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  • http://whowouldwininabrawl.com humanboy

    Dude… Sam killed a giant spider. What has Ron done? Almost died from drinking poison? Yeah. That’s it.

    • CantSpellMyName

      You should be ashamed of yourself for making such an erroneous statement.

    • ben

      I have been saying magic beats sword the whole time.  gandalf over obi wan,  harry potter over frodo.  ect.  but this fight,  sam wins.   sam is the toughest person in the lord of the rings and the second toughest in all pop culture.  (link being the first) besides sam uses pots and pans,  wich not only beat swords,  but magic too :)

    • Hammurabi

      I find it odd that you mention a specific portion of one of the later books but apparently didn’t read book 1 in which he took down a troll at age 11? Sam killed a giant spider, how swell. If you want to talk about a head count, Ron matches Sam’s entire resume in one battle then goes and does his homework and fucks Emma Watson. checkmate, I say.

  • Cody

    I may be half in love with Mr. Weasley, but I still believe that Sam would trounce him… magic or no magic.

  • jtdc

    What, are you all retarded? Ron's fought more opponents, tougher opponents all before he realized tits were to be played with than Sam did ever. Sam fought Shelob once. Whoopity shit. Ron fought evil archmages before he could cast a decent spell and lived.

    • Samtheman

      But Sam has taken lives before has been in many fights. Ron hasn’t killed anyone and is kind of an idiot

      • CantSpellMyName

        In which way is Ron an idiot? Are you sure you’re familiar with Ron Weasley from Harry Potter and not Lon Measly from Barry Trotter? Ron has probably been in more fights than Sam has, he has more than enough skill to defeat any sword-wielder in the world. Superman hasn’t taken any lives either, you think Sam could take him too?

    • Japanesepeoplehavethese

      Ya with a stick….. Let’s take that wand alway and see how long he last I love HP but Sam would totally own him…..

      • CantSpellMyName

        This fight isn’t wandless Ron vs. sword-wielding Sam, it says Ron vs. Sam and Ron’s natural weapon is a wand and he carries it with him always. So you can’t take the wand out of the equation.

  • http://twitter.com/chocoholicarmen Carmen Bishop

    If there was a giant spider involved, Sam would win hands down while Ron cried in a corner…
    If there was no spider, Ron would win purely because he can use magic.
    If it was a muggle-fight, i.e no weapons Sam would win because hobbits are tough.
    And if Frodo was involved, Sam would win because he's so loyal.
    And if there was a great food feast for the winner… well, that would be a fight to remember.

    • Mitul199


    • KM3t3r



    Ron is just another geek thought up by J.K. Rowling.
    Sam is another great, grand, lovable, brave, and well thought up character from J.R.R. Tolkien the god.

    • CantSpellMyName

      Are you saying that J.K. Rowling doesn’t know how to invent good characters?

      • Narya_Ring

        She have great characters.

  • Leonel

    Sam is brave, Ron is a coward, Sam wins

    • CantSpellMyName

      Ron isn’t a coward, where did you get that from? He risked his life in every book even though he didn’t have to, he’s as loyal and brave as Sam is. He’s one of few gingers who has a soul, that’s nothing to sneeze at either, lol.

      • Narya_ring

        Now i see here, a true fan of Harry Potter, man, all of the comments i see you, you protect the people of Harry Potter. Now let me make you some questions:
        1st – Why do you hate John Ronald R. Tolkien?
        2nd – Why do you think Ron, the coward (sorry for say that, but that’s my point) can wins a battle agains Sam.

        After all, brave persons do everything to survive. Ron would run, if Ron, find the ring, he would fall by the magic.
        And i am not saying i realy HATE Harry Potter (i watched all movies and i read some parts of the books), but Tolkien created a Universe, a Middle Earth… J.K Rowling just put her history in this fool world…

        Dear Mr. CantSpellMyName, i hope you undestand my message, you must follow what is wise, to answer such a thing, Tolkien’s characters are amazing and they do everything to survive, you can vote, but you have to think first.

        • CantSpellMyName

          Hate JRR Tolkien??? Dude, are you serious?? Sir Tolkien is probably the greatest thing that has happened to litterature since Shakespeare! Without LOTR, there probably would be no Harry Potter. And while I prefer JK Rowling’s characters and her amazing ability to tell stories with lots of subplots that are woven together brilliantly and a unique continuity in her story-telling that stand out from the sadly typical “hero goes there, then he goes there and then he ends up there”, Tolkien is by all means the master of mythology (hell, he even invented entire languages), and I highly doubt that we will ever again see an author who can create an equally complex world. And I still need you to elaborate on why you think Ron is a coward. It is possible that Ron would indeed succumb to the temptations of the Ring’s power, but we don’t know that as he has never visited Middle-Earth (Frodo succumbed to the Ring’s power power too so you’d have to cut Ron some slack if he did). I do agree that Sam is braver than Ron, but Ron is brave enough, he risks his life for Harry many times during the books, not many friends would do what he has done. I’m not biased to Harry Potter, even though I do love the series, I just think that magic trumps skill with the sword.

          • Star Killer

            Oh yea!

            But i stand with Sam, he is fat and is funny

    • Dom Cobb

      Ron isn’t a coward, he just has a phobia of spiders.

      Indiana Jones is willing to go into places filled with rats and bugs, but gets scared by one little snake.

  • Patrick

    I love both characters, but I have to say that Sam would win. He’s got the heart and loyalty to overcome anything. In the whole of the series, Ron sort of accomplishes things by accident.

    • CantSpellMyName

      Whoa, hold your horses! Ron is every bit as loyal and heroic as Sam is, and he didn’t accomplish things by accident, stabbing the Horcrux wasn’t an accident, saving Harry’s life several times wasn’t an accident, being the heart of the Trio and maintaining their bonds with his humor and heart wasn’t an accident, and winning the love of the most brilliant witch of her age wasn’t an accident. Sam is awesome but you have to acknowledge Ron and the things he’s done.

  • CantSpellMyName

    Now THIS is a good one! Both of them are heroic and loyal and both of them grow from being quite whiny into throwing themselves into mortal peril to fight for their friends and to save their worlds. I really feel that they are equally awesome, Ron would win in a fight though but it wouldn’t stop Sam from fighting with heart and soul.

    • Leonel

      Ron my friend only have powers because o the cursed wands created by J.K, he doesn’t kill anyone in the books, and Sam doesn’t have magic, he kill many foes using a sword and the Light of Earendil. 

      Sam would win because of his courage and strength.

      • CantSpellMyName

        Well yeah, if it was a contest of bravery and strength, Ron would probably be pretty fucked (unless Hermione was in danger, lol). Though in this contest I go by their natural weapons, and even if Sam is braver, a simple protection charm would prevent him from even get to Ron. All respect to Sam though, he’s a rolemodel for all sidekicks and a symbol for bravery and loyalty, I’d really prefer if they lay their weapons down and had a drink together while sharing stories, I bet Ron would love to get introduced to the liquors of the Shire, lol.

        • Watcher198

          Continuing Leonel’s commentary, a agreed with you CannotSpellMyName, but J.K’s characters only have enough strength because of the wands, Yeah, it will be wonderful with they drink liquors toghether’s, but i stand my word with Sam…


          • Ggirl

            Both of them are cool ones, i love Sam, he’s pretty cute, and in this battle Ron will have to take a weapon, such the Griffyndor sword, and fight honestly against Sam, because if Ron use his wand against Sam, he have only to say Avada Kedavra and Kill Sam, so please remove his wand and make a just battle.

  • LOTR lover

    YEEEEEAAAHHHHH SAM COULD KICK THAT LITTLE WEASLEYS BUTT IN A FIGHT ANY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides, magic isnt even real….but swords are.

    • CantSpellMyName

      Enough with this flamewar against Ron already. I understand that you guys love Sam, and I agree whole-heartedly that he’s a great character and a rolemodel to all loyal friends, and in a physical fight without magic he would probably beat Ron, but you have to cut Ron some slack, he’s done much more for Harry than most people would do to their friends. If Sam and Ron met for real, they would probably become best friends right away and have a drink together. Peace and love, everyone!

  • Bonnia

    Since I know nothing about Sam since the only book I read from JRR Tolkien was The Hobbit and I was forced to read that, and I really dislike Ron, I don’t really care who would win that fight. Going along with the title, though, a wizard would beat a hobbit any day. A normal hobbit that is. IDK about Sam and Ron.

  • CantSpellMyName

    No matter who wins, one thing’s for sure: trying to get information from Sam by using the Cruciatus curse on him would be futile, he would stay loyal to the end.

  • Atlas

    i bet if we put any character from lord of the rings and place it against GOD, people would still go for lord of the rings.WTF?

    • CannotSpellMyName

      Wait til you confront Superman fanboys…

  • Sabihj amal

    Sam is tough,brave and loyal he has shown far greater loyalty to frodo then ron has to harry. Sam is one of the most loyal,breavest.toughest characters of all time.He has withstood in the face of danger without breaking a sweat and his loyalty to frodo is far greater the anything ron has ever shown.Through out the book ron as been jealous of harry potter because he thinks he is living in the shadow of the chosen one.Sam has never shown any jealousy or hate towards  frodo he has shown nothing but  love and loyalty.Ron abandoned harry in the forest just because  he thought that harry didn’t had any plan to go through with there mission.Frodo thought sam to be a traitor and told him to go back and sam still came  back to save frodo’s life.Even with the strength and power disadvantage sam can still win this.

  • Bellatrix Ellude

    Sam: kills a Giant meanish spider
    Ron: runs away from a giant niceish spider

    • CantSpellMyName

      Ron followed Harry into a dark forest full with a whole army of wolf-sized spiders (giant versions of the things he feared more than anything else, and a whole damn army of them in a forest at night), he was scared shitless all the way through but he still followed voluntarily even knowing that he may suffer a death more terrible (and nasty) than he could ever imagine, that takes balls that most people don’t have. Sam may represent loyalty more than Ron but you gotta acknowledge the heroic things Ron has actually done.

  • Hammurabi

    Look, Sam is one of my favorite characters, but Ron would eat his lunch in 2 seconds flat. To wield magic, Ron studied and practiced. Even if you put a wand in Sam’s hand, he’d get destroyed, because Ron was beating master wizards in duels in his teenage years (read HP #6).

    And Ron isn’t brave? Sorry but the only way you could make such a false statement is if you didn’t read the HP books. You don’t willingly face endless legions of giant spiders, trolls, dark wizards, undead, giants, and the other things Voldemort had at his disposal without bravery. You want a coward, look at Malfoy.

  • duffy potter

    this jippo, faggot,bastard, fat bitch, pikey shit, hipster is a brainless, homeless cunt, fannywang, homo who has obviously nevr evn seen a harry potter movie or read the books…. geek thouyght up by JK rowling

  • Onetwistedtwist

    In a food brawl only the fun will win!

  • Bob

    Common sense, lord of the rings trumps harry potter like a tiger rips apart a mouse

  • Grigor

    Surely you Potter fans don’t believe that Ron is superior to Sam. For nearly half the series, Ron is seen as the plucky comic-relief who blasts himself with his own spells and quivers at the sound of every little bump. He’s not always there to support and defend Harry. Sam, on the other hand, rescued Frodo from dozens of villainous creatures and never parted from Frodo since the moment they stepped out of The Shire. He provided so much emotional and physical support for Frodo that if it hadn’t been for him, Frodo would have either been killed or had a mental breakdown halfway through their journey. When Ron was confronted by a giant spider with his so-called ‘friend,’ he whined the entire time and left all the work to Harry to save his butt. When Sam was faced with a giant spider, he wasn’t scared for a minute. He attacked the monstrous creature head-on and eventually wounded it so badly that it ran away from him and hid. I think it’s pretty obvious that Sam is much more mentally capable of dealing with near-death experiences than Ron, who spent hours vomiting slugs in his second year at Hogwarts due to his own mischief.

    • CCN1

      Um, did you read the books or did you just watch the movies? Ron has arachnophobia, and still followed Harry into a pit full of giant spiders. Hundreds of giant spiders, not just one, and he didn’t rely on Harry for anything when HE was the one to drive them out of there, and he made sure Fang (Hagrid’s dog) got there safe as well. Ron is a tactician, chess master, magical duelist who was fighting archmages at an age when Sam was probably mucking out horses or farming potatoes. He vomited slugs because he tried to use a broken wand to defend Hermione when someone used a racial slur against her.
      Again, Ron destroys Sam in one spell. Ron can literally kill people with a wave of the wand, and Sam is powerless to stop him. It’s actually debatable to me whether Sam would win a fist fight either, considering Ron (in the books) is quite big, probably standing a foot and a half over Sam’s head, and having rocked Malfoy’s clock with a single blow in the Battle of Hogwarts.
      By the way, Ron has taken lives. Again, read DH, where he killed a Death Eater at the Battle of the Seven Potters, and killed another (blasted him to dust, gun-to-the-head kill) in the final battle. “I want to kill Death Eaters!” is a Ron quote from the final battle, where Hermione was trying to stop him from attacking.

  • McCheese

    the pan may be mightier then the sword… and it is better then magic tooooo!!

  • john johnson

    a lot of people here is comparing movies, but no one seems to understand that one is a hobbit and the other was a wizard.

  • lewis

    Okay, let’s be real. Harry Potter was my first fandom… and I also adore Lord of the Rings… but Samwise the BRAVE <- Is obviously going to win. Ron Weasley can't use a sword, and wouldn't have the heart to use the killing curse. Sam wins. 'Nough said.