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  • Holtandwyman

    Obviously hulk would win. The only thing Iron Man could do is try to fly away, and Hulk would swat him like a fly.

  • Harrisonwebster13

    Hulk is immune to the majority of mortal weapons, so Iron man couldn’t even bruise him.

  • Smartguy

    im pretty sure that tony would develop an antidote to hulk 


    • John MaFukin Hodgson

      He’s more of an engineer than a chemist/microbiologist… or nuclear physicist, since we’re dealing with Gamma radiation. lol

  • Diendien0000000

    I vote for Iron Man,be cause technology high can defeat technology gene.

  • Jack

    Hulk would win. The reason for this is that the only thing that could actually hurt hulk is the lasers. Before iron man charges them; hulk would thunder-clap and disorientate iron man, than just finish him. Even if iron man has the extremus armour, hulk can shake the solar system with a punch and jump from state to state in America. Iron man just can’t handle that!

  • Dvlang

    hulk will get mad and take iron blasters 

  • DarkDreamer

    I was hoping to find a Superman vs Hulk thread! now that would be a brawling discussion on it’s own!

  • http://www.facebook.com/amir.ghassa Amir Ghassa

    Iron man is intelligent. but Hulk is just…you know, HULK.
    It’s not all about mighty muscles!

    • Darth Vader 2.0

      Hulk would f’ing crack Tony’s skull like an egg. There is nothing you could do about it. The hulk kill Tony with a flick of his wrist.

  • Gin

    Hulk is undefeatable , they realised that during the start of the mMarvel Civil war and “banished” him and then he became a slave, and then conquered the planet and came back to Earth where he defeated Iron man, Reed Richards, the entire Future Foundation, Captian America and Spider man, not only that, but he managed to retain the knowledge of Bruce Banner, while still being Hulk, and the Military had to create a entire army to cambat him, and failed

  • zxoiesru

    I would say Iron Man because Hulk does have a size limit whereas Iron Man is so smart that he actually created new matter in a few minutes when he realized what he needed didn’t exist.

    • HeathLedgerForever

      Well since Bruce Banner is miles ahead of Stark, I’d say the intelligence (along with physical) goes to Hulk.

  • wordbird

    Hulk buster armor mother fuckers, Iron man has beaten Hulk before.

    • Darth Vader 2.0

      Bull fucking shit. HULK WOULD WIN!

    • Slidawg11

      until it was later destroyed by umm Hulk

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaronjcreagh Aaron Creagh

    The Gray Hulk can beat Iron Man.

    You didn’t you know?

    I think people are forgetting that Bruce Banner (comics) or David Banner (tv) was a scientist!

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaronjcreagh Aaron Creagh

      Hulk SMASH!!!

  • Nick

    Ummmm frekin lazersssss

  • http://twitter.com/surf_socal joe momma

    hulk is a total badass and i would say he can beat just about anyone but tony stark is a genius and i believe he is smart enough to know he is not stronger then the hulk. so really all he has to do is fly far enough away so that he can avoid anything thrown at him.

  • hulk wil win

    hulk would win because rember hulk is a giant unstoppable green monter wich dose more when hurt more iron man would hurt him hulk would peel him like a banna then crush his crappy armor then pop his head with a poke
    then clap and cause an earth quake

  • Saesee Tiin

    Hulk will smash Iron man hard!!!

  • Thanatos

    Depends regular iron man or hulk buster iron man?

  • rockyslayer

    in the comics iron man killed the hulk with the hulk buster armor.
    soooo yeah definitely iron man

  • nate

    ironman ever heard of brains over strength

  • Tfree

    Of course iron man he can fly stay far from the hulk and kill him with his lasers

  • DJApok

    OMG People who do not read the comic books should not be arguing this topic!!! So frustrating. It appears none of you know what the “Hulk Buster” is. Tony SPECIFICALLY created a suit with the capabilities to match the Hulk. This was a safety precaution in case he ever went berserk. NOW is the Hulk went to the “Savage Hulk” stage (his strongest) he would definitely win. But that stage takes extreme amounts of anger and emotion to get to.

    • gio

      Iron Man wins. Time and time again he proved his worth against any foe. Hulk is incredible but tony is a genius who sold the world his guns

  • Dash

    He’d make an antidote! Plus, hulk-buster armor!

  • Damian

    Hulk vs. Superman amalgam comics, even superman says it took almost everything he had to put the hulk down.

  • tadgh

    Uhh. 42 high powered suits, all of which are outfitted with a self destruct feature that could destroy a tank. Not to mention the mark 27 “Disco” suit with full cloaking capabilities that could slip past an army bace and the “Igor” suit which can hold up an entire rig. I think the mindless beast known as the hulk would be easily dispatched.

  • tadgh

    For the Marvel Earth 199999 (the first iron man film – the upcoming avengers sequel) Iron man has the upper hand. But in the mainstream Marvel Earth 616 (pretty much all the comics except crossovers) I really couldn’t say. But in the transformers-Marvel crossover, Iron man made an Anti-Transformer suit which held against starscream.

  • Slidawg11

    See the variable here is what armor would Tony use. If he was to use the mark 3 stealth armor this is a n armor that you would be practically invisible.The only con is that repulsors are reduced by 10% in order to gather enough energy fr the cloaking mechanism to work. The Main reason why iron man mark 3 stealth armor would win is because it is able to emit a strong sleeping gas. So if hulk was to get a reasonable dose of this sleeping gas he would most likely pass out. In hulk’s weaken/sleeping state he would have calmed down and reverted back to Bruce Banner. Now being a mortal weakling and sleeping it would be possible through a series of blood transfusions, to remove the hulk from Banner and then the hulk will be finished. The End result: Iron Man wins

    • HeathLedgerForever

      If Hulk can survive multiple missile shots, i think he’ll be fine. Also, in Captain America the Winter Soldier, Nick Fury uses a drug that reduces the heartbeat to 1 bpm. He said it was developed by Bruce Banner, but it still didn’t work for him. Hulk would just jump up and crush Iron Man’s head to a bloody pulp with one hand.

  • Noisywheat

    I realize that most of the comments here are from before the Hulk Buster armor for Ironman was created, but honestly since he has that he’ll win with no contest. Also, Ironman is his own fucking Nuclear Warhead, how do you fight against a nuclear bomb?

  • Hui James

    It depends on what armor tony stark use, if he use mark 1, he will for sure lose XD, but if he use hulkbuster, he will hopefully win