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  • http://whowouldwininabrawl.com humanboy

    Homer would win hands down. Have you seen him choke Bart?

    Peter would put up a good fight (chicken style) but I think he’d lose.

  • peter

    peter is strong and heavy

    • Guest

      and slow. Homer has been known to do parkour and random strengths. Not even Stan from american dad can do parkour.

  • jeally bean

    I can’t deside because both of them would but up a good fight.

  • evan

    peter griffin is way funnier than homer and hes awesome

  • eliahmana

    i vote for peter because peter is funny.

    • bob

      yes & no u cant judge a fight by funniest show

  • Daniel arnold krieser

    i vote for homer
    because he is

  • greek

    because i have been watching famliy guy for years and i have the video game too.

  • lavalove

    um peter griffin would totally pone homer simpson using awesomeness alone.

    • bob


  • Repsonder

    Homer would win because Peter would keep distracting himself with random cutaways while Homer remained on the main plot line of kicking Peter’s ass.

    • http://whowouldwininabrawl.com humanboy

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • HeathLedgerForever

      I will remind you that they did fight in “The Simpsons Guy” (which was officially a Family Guy episode btw) and Homer got his shit whipped. Also the chicken fights have never had cutaways.

  • peter

    peter is strong and heavy

  • Tayler

    Peter is REALLY fat and heavy and it looks like he could kill Homer if he wanted to. Peter would definitely win.

    • TheRedEclipse

      Being more fat doesnt mean he’s as powerful….

  • Stwigg06

    Homer is a solid chubby whereas Peter is just chubby.

  • Oursplaid42

    peter would have some crazy shananigance happen mid fight and homer would end up losing

  • Mooingfish

    Peter Griffin would would because… Hes funnier and could kill homer by laying on him!

  • MargeisHot

    I'm sure they would both put up a really good fight but in the end Homer would win. Homer has decades of experience strangling Bart and has fought different people over the years. Homer also has a thick skull protecting him from being knocked out and has severe anger issues. Peter only seems to have experience fighting that Giant Chicken and had his ass kicked when Joe got his legs back and took up Karate. When Homer fights, he really fights. Peter would get distracted by a sunflower seed on the ground while Homer smashes his Peter's face.

    Oh, and on numerous occassions, Homer has neglected and expressed hatred towards his father and has dreams of killing him. Peter doesn't have the level of anger Homer has.

    • Greg

      i have to reject it… the chicken fight shows, how angry peter can, if he want. And don't forget the yogi bear incident too! I vote for Peter. He is awesome. ps: i like Homer too, but he is too stupid to parry Peters blows 😉

  • TJ slim

    peter would win easily!! Homer sucks and family guy is way funnier and better!

  • pttttt

    seriously? homer has taken more beatings to the head than wile-e-cyote (beaten by 3 mugs, saws falling on him, a mike tyson spoof on steroids). MargeisHot is right, too, he only fights that stupid chicken and lost miserably to joe. besides some people say peter is way funnier or their would be some cutaway scene distracting them. if it was a full-on contact fight, homer would triumph. although i will admit the simpsons has gotten a lot stupider these past couple years.

  • AManFromDeclan

    Sadly, Peter would win. Homer has become a major punching bag nowadays. He loses to Jimbo’s Dolph, and Kearney’s dads, he loses to Groundskeeper Wille, he loses to Buck Mitchell, nearly, killed by Dredrick Tatum, he loses to Tom (Bart’s big brother-guardian), he also loses to random bodyguards, security guards, and cops (realistic no-nonsense cops outside of Chief Wiggum, Lou, and Eddie). Even in Hulk Mode, he is dog-piled by the cops. Peter on the other hand, can beat the crap out of almost anyone and has more balls than Homer. I wish Homer had the same spunk as Peter. Even outside of brawls, Homer can’t even defend himself against the Springfieldians, more or less his own family, especially his wife, Marge (who blames him for nearly everything). Peter actually put Lois in her place on two occasions and has no problem attacking her.

  • markpogi

    homer will and shall win.  he has a high tolerance for pain.  

    • TheRedEclipse

      Yeah, he could take cannonballs to the stomach

      • HeathLedgerForever

        Peter can take gunshots to the face, sooooo. And they did fight and Peter clearly won.

  • jam

    homer would win peters son beat the shit out of peter

    • bob

      he has two re-re

  • Thwomp

    Because of the random nature of a lot of these two characters, I’m gonna try to keep this consistent (as in, no mentioning of a gag where Homer does Parkour or Peter can throw a Hadoken etc.) with the characters and how they generally are.

    This is really, really hard because as much as I love Homer more, Peter I have to admit is a far better brawler. While Homer has his legendary stamina and damage soaking ability, Peter’s capable of intense belligerence. When he’s motivated, Peter just keeps on punching like a madman, using anything in the surrounding environment to his advantage. He’s one vicious ball of lard. All the fights with the Giant Chicken show this, but he’s also shown multiple times to be quite willing to get into a fight far more than the relatively passive-aggressive Homer, and in some of the other brawls he gets into Peter fares pretty well.

    What Homer does have going for him though is as said, his stamina. Fighting Homer is like fighting a rock. A flabby rock. He won’t do that much damage to you, but there’s a good chance you’ll get tired out while Homer just continues to take it. Its classic defense versus offense.

    The question is whether or not Homer can muster up the effort to fight back as best as he can. He has shown that when he’s motivated to, he can be a pretty solid brawler, even if not as fierce one as Peter. Homer also has one big advantage and it’s an advantage no one would see coming, he’s quite a bit more intelligent and cunning than Peter.

    It’s not saying much, but when he has to be, Homer can be surprisingly cunning. All and all though, Peter still generally seems like an all around better fighter. Homer may be the better man…and better character to be honest, but that won’t help him here.

  • TheRedEclipse

    Homer has more seasons
    Homer has more episodes
    Homer could take down multiple ppl and take cannonballs to the stomach
    Homer has more feats
    Homer wins

    • HeathLedgerForever

      Peter has taken more hits than Homer during chicken fights. Peter got shot in the head and survived.

  • ToxicSmoke

    Peter, only due to the fact he has access to a Zeppelin, helicopter, and rideable girrafe. On top of that he has the largest gun the Rhode Island gunshop could get him. He also has a chicken fighting style that would last a whole 10 minutes epwith a very crappy “what were we fighting about” resolution followed by more fighting after a good chuckle and an “oh yeah.”

    Buy homer would stand a good chance. His choking would be a huge advantage, (have you seen the way he chokes his son?) He also works for a company that has a button capable of wiping out half of the world, though this happened by accident and would still result in a draw.

    In the end though Homer would end up in heaven for the… 3rd time?
    And peter would have half his body paralyzed and need a kidney transplant.

  • Luke

    Hank hill better than homer, homer better than peter

  • Saesee Tiin

    Homer kix Peter out of the door!

  • Saesee Tiin

    Peter kicks ass!

  • Butts

    In a fight Peter Griffin, in terms of being an actually funny, likeable character classic Homer would win easily

  • emzy

    HAVE YOU EVER SEEN PETER FIGHT THAT CHICKEN?! twice, he walked away after constantly throwing impressive punches

  • Michael Young

    Homer would win because Chris would be trying to head butt him but Homer strangles him and then he brings over Patty and Selma to get him out and chase him out and call Chief Wiggum and Peter gets arrested and gets shot in the back and Peter is dead.

  • Michael Young

    Bart and Lisa distract Peter and they run away and Homer beats him up and Peter has nothing to do but try to punch and kick and 6 minutes later, Homer would pick him up and throw him against the wall and takes him to the Police Station.