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  • Anonymous

    Harry, obviously.

  • Patrick

    Is this a joke or something? You might as well have made it:

    Harry Potter vs. A Damp Sponge

    Harry Potter vs. Moldy Cheese in the Back of the Refrigerator

    Harry Potter vs. A Slightly Deflated Balloon

    • guest


      • The4thHorseman

        says the twilight lover -_-

    • t4

      ” vs moldywarts

    • JHG

      or Galactus vs Snail

  • CantSpellMyName

    This question is blasphemy. Even without a wand Harry would just have to point out that Edward’s hair was looking greasy and Edward would flee to the nearest beauty saloon to check his hair.

    • Star Killer

      i’m with ya, see, i don’t hate Harry Potter :)

      • CantSpellMyName

        Have I ever implied that you do? ­čśŤ

  • TheNash

    As much as I hate Edward, he’d easily snap Harry’s neck with his vampire speed+strength before he even thinks to lift his wand

    • CantSpellMyName

      Protego will do just fine against Edward’s attacks and Edward isn’t a light-speeder, Harry would definitely have time to raise his wand and erect the forcefield. Also, it may be so that Harry’s sacrificial protection given to him by his mother would prevent Edward from even touching him.

      • TheNash

        He may not be a light-speeder but he’s definitely inhumanly fast. For Harry to even stand a chance, he’d need to be prepared beforehand. I’m pretty sure Protego guards against magic only so he’d still be vulnerable to physical attacks. Harry’s sacrificial protection only stops Voldermort from touching him. It won’t activate when Edward starts slapping the life out of him…

        Furthermore, Harry doesn’t know many (or any) area attacks that would help. All his spells are directional and need him to point at the target which Edward would definitely be fast enough to dodge

        • Watcher198

          Dude, i hate both of this books, but one moment in my life, i stand with Harry, he can use Petrificus Totales in Edward when this one try to grab his neck, and after that, AVADA KEDAVRA.

          • CantSpellMyName

            Totally true, my friend :) But… You hate Harry Potter? Why, man?

          • Watcher198

            Because everybody just say that Harry Potter is best than any other books, and is a enemy for LOTR, in all polls, the people vote for Voldemort, J.k’s characters are not the most powerful, the Harry Potter fans must see the other side, like Gandalf vs Dumbledore or Voldy vs Saruman, but when i see this poll i have to agree with you Potter fans, because it’s a wizard vs a vampire suck who shine in the sun. LOL.
            But i respect you all, ad to prove that, i vote for Harry because this is a just battle and Harry is definitely more powerful than this greaseball.

          • Nick Mitsch

            Harry doesn’t use avada kedavra he only used it once and that was against voldemort but that was the only time he ever used it but he would still win he also could get a sword with accio sword DUH

        • CantSpellMyName

          No, Protego works against physical attacks as well – in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the Protego charm that Hermione erects to prevent a Horcrux-manipulated Ron from attacking Harry also prevents her from running after Ron when he leaves them moments later; she had to remove the charm before she could run after him. So Protego will work just fine against Edward. The movie versions of Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows also shows a different type of forcefield that disintegrates whatever or whoever tries to break through it, and while we do not know if there is such a charm in the books, it is plausible to think that there is as there are no precise limits to what magic can do other than those mentioned in the books (resurrecting dead people, etc.) Sorry but Edward would be fucked if he faced Harry, Harry has trained his reaction speed to a far higher extent than most humans thanks to his experienced years as a Quidditch seeker, he has also fought Death Eaters on broomsticks, which are far faster than Edward. As much as I dislike Edward (because I really do, in fact there isn’t a single thing about him I even remotely appreciate), as an unbiased observer of this fight I can conclude that Harry will curbstomp Edward’s ass into oblivion.

        • Zeratul

          Protego defends against physical attacks – in 7th book Hermione casted Protego so Ron and Harry wouldn’t fight, and harry would definetely without thinking would cast that spell.
          Harry would win.

        • eggy

          Protego IS physical barrier. That’s why after Hermionie cast it to keep Ron and Harry from fighting in the last book she couldn’t get to Ron when he was leaving. Duh I bet even 1st years know more than you.

          • TheNash

            Dude… This discussion ended 2 years ago and your point was already made. Keep up ­čśë

        • melsforever

          harry isnt human

          • TheNash

            Not sure what you’re talking about or replying… but Harry IS human. All of the Wizards, Witches and Muggles are human. They are just separated by either having magic or not.

            Now, can we stay on topic please (even if it is 3 years old now and still open for some reason)

    • melsforever

      id get a kick out of seing him pull a windgardium leviosa

  • Deepthiharry111

    this is the world’s most ridiculous comparision

  • SenorBane

    This isn’t meant to be a popularity contest. Edward is fast enough to run up behind you and rip your head off before your brain could process who you were looking at.

    • CantSpellMyName

      Lol, no. Harry isn’t a slouch, he’s an experienced quidditch player with awesome reaction time and he has countered countless spells, he would definitely have the time to erect a protection charm and then stupefy Edward’s shiny ass into oblivion.

  • Liv4_christ

    Harry would use Oblivate and Edward would forget whatever he was doing.

  • MonicMagallanes

    we are comparing the boy who stood up against the most powerful dark wizard ever to save the entire wizard world against the vampire who fights a red head to save a girl

    • CannotSpellMyName

      Best. Comment. Ever.

  • i hate them both

    this is how the fight would go
    hary: houcuse pocuse!!
    edward: wtf?
    hary ta dah! (pulls rabit out of hat)
    edward: oh hes so cute
    rabit: (beats the shit out of edward)

    • CannotSpellMyName

      Pretty much, yeah x)

  • Sabihj amal

    harry whoops the sparkling vampire

  • Soltisovaninka

    I love harryho pottera, hermiona is just super, and ron weasley is a miksop but nice

  • Darth Vader

    No one

  • Craftyporkbrokblognz

    okay, if harry’s a quidditch master with fast reflexes, you’re counting out cullen’s mind-reading. he knows what harry’s going to do before potter boy actually casts the spell. just cause you hate twilight doesnt mean you have to be illogical. speed+telepathy > wand+quidditch skillls

    • Anthony

      Occlumency blocks mind-reading abilities.

  • stubblyrabbit16

    Edward would use his speed to break harry’s wand and then just go to work…. without the heavy lifting.

  • Cayla

    Harry killed Voldemort. Voldemort killed Cedric Diggory. Cedric Diggory became a love stricken pale little boy when he realized he got written out of the Harry Potter books.

    • Nicola

      No, No….Barty Crouch Jr Killed Cedric Diggory.
      THE DOCTOR kills Edward…duh.

      • RedEclipse

        YES. That is the best scenario ever. Dr. Who killing a character from Twilight. Or it’s Ferris Bueller kills Zilla. Or Kick Ass and Walter White surviving against a giant monster attack.

  • dudethathatestwilightandhp

    Well, this was almost hard for me to decide because I can’t decide which of these characters I hate more! I would say that as much as I hate him, Harry would definitely win. I mean, what can Edward do? Sparkle Harry to death?

  • Original the Character

    Lets see we have a boy who killed the greatest dark wizard ever and cheated death once and we have a vampire that is trying to save a red head bitch….. *facepalm*

    • BadMamaJama

      `Harry cheated death twice brah

  • TheDoctor,Potter,Sherlock

    Edward Sparkles

  • cay

    If you think about this logically and without bias then you see that these two are actually pretty evenly matched. Harry Potter is one of the most powerful wizards, but Edward is about a thousand times stronger and faster. If we are assuming that Harry has at lease one second to prepare, he could protect himself by encircling himself with fire, which can destroy vampires (or just a shield charm). While Edward tries to get to Harry, Harry could immobilize Edward, thus winning the brawl.

    • Naaaaaaame

      If Harry Potter was not some kind of chosen one Voldemort could have fought dozens of him or more without problem. Harry is a mediocre wizard.

  • Abby

    Harry Potter can defeat the world greatest, most evil sorcerer in the world when he was just a baby because of his mother’s love, live with being an orphan, suffer 10 FUCKING YEARS without love and still survive, learn he’s a wizard, go to Hogwarts, become the youngest Seeker in a century on his first time on a broomstick, face Voldemort and defeat his servant and him, escape from his unloving family on a flying car cos he’s just that badass, illegally have Polyjuice Potion, escape from giant hungry spiders, speak to snakes, get into the Chamber of Secrets, face Tom Riddle, who FYI, is Voldemort, kill an enormous snake who kills people if they look into their eyes, destroy Tom Riddle, save his best friend’s sister Ginny, blow up his aunt Marge, have a ride on the Knight bus, fight off a hundred Dementors at once, find out the truth about his Godfather Sirius Black, save Sirius, ride on a Hippogriff and a new Firebolt, enter the Triwizard Contest which is for people way older than him and he didn’t enter himself, some mystery person did it for him, fight a dragon and win, come second in the next task but would’ve come first if he didn’t save a little girl as well, see his friend die, see Voldemort come back to power, fight with Voldemort AGAIN and win, escape, find out it was Moody who put his name in the Triwizard Cup, find out Moody is just an imposter, fight off two Dementors in the holidays, go to a full criminal trial because of it and get cleared of all charges, deal with nobody believing him Voldemort’s back, and I could go on FOREVER but I’ll just end it with Harry sacrificing himself for the world, find out he’s not dead, pretend to be dead and then defeat Voldemort, the most evil and most powerful and most sadistic wizard ever born. Edward Cullen can watch young girls sleep and….sparkle.

  • BadMamaJama

    I am a die hard Harry Potter fan, camp outside the bookshop kid and all of that. And I do agree that Edward Cullen is a prissy, sparkly, touchy-feely, “tortured”, fake stone vampire (because I prefer fleshy vampires), who is made slightly worse by a glorified british teen heartthrob with big hair and weird nipples (justsaying). Plus the Twilight tale borders on stupid, while Harry Potter saves the world from a hell raining wizard nazi of pure evil.
    -although I guess it’s a bonus to Stephanie Meyer because the twilight books were my guilty pleasure.
    Let’s face it, Harry is a brilliant Wizard and has taken on some things that Edward Cullen probably couldn’t handle, like maybe dragons or probs Voldemort himself.
    But at the end of the day Eddie boy is a vampire. In a realistic situation where Harry and Edward were one on one with the aim to kill. Edward could easily use super speed to get to Harry and break his neck before he could even utter his spell. However we are talking about do-gooder Edward Cullen so maybe he would just break his arm or wand or something and spare his life.

    Edward Cullen sadly wins.
    But Harry Potter wins in life and Edward Cullen eats wolf poo

  • rayunder

    just thought id point out that vampires from twilight die pretty much instantly if they set on fire, and a first year harry potter can summon a flame thrower in one word, so edward is pretty much screwed (and bella will cry she never got to do it herself)

  • David Strickland

    Harry, all day long, no question.

  • t4


  • Saesee Tiin

    It’s Harry Potter,U don’t have to ask!!!

  • wolfgirl

    I like them both but I think HARRY WOULD SOO WIN I have read all the books ant heroine is just the bomb she the BEST EVER

  • rockyslayer

    I love harry potter… but he never kills and this Edward dude doesn’t mind ripping the heads off people, and harry really couldn’t kill a vampire with super speed and strength with his wand. harry has morals and codes that makes him loveable but eddy kills in swarms laving him a moody hated sociopath.

    • RedEclipse

      But all harry has to do is flick his wrist and Edward is powerless. Please, twilight fan, go put the Twilight Books in your mouth, or as some people say, suck some dicks.

  • katie potatie

    i hate twilight and i’m a huge potterhead but if you think about it edward would win??? harry’s pretty good but still not an absolutely fantastic dueler, but edward has all that stuff with the unpuncturable (? idk) skin and super strength. so i’d say he’d probably win but harry is still a FAR better character because of this; he has realistic flaws and he isn’t ridiculously perfect like edward.

  • DJApok

    This is funny because not a SINGLE person actually looked at the fight. This is just a bunch of fanboys. Now lets actually look at the match-up. Unfortunately we don’t have a clue how Harry’s spells would effect the “diamond skin” attribute of Edward. Secondly, Edward is WAY to fast to get hit my any spells xD And last of all, Edward can read minds! He will know what Harry wants to do the second he wants to do it. I hate Twilight as much as the next guy but this sight is meant for intellectually debates about battles, not fanboy time. Edward wins hands down. Sorry

    • Nick Mitsch

      Harry has oclumency not to mention he can cheat death with the resurrection stone

  • eggy

    Please, Harry defeated the most powerful dark wizard of all times when he was 17 with only a DISARMING spell. Heck, Harry kept Voldemort from getting the sorcerer’s stone when he was 11. Also Edward (Robert Patterson) is Cedric Diggory and he gets killed by Voldemort’s servant and then Harry (who is injured) goes on to duel Voldemort AND bring back Cedric’s body. And besides, Edward isn’t a vampire! He lives in a forest, he doesn’t eat people, and he SPARKLES. He is obviously a fairy. So, therefore, Harry Potter is WAY better than a sparkly fairy.

    • TheNash

      All of Harry’s major accomplishments you mentioned were not his own. He had A LOT of help at every turn. Alone, he’s actually a pretty mediocre wizard. Almost below average actually.

      I’ve read both Harry Potter and Twilight books and I liked them both. I don’t think you know enough about the Twilight vampires to properly understand Edward’s abilities… Either that or you’re just trolling.

      If this matchup was against a more intelligent, fast and experienced wizard like Severus Snape or pretty much any half decent Auror, Edward would probably get pushed back then get the beatdown of a lifetime. But against Harry… Harry wouldn’t be fast enough to properly assess the situation and use the appropriate area attack and protection spells in the first move. He may know a lot of spells but in the 0.5 second he’d have to react, he would default to expelliarmus which is useless against someone who doesn’t fight with a wand. Edward would snap his neck in a heartbeat. Sorry to bust your bubble there.

  • Wario

    This is SIMPLE. Edward is dumb.

  • Sarah Cruz

    Harry would be like “Shit dude. What did Voldemort do to you? You’re a sparkly, whiny vampire. Lame.” Then he easily kills him

  • RedEclipse

    harry potter could just insult and his girlfriend and then Edward would just rid him to shreds hs a a vampite dudde so he could bit him den he win Harry powwer is a fag he can go fuck himslf hahah edward is a beast he cud win

    Nah nah I’m just kidding. Harry could light fire to a piece of bark and Edward would scream “NO BELLA” and die of a heart attack.

  • shasha

    um idiots i think we are all forgetting there are vampires in the wizarding world and he attended a lecture in defence against the dark arts in harry potter and the half blood prince also they mention vampires in harry potter and the chamber of secrets plus although edward has super speed there is a spell called immobules in harry potter and th chamber of secrets used by hermione granger that slowed the pixies down so they could slow edward down and then petrifies totales him