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  • iamhumanboy

    Jackie Chan seems like he'd be goofing off during the brawl. Jet Li would probably take him.

  • Tom Noggin

    Fact: Jackie Chan did stunts for Jet in movies before.
    Chan wins.

    • iamhumanboy

      I was not aware of that… maybe my initial vote is incorrect.

      • david95

        Becasue he is wrong. He was a “stunt” man for Bruce Lee in some movies. He got the wrong Lee (Li). :)

    • david95

      No he did not. He did stunt for Bruce Lee, not Jet Li.

  • Pastrystreamer

    Dude who would not want a funny monkey mocking the serious Jet LI? It would;ve been better if jackie chan made fun of chuck norris in those bruce lee movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >,<<<<<<<<<

  • siraj

    i like jackie chan much then jet li
    so i wote jackie chan

  • Tâm

    Jackie Chan is an expert stuntman, great fighter and nice actor. Though he is getting old.
    Jet Li has still some of his youth and has trained more comptitive while most of his movies aren't as good as Jackie's.

    I'd say Jet Li is slightly better when it comes to martial arts itself but Jackie makes more entertaining ones.

  • Thiagoneves988

    jet li is far more dangerous than jackie, hes better trained in hand to hand combat and hes a specialist with 21 hand arms including, knifes, swords, bos, etc while jackie focuses on acrobatic stunts

  • Danny_coddyrfc

    Jet li always used strings and special effects to boast his abilities, where as Jackie performs everything through the abilities of the human body. People forget that just because of his comedy approach and being overcome in fights at the start of his films they forget just how gd a martial artist he really is. He is a master, Jackie hands down.

    • david95

      Not always. You haven’t seen many of his movies have you?

  • Julian

    Listen you mother ***** i saw every movie of jet li and i see he may be not so good but to me he has hidden strengths that compel you he can do whatever he can desire to fight do martial arts also since I’ve seen the red dragon how a lot of blood and gore makes me feel jet li has rage running through his blood to show off his ultimate strengths and that since  hes cool and awesome i vote for him.

    • Pandoraswolf


      • Fgfg

        fuck you all i will win

    • http://www.facebook.com/phyllida0522 Phyllida Ding

      woah woah easy there. no need to swear, nobody’s forcing you to choose jackie chan. o.O i don’t see any reason why you should be angry.

    • momoy

      Why do you have to be an asshole?

  • Newwander

    julian… your ignorant

    • Levi

      *YOU’RE ignorant. Ignoramus

  • Lacampbell33

    First off jackie said he wasnt better then jet li
    . And besides niether would fight each other in real life.they both have way to much respect for each other.and lets get a fact straight. Jackie never did.stunts for jet li in any movie. Who ever told.you that is a idiot.

    • Guest

      I think he was talking about Bruce lee, not Jet Li.

      Other than that, I agree wtih you.

  • Teyshonedean

    if it was all abt stunts then jackie chan wd even be better than bruce lee…i  think they are all good since we’ve never seen them fight but i think jet is better

  • Steve0608

    Jackie has trained in a wider range if martial arts, over a longer period of time than jet li. Jackie also has considerably more experience in street brawls than Jet, from the back streets and gambling houses of Hong Kong. Jackie gets my vote.

    • david95

      Name me one street brawl Jackie has been in. I’ve never heard him ever speak of such a thing.

  • dahhrealest11

    Im a huge fan of both jackie and jet li , but jackie plays to much hes more of the comedy fighter. Jet Li is focus and hardly gets his ass kicked around like jackie. So im with Jet Li.

    • Unknowns

      Jackie would officially win ..He was a stunt man for Bruce Lee the man’s got more experience than the youth like Jet lee. And Old bones grow hard ..as swift as youth is .. in martial arts the older head always remain strong for some “unknown” reason. Grow up people!!!

      • david95

        Jackie was born in 1954 and started his martial arts in 1960. Jet Li was born in 1963 and started his martial arts in 1971. So Jackie has 54 years under his belt and Jet has 43 years under his belt. I hardly call that a major experience advantage.

        Growing up has nothing to do with these facts.

  • Biggest Cockblocker

    I’d go for Jackie Chan, Jet Li may be better in some parts but Jackie is much better overall and i love his fighting style, it’s so interesting to watch, and the fact that he does all his stunts on his own, the amount of times he’s injured and broken his bones is unbelievable.

  • Joey86b

    I believe Jet Li would defeat Jackie Chan in a brawl. Although Chan is a skilled fighter, he is very old while Jet Li is not that old. Also, Jet Li is a wushu champion, while Chan is not a champion in any martial art. Although I love Jackie Chan, I have to give my edge to Jet Li.

  • Venkata Rajasekar INDIAN

    jet li is a king of wu shu.he wins.

  • Sean Gatto160

    Jackie would win

  • lance

    i love you jackie chan please make more cool movies

  • http://www.facebook.com/roc.cordy Roc Cordy

    They both are good but can’t beat tony jaa one on. One

  • Boonga

    Jet li knows less knows less English therefore more Kung fu

  • Penis69

    Drunken fist > Wushu . Nuff said.

  • Brandon lee

    noway tonny ja mean nothing with jet li

  • Brandon lee

    i agree with u Thiagoneves988, jet is more dangerous than jaki he is a wushu champ.In a real fight there is no effects, jet li does not need any effects for knockout someone, same account for jackie.

  • Drew

    Jackie on hand to hand, better genetics same skill. Id have to say jet with weapons though. I also prefer. Jet as an actor… So I guess I’m a bit biased

  • Manuel

    I love Jackie Chan movies like no other, but Jet Li would win in a real fight. Jet Li is a master in various forms of Wushu and was the best in the world in his time, having won many medals in China and around the world. I believe Jackie Chan has never been involved in the real deal

  • Matt

    Jet li is a wushu master while chan is a drunken boxing master, I couldn’t pick just one to win but if I had to it would be chan purely on experience

  • Saesee Tiin

    Jackie Chan,I don’t think i trust Matt.

  • absurd

    Jet li is a world wushu champion, trained in diff styles unlike jackie is a stuntman lol trained in hurting himself thats easy, jet gives it n jackie takes it but im sure jet li can use some pressure point th8ng n paralyse jackie

  • Truong

    definitely jackie chan. yes he did learn kung fu from an opera school but thats not to say it wasnt extremely intense. that school did not have mercy on those children and jackie’s parents even had to sign a waiver saying if jackie died during training then the school wont be liable. i dont believe jackie is a master at any particular style but he has studied nearly all styles of martial arts and through this comprised his own unique style. and if you compare the films of these two then i believe jackies fight scenes prove he is much more athletic and durable (you must be to do all those crazy stunts, get injured and keep going). Jet li is absolutely a wushu master but those competitions were not combat oriented so it does not suggest that jet is a better fighter. perhaps in a decorated fight with weapons jet li’s wushu skills will give him an upperhand but in a bare fist brawl i would say jackie all day. This is assuming they are both in their prime.

  • jooe15

    Jet is very aggressive while jackie is very defensive. Jet was a child prodigy and would easily win in a fight (on solid ground). Jackie is much much better at acting though. I love jackie so much but he is dead in the water when it comes down to a fight vs jet. If they were fighting on-top a crane or some very dangerous site jackie might take the advantage, because of his acrobatic career, while jet is not so much into acting as he is into fighting.

  • Kaly

    Jet li will woop Jackie’s ass so quick wit his drunken monkey move.. Jackie got nothing on jet.

  • david95

    Jackie Chan is one of my favorite action stars. He’s not only a good martial artist, but he is funny, and seems to have an awesome sense of humor. jet LI is just a plain bad a$$. His past proves it, before he got into movies. In a brawl between the two, it seems obvious to me that Jet Li would come out on top. I believe even jacki Chan would admit to this. It’s not a criticizm on anyone. Personally, I don’t want to get in a fight with either man myself.