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  • iamhumanboy

    Sure, Marge was a cop at one point so she does have training for situations like this, but I think that Lois has a touch of crazy to her. I mean, she does have to deal with Peter all the time …and a baby that tried kill her. I think she'd take Marge out without flinching.

  • Homer J

    I have seen Marge naked, trust me she is much better. wink wink

    • TJ slim

      what is wrong with you creep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

    • Alondra2vano

      youre the real simpson

  • Homer J

    I have seen Marge naked, trust me she is much better. wink wink

  • Newt

    Didn't anyone see that episode where Lois took that Karate class and she was kicking everyone's ass? She was ready to eat someone's face. Lois FTW.

    • Butts

      Marge trained to be a cop so she has a fair amount of hand to hand combat knowledge probably

  • Tayler

    Did anyone see the episode where Lois was modeling and they showed all the pictures of her. She's way more hotter than Marge. Lois! Lois! Lois!

  • Dcoolj

    they can both kick ass i think they would be pretty evenly match but i say marge would win cuz she could have who knows what in that hair she could pull anything out of it in the middle of the battle.

  • Offline

    anyone remember marge on steriods?

  • TJ slim

    lois would kick her ass so fucking hard it would be unbeliveable!

  • Liammcglynn0

    lois would win cause she can be crazy when she wants to be and im guessing she still remembers some of her karate. plus marge never really fights

  • AManFromDeclan

    At this point, I don’t even know. They’re both housewives with firepower. But I will say this. in terms of fighting will, Lois is a bit more daring and unpredictable, while Marge is just a cookie-cutting stereotype, who won’t even consider fighting and suggest for everyone to do some family household activity. It’s only when one of her kids (who are far more dynamic breakout characters than herself) is in danger of being hurt, that she will go berserk and attack people like Chett Englebrick. Pacifist mother who have no respect for the sport of fighting DO NOT belong in the ring. All they’ll do is win and end it for everyone. I’ll give my vote for Lois, just for that reason, even though they’re evenly matched.

  • Pillow17

     all of you are wrong marge simpson would win because her and lois has to dill with idiot husbands and marge cut off homers hand so what do you think would happen to lois

  • Miles Robinson

    Marge Is Better Then Lois

  • Miles Robinson

    The Simpsons And Family Guy

  • Miles Robinson

    And Homer Should Beat The Crap Out Of
    K.O. Peter! P.S. Peter Sucks Homer Is Better.

  • Buster Bax

    They Should Make A Movie Called The Simpsons And Family Guy
    So That Way They Can Beat Each Other In Ever Part

  • Saesee Tiin

    Lois,Marge will kick ass!!!

  • jordan

    Marge Simpson Would kick Lois’s annoying face down the bog Marge could beat any man Lois when she was caught steeling was not strong enough Marge Simpson and Maggie Are the winning team I hate Lois Griffin

  • jordan

    Marge Simpson is the better Mother

  • jordan

    Lois is week

  • jordan

    Stewie Griffin is just gob idiot