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  • Anonymous

    Hermione. Always.

  • liz

    Anyone who voted Bella would be bitch-slapped. Repeatedly. With every single Harry Potter book.

    • Harrypotterforlife


    • eggy

      Every single Harry Potter book? That’s just cruel. First of all knowledge hurts and the dumb twihards are too stupid to appreciate good writing. And secondly that’s too extreme (especially if they are hard back) do something that will hurt less like running them over with a train or dropping a fridge on them 7 times.

    • BriTyl

      I like both Harry Potter and Twilight. Accounting for Bella’s now Vampiric state she’d put up one hell of a battle I say. And being a Twihard doesn’t make you dumb. It just means you’re soppy enough to like any story with a hint of romance. OR you find Taylor Launtner hot…

  • CantSpellMyName

    This question is blasphemy. Hermione is the most brilliant witch of her generation, Bella is the most flagrant bitch of her generation.

  • Star Killer


    That would be easy to Hermione, she would kill Bella even without wand LOL
    Tell me, is this a joke???

    • ErinPhoenix

      She could just punch her in the face like she did with draco.

  • TheNash

    Hermione, put the wand down. You don’t need magic to win this one.
    Now slap Bella back to What Just Happened!

  • Codiberry

    Seriously? Hermione could have taken out Bella when we first met her on the Hogwarts Express in book 1. I am against censorship but I could get behind a burning of that waste of trees known as twilight.

  • Anon

    Really? Girl who has ambition, real personality and can do magic, not just well, but better than the titular character, vs. bland girl with no personality whatsoever and never relies on her own strengths that are randomly thrown at her to make the plot progress. Yeah, real tough to decide.

    • Trisha

      but when Bella turns into a vampire she can swiftly grab hermionie by the head and snap it before hermionie can pull out her wand. honestly i like hermionie better…

      • hermione


        • http://www.facebook.com/richard.pierce.330 Richard Pierce

          bella’s already dead, so the death spell (which Hermoine wouldn’t use to begin with) doesn’t function. Just saying.

          • KHR

            Incendio. Petrificus totalus and then a severing charm to take the head off. Or just plain making Bella’s head explode with logic.

          • sapper12

            Being a fan of both authors, vampire Bella would win simply because she is immune to the enchantments and can shield herself from anyagic, let alone her new speed and strength would be overwhelming. sorry if I upset any h.p. fans buy like I said both authors are amazing.

          • Harrypotterforlife

            To hell with that man. And what kinda guy reads twilight anyway? Ur gay

          • http://www.facebook.com/louisdebling Louis Edwardio Debling

            whats wrong with being gay

          • toogoodforYOU

            You’re the faggot.

          • rayunder

            just gonna say that in breaking dawn it says she is immune to mental magic, so unless hermione legilimens her ass she would win. i mean she can start fires as a twelve year old, at 18 she should be able to match napalm

          • ErinPhoenix


          • shasha

            yes but in harry potter and the half blood prince they attended lessons on vampires in defence against the dark art and so hermione would win because she is a human computer and would just know what to do

      • eggy

        But Bella would have to call Edward, all her other vampire friends, and the werewolf pack to fight with her, so Hermione would have a lot of time to stun Bella and obliviate Bella’s memory.

  • Daisycooper96

    right i have a cold what do i do sneeze all over those 122 people and bella lol

  • Surbhi Mahajan10

    hermione all the way!
    hermione-smart,pretty,know-it-all,very loyal,brave,self dependent

  • Ur kidding me right?

    Hmmm… lets see. Hermione Granger vs Bella Swan.

    Hermione falls unconscious after being tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange with the Cruiciatus Curse.
    Bella faints after Edward breathes in her face.

    • Jeffrey Gao

      True. Bella stands no chance.

  • Le ME

    Bella isn’t worth Mione’s time.

  • MonicMagallanes

    wouldn’t the question be more appropriate if it were against “Hermione and Edward” as we all know that Bella is incapable of solving her own problems and required the presence of Edward to fight for her.

    • Bellatrix Ellude

      …it would still be Hermione.

  • Twilight_suxxx

    ummm, wow thats tough, huh? Hermione is a tough girl that can save herself when she is under depression, whereas  bella is dependent and is a weak bitch that nearly kills herself many times (enjoyable) and faints when edward breathes on her… i cant decide! lol HERMIONE WINS!!!

  • Harrypotter47

    Duh hermonie any idiot knows she has to depend on a werewolf and a vampire while hermonie is a beatiful, strong, independent charachter who doesnt need ron or harry’s help she could probaly beat her with her eyes closed

  • Bizboy51

    hermonie’s  true love runs away she finds multiple hourcruxes and defeats the lord of evil. Bella loses Edward and she cries in her room for three months. the sad part is these are in the actual books…..

  • stubblyrabbit16

    Hermoine is probably the best spell caster in the group of three, so she would know a spell for everything bella would try.

    • ravinband

      I believe I read in the book Harry Potter and the Half blood prince that students attended a lecture on vampires. If Hermione had learned something in the school, she would be the best at it. So, with a knowledge of vampires, Bella stands no chance.

      Oh, bella might get Hermione if she fell unconscious.

  • 36chambers

    who voted for mrs expressionless? WHO?

    • Trisha

      i did

  • Thwomp

    Even if Bella became a Vampire, I find it hard to believe that Hermoine couldn’t figure out how to get rid of her …if she hasn’t already seen something even more strange already.

    If we’re talking Bella pre Vampirism then…come on…

    • shasha

      yeah hermione attended a lecture on vampires in defence against the dark arts

  • Hammurabi

    haha, the question is a joke. Hermione would snatch the non-life right from Bella so fast it would make her head spin, while Ron kicks Edward’s ass.

  • Space Ace

    Hermione doesn’t even need her wand. A punch ought to do it.

  • Space Ace

    Hermione doesn’t even need her wand. A punch ought to do it.

  • penis

    Bella isn’t a vampire in the first twilight?

  • Felipe

    Emma Watson uma das meninas mais lindas que eu já vi nesse mundo

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaronjcreagh Aaron Creagh

    To be honest, I voted for Bella Swan.

    You know why?

    I was thinking of which one may win the fist fight between the two.

    I may be wrong.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaronjcreagh Aaron Creagh

      I honestly never heard of Hermione before.

      It’s not even fair for me to say anything.

      • eggy

        You have never heard of Hermione? Have you been in society before? Have you ever read a good book?

    • Your mom

      The hell?! Never heard!!!

  • Hermionesawesome

    Bella couldn’t smack a dummy

  • Kharrington

    Well–if Bella was a vampire…Hermione would be toast!

    • shasha

      yes but there are vampires in hermiones world and she attended a lecture in defence against the dark arts so hermione would win

  • thereyouare

    Hermione would only need a stupify and call it a day.

  • CoolKid

    Hermione would destroy Bella. Hermione is the smarter than Harry Potter, and has more control over magic than any character in the Potter series, save Dumbledore. Bella would be destroyed before she could say “Edward”.

  • shafi

    hermione could take out all of the cullens eyes closed

  • Doğucan Gelbal

    Is this even a question?

  • David Strickland

    Hermione wins everytime, There are vampires in Hermione’s world, she knows how to fight them even if it was Edward, and jasper, and bella, and Carlisle and all of them put together. There are no wizards in Bella’s world she would have no clue what to do, Bella dies, no question.

  • t4

    is this even serious? its like pms-y peanutbutter vs a chainsaw!! i dont think itd even involve leviosa .. HG’d just lay bella out with that wicked haymaker shes packin kaaPLAWWW!! thud.

  • Saesee Tiin

    Hermione!!!Bella Will actually go f’cking mad


    serislily HERIONE I know this does not sound true but I have curly hair like her I swer and I loovvee to read so badly I basikly am her this is me when I was yong


    sapper12 this is for you you really need to think bella does not have powers is it with powers or not her eyes are not red in photo

  • Saesee Tiin

    Mace Windu wins!

  • LMAO

    Hermione: Edward’s dead.
    Bella: *Jumps of cliff*

  • Ultron

    Bella’s a dumb ass BITCH. Hermione wouldn’t even waste her time with such low life and pathetic people.

  • Lynn

    Hermione. Always. If someone even thinks about voting for bella, I will personally come over to their house and slap them repeatedly with all of the Harry potter books.

  • Finn the Human

    Hermione is better than Bella (Mary Sue)

  • DJApok

    STOP BEING A FANBOY/GIRL AND THINK! Hermione would not hit her a single time. SUPER SPEED. If she did hit her we don’t even know if it would effect the diamond skin. I already did this on the Harry vs Edward page. Sorry but the Harry Potter characters can’t keep up with the Super Speed of the Vampires. They would be on their backs ripping their heads off before any wizard could even aim.

    • shasha

      yes but there are vampires in harry potter world and they attended lectures on vampires so hermione would win

      • DJApok

        The vampires in HP have nothing in common with the Twilight vampires! Even if she did learn anything about the type of vampire in Twilight she wouldn’t be able to do anything. She can literally move faster than any spell can travel in the HP universe. I hate everything about the Twilight series but that doesn’t stop me from using logic.

  • ErinPhoenix

    Being a Harry Potter fan, she would probably just ignore her, if not then she would eather;
    .Punch her in the face
    .use a spell
    .Insult her
    .get sad and cry in the girl’s lavatory

  • eggy

    The only Bella I care about is Bellatrix!!

  • guest

    take away the wands and the vampire powers. no back up. Bella

    • shasha

      did you see hermione punch malfoy in the face

  • Anna

    With magic: she’d win. If it has to be a fair fight, still hermione. DId you see her punch malfoy in the face?

  • Pokersem100

    Hermione…no comment

  • Potterhead

    With normal, logical life and vampires Hermione would win. After all, she trained for years and worked really hard to excel in her magic.
    Unfortunately, dear Steph Meyer has endowed her Mary-Sue (that is to say, unrealistic and totally perfect in every was charactors who everybody hates) charactors with basically best unbeatable everything.
    Hermione, though, would not go down without a fight. And blessed by her remarkable sense of reason and logic, may just have a chance to overcome Bella.

  • JHG

    Hermione wins very, very easily. Even Sue Ellen Armstrong could beat Bella Swan.

  • Me

    I think Sue Ellen from Arthur would be a better match. This reminds me of Princess Zelda vs Brick wall. Haha