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  • iamhumanboy

    I get the feeling that Hank would win this one. It's a tough call. They both have so much rage inside them from their sons. I think Hank has more pent up rage though.

  • Lovleylara

    all of the simpsons charectars would beat the guys from that othe show

    • TJ slim

      No Stewie Griffin would kick maggi ass super hard!!!! But Homer would beat up Hank Hill super easily!

      • TheRedEclipse

        Stewie has a good chance, but Maggie is evil. Really evil. She almost killed a man, took down her sister with a toilet roll, and beat up her big brother with ease

        • HeathLedgerForever

          Maggie ALMOST killed someone? That’s cute. Stewie destroyed all of Copenhagen with a roaring 20s tidal wave (among other people/places). Also Stewie beat up Brian and Bin Laden and his goons without taking a hit.

  • Lovelylara


  • Lovelylara

    is any one else on this website

  • Lovelylara

    i dont think so

  • Lovelylara


  • TJ slim

    Hank would get his butt kicked but Homer is the stupidest whatever he is.. BUT HANK HAS AN ADVANTAGE BECAUSE HIS SON IS GOING TO PROTECT HIM!!! but overall homer would kick his ass

  • where the white women at?

    you white people are crazy hank hill would win, he’s from texas and used to play football homer is too fat and stupid. plus hank gets in fights with people and kick ass all the time

  • Master

    Hank would blow him up with propane

  • Thwomp

    The only reason Homer’s winning is because he’s more popular, because really…Hank would take this pretty convincingly.

    Homer’s pretty strong, but his greatest ability is his capacity for punishment. The guy’s a damn tank. There’s no way Hank could ever completely knock him out or do any serious damage to him, but he doesn’t have to. All he has to do is show that he’s a better fighter than Homer, and Homer will most likely either pass out or forfeit. Remember, we’re talking about the character who coined the phrase “The lesson here is never try”. While Homer’s a competent fighter, Hank’s shown that he’s a solid one…and with a great deal of common sense to boot. In the big picture, Homer has rarely won straight fights without using sucker punch esque tactics or surprising cunning when he needs it, but nothing that could really get the drop on Hank.

    If Homer were desperate enough however, like if his family or some other thing near and dear to him were on the line then this may be a different story, because a desperate Homer is the most dangerous of all. But overall, Hank will generally win.

  • martina

    100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 a homero!!!existira??

  • Onetwistedtwist

    Homer can beat out even Son Goku… Don’t believe me? See that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzRxIo0DpEI

  • Saesee Tiin

    Homer Simpsons beats Hank Hills.