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  • iamhumanboy

    Hermoine would probably win this one. She'd probably do all of her homework before the fight and find Ginny's weaknesses.

  • hpfan1011

    Ginny would win because she'd have the chosen one with her

    • CantSpellMyName

      This is a one on one fight. Otherwise Hermione would have Ron on her side to even out the odds.

  • Frosty_022

    I dunno they're both pretty hot. I don't really want them to fight though I just want them to sleep with me

    • meerkat

      im definetly with you mate

  • CantSpellMyName

    Ginny is a very skilled witch and the books clarify that on several occasions, but Hermione is the most brilliant witch of her generation and she has had to deal with far more than Ginny (no offence to Ginny, she endured some tough shit too). They probably wouldn’t fight each other anyway, seeing as they’re best girlfriends. Characterwise I prefer Hermione hands down.

  • Alexandria Templeton

    well ginny is fast but hermione is brilliant with spells so i would say hermione would win even though ginnys my favorite character

  • meerkat

    hermonie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jessy

    Hermione has been through much more than Ginny, so yea.
    But Ginny wins in life because she gets the chosen one while hermione gets a total loser.

    • CantSpellMyName

      Oh, fuck off Jessy! I bet you can’t find a man who would be as loyal and willing to sacrifice as much for his friends as Ron has, show some goddamn respect! Harry is a fucking whiner, even Emma Watson admitted that she would prefer Ron over Harry.

      • Seanfechtelkotter

        Damn kid, chill the fuck out

        • Dean


  • gul

    ginny cz ginny is more skilled as mentioned in books….

  • Guest

    Its a toss up, Hermonie knew more but Ginny seemed more powerful with what she did know

    • CantSpellMyName

      True, in fact Ginny was supposedly not only powerful but also very resourceful, however I still think Hermione would beat her, more experience and quicker thinking. There is no way they would fight though.

  • Liv4_christ

    Ginny has mastered the Bat-Bogey Hex, as it says on many occasions in the book.

  • Junglehill

    I think Hermione would win, cause 1) she’s been through a lot more than ginny (no offense) 2) she’s top of her classes 3) she has quicker thinking 4) cause I think that Hermione is wayyy more powerful than Ginny

  • Hammurabi

    Hermione wins with one distractionary tactic.

    Hermione: I shagged your brother.
    Ginny: Wait what?

  • Ali

    I think it would depend on whether or not they’re using magic (yes, I know they’re witches, but they don’t have to use magic all the frikkin’ time and this is just for the sake of argument). If they were, Hermione would win, because she knows a ton of spells and probably practiced them a lot while she, Harry, and Ron were looking for horcruxes. If they didn’t use magic though, I think that Ginny would win, because she grew up with 6 brothers, so she had to have fought with at least some of them, and that probably made her pretty tough.

  • Luke

    Hermione’s fought way more than Ginny and she’s also the best in Defense, in her year, after Harry. Not to mention, she can be really feisty when she wants to be (the knocking out Draco part in HP3) and she has faster reflexes and quicker thinking. Personally too I never liked Ginnys portrayal. I think JK wanted her to be somewhat of a tomboy in the books, but she just comes out as blunt and catty who flares up by the smallest things that other people say in most of the books after her character becomes more regular. Hermione’s character was more refined and awesome. 😀

  • utfu

    you guys are nuts. ginny would f*ck.. her.. up..
    watch the movies

    • Marvelette

      Ginny is actually a lot worse in the movies.
      Read the books.

  • Samuel Brown

    Hermione; but, if Ginny gets the ‘ole Reducto in quick enough…