy link if he tried, link has the master sword and I’m assuming that he has the triforces’ of courage, power, and wisdom witch make’s him invincible not forgetting the hylian shield that can’t break so WHAT!!!

  • http://www.Hotmail.com Christopher

    Link wins because mario doesn’t fight evil alone, and Link always defeated countless monsters without fail. (Mario is looking for help ever since Faful and a guy I don’t know, killed the Toads and what did he do? Eating lasagnia!)

  • http://www.bobthehobo.com/ Bob the Hobo

    Link wins because Mario is a lame old plumber.

  • jtdc

    Mario might have mob ties, but Link wastes people before his nuts drop. His foes are intelligent and battle-harded. Bowser is basically a moron who can barely tie his own shoes. Beating him is no triumph.


    Dude Mario could freeze anything he threw or shot at him then freeze him then smash him done… Mario wins and lmario would win with not a scratch

    • Jcdenton2052

       And Link’s fairy would revive him and he’d poke Mario with his sword and poof! Mario is dead. He is an one-hit-point-wonder don’t forget that!

      Where Link can take fair amount of damage before falling, to kill Mario all you have to do is be his enemy and ‘touch’ him.

      • Mothraniclus

        *cough* Starman *cough*

  • Matthewyom

    Mario any day.

  • Jcdenton2052

    How is this even a challenge, in their own game wise, Link can survive a lot because of more hearts. It is doubled with a shield and the occasional fairy to revive him in case he faints.

    Mario could barely take a scratch without power-ups. And no extra lives don’t count because you die anyways.

    In the Super Smash Bros. Universe, it could be of some more challenge because they both are more or less on equal terms. But I vote for Link because while he is slower than Mario, he damages far more.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JFLS2RJGW3AJKSMCKMGUI45BIM Paytonic2Payto

    Obviously Link. 

  • Hammurabi

    Mario pops a star, becomes invincible. End of.

  • Wolverine

    Link would kick Mario’s butt. Mario is just a fat plumber. Link is a muscular guy with a sword and a shield. I’m going with number two.

  • Aking

    Mario has a bunch of various powerups that could help but link has a MUCH wider variety he has bombs, a bow, a cooler looking cape that makes him fly. A giant ball and chain and im not talking about the one from twilight princess im talking about the freaking chain chomp (marios worst nightmare) from four swords. he has a mask that turns him into a FREAKING GOD and whats mario got? a giant green shoe…

    • Mothraniclus

      Umm, the Starman. It makes mario invincible and faster.

  • Derp

    Link: Sword, shield, has fought countless monsters, and has (sometimes) alot of health.
    Mario: dies by a mushroom or turtle.

  • Chris3014

    Okay it would be link one because he was the hook thing to bring Mario forth and slice his head off it doesnt matter if Mario is been in more worlds LINK WILL FUCK BIT MARIO’S HEAD OFF duh and he can telported with his ocorina

  • Gogogogogo

    Both at max strength? Link has different kinds of bombs, unbreakable shield, very strong sword, various arrows, boomerang, etc.
    Mario can jump on him and shoot slow fireballs.

  • Amnesia

    Link will win because even at his beginning 3 hearts, he can last longer then mario who will die by turtle poking him. Link could stand up to a turtle anyday! really, why doesn’t the mushroom kingdom hire link instead of mario? Link could DEFINITELY handle bowser, when mario would die by one 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 heart attack n=by ganondork! Oh, and yes I did say ganonDORK instead of ganondorf!

  • Saesee Tiin

    Link can stab Mario.

  • studicus

    one word starpower, so have fun with that link

    • joebob

      Link would be agile and avoid Mario until the starpower runs out, then he would cut Mario up.

      • Mothraniclus

        The Starman makes Mario faster. Also Tanooki suit.

  • Yoshi

    Mario would set link on fire then smash him with his hammer

  • random

    link DUH

  • RedSquadala5

    I think if Link gets all his items, then Mario gets his choice of power-ups, and I doubt it will take all the Starman’s time to beat Link.

  • 67rogueman

    Link hands down. While Mario may have multiple high damage power ups, Link can block any of them with his own moves, mostly his shield. What he can’t block, he can easily dodge. Mario is quite overweight and therefore loses steam easily. Link has the most diverse arsenal over any videogame character which he keeps in his back pocket (like where does it come from?). The only chance Mario has is to use a star but that runs out eventually. All Link has to do to match it is to put on his magic armor. In the end, Link would shoot Mario with an ice arrow and then pull out the megaton hammer and Mario would die with one final blow to the head.

  • Jeffrey Gao

    Link. Hide behind shield. Toss boomerang. Wait for boomerang to hit Mario. Slash him apart.