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  • iamhumanboy

    I think Kirk wins this one. Without Luke there to fight his battle, Han doesn't seem to stand a chance.

    • Birds

      hey asshole han solo would fuck kirks shit all up

  • NoShitSherlock

    Han would win because Han shoots first.

  • Anonymous

    Best of three wins.

    First is the USS Enterprise vs. the Millennium Falcon. Frankly, Kirk wins this one easily. A Starship armed with all the latest weaponry will eat a cargo ship made out of spare parts for breakfast.

    Second, they have to fight on a desert planet- unarmed and with no companions. Han is nothing without a blaster. Remember, that the goddamned Ewoks got the drop on him. Kirk builds a cannon out of natural resources, and quickly takes Han down. Kirk wins.

    Third, they have to fight in the cantina. Han has the advantage of shooting first, but Kirk (being the clever resourceful bastard he is) already anticipated this and has Spock deliver the Vulcan neck pinch before Han can even touch his blaster. After which Kirk and Spock encase him in carbonite and give him to Jabba the Hutt in exchange for an alliance with the Hutts against the Klingons. Kirk wins.

    The only fight Kirk could possibly lose is a gunfight. But even then he’d figure out a way to win, because he doesn’t believe in losing. Han can’t even hold his own against teddy bears.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gordon-Freeman/1259980741 Gordon Freeman

      Han didn’t shoot first anyway.

      • Tsz

        fuck you Han SHot First!


       if kirk can have spock help him, han can have chewie help him. in which case han and chewie win.

      • G_Hendricks

        Yes, but remember that Vulcans are much stronger than humans. So I’ll say Vulcans and Wookiees are of equal strength. In that scenario, Spock would down Chewbacca with the Vulcan neck pinch.

    • rayunder

      on the first section u may be right if the ships in the two series were comparable. the star trek ships have several thousand kilo tons of explosive power with each shot while even the worst star wars ship has hundreds of GIGAtons with each shot.
      and on ur third point ur saying kirk would win as spock helped him. if they can call in freinds then han would definatly win as i doubt a vulcan death grip would work when a lightsaber was in spocks neck

      • G_Hendricks

        For the sake of fairness, the Enterprise essentially has the same amount of explosive power as a Star Destroyer in this fight.

        As for Luke versus Spock? Nice try, but Spock is easily able to come up behind Luke, and perform a neck pinch on him.

  • Greven

    damn, i like both but Obviously Cpt.Kirk would win this, Hands down
    prolly gonna make A canon out of a Soda can,diamonds and some sand. then he would blast Solo to oblivion

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001548225404 Michael Young

    Plus if you get hit with a blaster you have a chance of surviving, while if you got shot with a phaser on full it would just evaporate you

  • Ian Decker


  • Space Ace

    Han shoots first!

  • Moe

    What Ian Decker said XDDD

  • Derpyderp

    Who shot first?

  • Saesee Tiin

    Solo can make Kirk kick 1 google ass!!!!!

  • Saesee Tiin

    Kirk is a homeless jarhacker with a stupid peensis on his head.Derpyderp,u know that Han actually shoot first?Han wins.

  • rockyslayer

    love kirk but han solo is violent and faster thinking

  • necin

    Kirk would win because he would have his crew to back him up, and he has an better technology.

  • your mom

    Yall suck

  • Michael Young

    No way Kirk will win. If the place took on land, Han Solo would shoot him the way he tried shooting Darth Vader. Kirk will put his phaser to kill but that won’t work. If it’s in space and they are fighting with spaceships, Han Solo would shoot Kirk’s ship before he goes warp 2. Han always wins over Kirk.