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  • iamhumanboy

    As invincible as his shield is, I don't see the captain beating through Iron Man's armor.

  • Pat Mcilwaine

    They did fight a couple times during civil war, and they each won once I think. Cap had to use some device to disable Iron Man's suit though. I went with Iron Man because the suit is on obvious advantage, but Captain America is very resourceful and should never be counted out no matter who the opponent

  • america rocks

    american power cap would win. if you vote for iron man your anti-america so that makes you a ….. TERROREST!!!

    • YouHadToBeThere

      But Ironman is amerecan too!

    • NotATrollxD

      but … CA himself said he's not fighting for a country but for a dream, the dream of liberty for the people, so he raises against any opression form

      • Colchah

        sorry but ironman becomes the leader of sheild and thats deffinatly there for the protectoin of the world not america, and it dosen’t make you a terrorist for figuring out cap. would not win he had been a soldier for a short amount of time when he became the captian america, ironman has been the best an always will be so…….

        • WAG1

          Dude, Ironman was the leader of shield and he fucked up so bad he couldnt even stop the dark avengers and the destruction of Asgard. In the heroic age, after the siege of Asgard, Cap will beat Ironman in anyone of his suits

      • Blackkid200

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        • Adarox

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        • Christian Lameh

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    • Adamfink5

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    • TAH


    • JASON

      My brother said captin america can beat anyone except hulk and wolverine.So i am going with america.Captin america’s sheild is so hard,it will break through iron man’s and then BOOM!

      • WAG1

        True, during Avengers vs X-men, Wolverine could have and almost killed Cap without the shield. And not sure about the hulk tho, cap did stop him once

  • Guest

    Ironman wins   handily at that

    • WAG1

      Nah, cap beat him in the last battle of the civil war

  • me

    I based it on fighting experience..CA has it..Tony’s getting it.

  • Russelsontillano

    I vote for Captain America cuzz his smart and he has a shield used to absorb shock which means he can beat Iron MAN

    • SorryCA

      u say CA is smart right? what about Tony Stark? pretty much a motherfucking genius don’t u think?

  • OH YEAH!

    I also vote for CAP. America he has a shield that is very strong. For me in Avengers cap! is the strongest he can also defeat thor cuzz when thor use his mjolnir to smash caps shield it will definitely dent because of too much shock but remember that the shield(vibranium) of cap absorbs shock thats why I bet CAP.

    • WAG1

      Cap can beat iron man but theres no way he can beat thor, accordin tothe comics

  • Billbrown

    All answers here are SOOO biased. Captain America is way overrated, at least to the credit you guys give him. As a poster said, read the Civil War comics, with an unbiased author, since it was neither’s comic. Seriously. Captain America may have better hand-to-hand skill, but he doesn’t stand a chance. Dominick Cruz, the UFC Bantamweight Champion stands no chance against say Kimbo Slice, one of the biggest fails of the UFC at heavyweight. Simple as that. In the Civil War comics the fight went like this;
         Captain America shocks Iron Man with a hand shake buzzer and hits him with his shield *CHEAP SHOT*, but this has little affect on Stark, who doesn’t break a sweat beating down Cappy. He states that his armor knows Captain America’s every move before he even does. Iron Man doesn’t use any fancy gadgets for the fight, he just absolutely anhiliates him. The only reason Captain America won the second fight is because Vision snuck up on Tony and COMPLETELY disabled his armor, leaving Tony powerless, weighted down in a heavy suit. Without assistence, Tony EASILY takes out Captain America
      This pic says it all:

    • hbsh

      like a handshake buzzer could completely disable iron man cartain america likers are so desperate.

  • Noblerivera

    the cap would because even in the game he was besting iron man

  • doink!

    Actually Iron man was in the process of beating cap but the fight was not over yet when he used a sonic device that targets humans only that virtually immobilizes cap and then hercules being non-human saves cap. Then later when cap has used his own devices i.e. Vision cap spares Iron man life as he sees through their conflict and decides it has lost purpose. Kind of a toss up if you ask me but if both came to the fight unprepared then its going to have to be cap based on the fact that his shield can break through Iron mans armor. This situation would require cap to evade iron man long enough to get up close which some might find hard to believe but hey in the end everyones just going to say the hero they like the most anyway but I’m going with cap on this one.

  • Kurea16

    iron man…once cap loses his shield its over, which wouldnt be hard to take that away 

    • Carlques56

      Is everyone in here five with no common sense? Captain America is the most basic of all the avengershe’s basically a glorified marine versus a tank with same skill greatly superior intellect and greater speed and agility.they’re not even on the same same page. A better comparison would be hawk eye and cap.

      • Nathan Wilson-Whyborn

        Dude captain america would so beat iron man – yeah so what if vision helped he still beat him because with the vision disabling the suit i makes it more even.(even though cap’s shield can actually break through tony’s Armour and absorb/ deflect tony’s repulsor rays) And even if cap’s shield was gone he’s a tactician if Tony knows what he’s going to do he is smart enough and diversed (in martial arts) to either mix it up a bit or think of something new.

      • WAG1

        Dude even the Winter Soldier can beat Iron man, and he actually did on the SHIELD hellicarrier. And the Winter Soldier has no superpowers. Imagine what Cap can do to him

  • Aayala08

    Give CA a suit like iron man and then we can even out the odds.

  • Jwash2233

    iron man cause iron man has guns etc all iron man has is a sheild and hes strong who cares what the comics say watch the avengers and you wil see ironman is better than cap

  • War Machine

    Iron Man, flip yeah!  But seriously, at least Ironman has the sense to keep his underpants inside his suit…

  • Smartguy

    Captain America is the most overrated character ever. His strenght can barely keep up with Spider-man’s, and he doesn’t have like 10% of his agility or the sixth-sense, web-shots etc. He’s not even smart. The only thing that is “super” about him is his shield, and it’s not a big of an advantage if someone throws a bomb at you.

    The government just controls the media, so it’s most unlikely that Cap would lose at anything. He represents the USA and the gov wouldn’t allow him to be defeated.

    But in a more realistic world, as weird as it might sound when talking about comics, he would be destroyed easily by Tony.

  • Outlander888

    Iron Man has the armor and superior weapons and has learned hand to hand combat training from Captain America himself and Roddes in the comics. Iron Man wins hands down. Especially if it is the Extremus Iron Man.

  • Bberger

    Iron man only has a certain amount of energy which only lasts about an hour on full power and against cap he would need way more and after he’s out what can he do? I vote Captain America because hes been against high powered guns for way longer than an hour x) 

  • Amonra07

    Cap is a master tactician in combat. Although hes clearly outmatched in the firepower and sheer force departments, I have to say that caps technique and intelligence is what has made him known for taking down the bigger stronger forces that seems unlikely that he’d overcome. I’d give it to captain america, probably by giving a lethal blow withe razor edge of his shied. He’d probably be next to finished after eluding and maneuvering tgrough most of starks shots, but as soon as stark lets his gaurd down to scan for him, thats when he’d make his move.

  • Wolverine

    Cap would totes kick iron mans butt cause Cap’s shield is vibration absorbent meaning it would easily deflect iron mans repulsors. Also, Caps shield would easily cut through iron because its made of vibanium. Lastly take away the armor and what do ya got? A big nerd! If you take away Caps shield away he’s still good with hand to hand and guns. He was also in the military. So suck on that Iron man lovers.

  • qwert


  • guest

    Iron Man would just grab him and then drop him from 30,000 feet

  • Jim

    Give Cap a suit too…then ring the bell. Exactly!

    • sbh

      but cap isnt smart enough to build a suit tony is and thats why he gets it. cap doesnt because he disnt make it its not his so dont even think for a second that cap should get a suit.

      • jdjxys

        oh and ps some say iron man is nothing without the suit. but at least he gives himself power unlike cap who needs a test tube from some military dudes to be special. and outside of their “costumes” tony is a billionare genius and phalanthropist. cap is a scrawny wannabe who cant even get into the army during world war 2 With asthma. and for anyone who says that tony is a bad person 2 things. sometimes you need to be a little rough to win kill 10 to save 1000 kind of thing and cap is not prepared to do that. whereas iron man will. tony also risks his life 3 times in the movie for everyone else when he flies into the rotor of the aircraft. when he flies into the stomach of a giant beast. and when he flies the nuke into outer space to stop it from blowing everyone else up and cap in that movie was pretty much just trying to be dominant and putting every one down and saying how he is more likely to do good then tony but he disproved that. and cap steals all of his best stuff from other super heroes. like when in ca 2 he jumps out of the plane with no parachute well everyone else has already done big suprise. and in avengers he needed to use a parachute. pretty much ca2 was to make him look better after he was such a jerk and idiot in the avengers and introduce falcon and the winter soldier.

  • Lance Kemal

    iron man almost killed him and a bunch of other heroes during civil war no contest

  • beizanten

    FOr those who said the fight wasn’t fair unless cap a suit, think about this. Tony doesn’t have Superserum either! And the civil war prove is Tony is greater. Steve has to disable his suit to win. ANd Tony armor is made of gold titannium not iron it wouldn’t be easy to break . And an extremis iron amn is even greater since he can control technology and nuke cap if he want too! I am so glad tony is a good guy!

  • Michael Young

    Captain America would just throw his shield at Iron Man’s helmet but that wouldn’t do damage to the armor because Iron Man would just punch him and use his uni-beam on Captain America. That is just obvious.