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  • Watcher198

    This is a ease one, Hagrid no longer has a stupid wand, and Chewy has a laser gun… I don’t need to say more things about it…

    Poor Hagrid

    • CantSpellMyName

      As much as I prefer Hagrid, I’ll have to agree. Though Hagrid was able to withstand several Stupefy spells without falling, I don’t know how powerful a Stupefy spell is compared to a laser gun. With a wand I say Hagrid wins, there’s no way a laser gun can penetrate a Protego charm and Chewbacca doesn’t have any defence agaisnt magic. Hagrid is definitely stronger so in a pure non-weapon brawl he definitely takes it because I don’t think Chewbacca is much of a street fighter.

      • Watcher198

        That’s true, but Hagrid no longer has a wand friend, so in this battle, Chewy kills Hagrid, but if Hagrid has a wand, Chewy will have no chance definitely.

        • Judoman716

          no, technically, hagrid has a wand. he has his pink umbrella, which has his broken wand in it and still can perform spells.

      • chewbacca ftw

        Chewbacca is stronger, deifiently. He has been known to rip of arms. Hagrid is just a half giant. Wokiees > Half-Giants.

    • ben

      Hagrid wins.   magic beats lazers.  sorry star wars nut.  (wait.  i like star wars better then harry potter!)((dam.)

  • http://twitter.com/theCalJarvis Cal Jarvis

    Maybe it means hand to hand? if it does, Hagrid wins. Other wise, Chewy

    • Star Killer

      Agree with you ^^

  • The Force

    hagrid is only human….chewie is a cool space being! chewie wins easily.

    • CantSpellMyName

      Not without a weapon, he wouldn’t. And we can’t know for sure that Chewbacca’s laser gun would take Hagrid down, Hagrid was tough enough to resist several Stupefy spells at once without falling in Order of the Phoenix, and as we don’t have a way to compare the power of Stupefy spells to laser guns, this question remains ambiguous. Keep in mind that Hagrid keeps dragons as pets and would love a Chimaera, he’s not just a fragile piece of meat.

      • Nate Allen20

        avada kedavera

      • grosserllama

        Chewy can rip someones arms out of there sockets what are you talking about

    • Judoman716

      hagrid is half giant, has amazing strength, and can do magic. no, buddy, hagrid wins

    • Nate Allen20

      hagrid is half giant. suppose chewy does not have gun Hagrid would win

      • polite viking

        if hagrid has a wand, chewy gets his bowcaster

  • Acacia

    Hagrid has has wand hiden in his umbrella he keeps with him. chewy would never see it coming. i vote hagrid !

  • Watcher198

    Chewy is a Wookye Berserker, who destroy great trees easily with one punch, Hagrid is immune to spells, but i really doubt that he is immune to laser guns.

    Chewy wins…

    • CantSpellMyName

      Well, as Acacia pointed out, if laser guns are allowed then it is only fair that Hagrid is allowed to use the wand hidden in his umbrella, so that should even out the odds. Though I’d rather like to see a physical slugfest between them, no weapons, just fists and smackdown fury >:D

      • Watcher198

        Yeah, but i stand my word that Chewy will destroy him in a brawl fight.

        • CantSpellMyName

          You think so? Hagrid is taller, and he possesses tremendous strength as well as demonstrated in each book, like when he had half a cow on his shoulder like it was a fruit bag in Order of the Phoenix. I don’t think it’s possible to safely determine whom of them would win a physical fight, though Chewy probably has more fighting experience as Hagrid is a peaceful forest keeper, the question is if that would be enough to take the much bigger Hagrid down. Which strength feats has Chewy performed by the way?

          • Watcher198

            Yeah I Think that way. But both of them are strong, you know the meaning of the word berserker? So search please.
            And Chewy is stronger just like him. But the truth is, weapons are available and in J.K.’s history there no exist any spell shield who can block laser shots.

  • Me

    chewbaccas awesomeness cannot be beaten by some dude with an umbrella

  • Anonymous

    Chewy. Nuff said.

  • SenorBane

    Hagrid totally wins. He’s bigger, and probably as strong/stonger than Chewy. No, he’s not immune to lasers, but Hagrid can use magic.

    • Watcher198

      I really doubt that Hagrid will time to pick his umbrella and cast the spell, Chewy doesn’t need to say nothing, he just have to pull the trigger.

    • Watcher198

      Tell me something.  What shoot’s faster, a gun or a wand?
      I think that Chewy wins…

      • Anthony

        Think of it this way- Guns and bullets are physical objects and must be physically triggered. Magic can be done silently, and thus, a spell can literally be fired at the speed of thought for someone who is skilled at it. Thus, spells are faster.

        Unfortunately for Hagrid, he was expelled before he was taught silent magic.

  • where the white women at?

    well chewy is a brotha so no doubter here…plus fagrid likes to touch little boys


    Hagrid he has magic and all the animals of the forest even the spiders are all on his side

    • Watcher198

      And all the Galaxy are in Chewys side

  • James Diggins

    Chewy duh… He has a laser crossbow, space ship and space ship.

    also, hagrid had his wand taken away in like 3rd year so he wouldnt be able to do much with a wand

  • James Diggins

    whoops… said and space ship twice

  • geeksquad09

    Chewy would end up one of Hagrids pets

    • Gordon

      ? I think not, maybe Hagrid would become what he was born to do, a CLEANER, he can actually serve as a maid in Millenium Falcon and Chewy will be his master.

  • Nathanfrancis6

    Hagrid would pet him and chewbacca would do his signatute gurgle. No fight

  • Ryan Abela1998

    chewbacca can just rip hagreds arms off


    • the_valeyard6

      other way around

  • Shady Singh

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?CHEWIE REALLY? Hagrid is the only reason HP is alive..All chewie did was moan & get caught & almost get yoda killed!

    • Bruinman86

      Can’t forget that Chewy fixed the Millennium Falcon numerous times, was great in battle – whether it was in hand to hand or firing the guns on the Falcon shooting down tie fighters. Can’t overlook that.

  • stubblyrabbit16

    Chewy has the clear range advantage and would take him out from far away.

  • Hagrid forever

    Oh nom, Hagrid is the best, Chewbacca is a big dog! LOVE HAGRID, TEAM HAGRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAGRIDDDDD<3

  • Joe

    To be honest, I think these two would walk up to each other, Hagrid would look him square in the eye, and say. “Yur, not frum around here. Are ya?” And Chewy would reply with a “Grlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrl Aghlghlghl Gah” Meaning, “How could you tell?” then Hagrid would simply put his arm around him and say, “Wanna go get a drink?”

    • http://twitter.com/dollydolphin987 Susan Horak

      Totally agree, and Han Solo would also probably be invited if it was in the Star Wars original saga.

  • Boonga

    They both have fleas

  • Hagrid

    Does anyone realize that hagrid would kill chewy? Wand in umbrella

  • Elliot

    Hagrid Wins. Always.

  • Scotty

    Chewy would blast the hell out of hagrid and then make his noise.

  • Rawrrrrrrrrr

    Hagrid. Chewy stands no chance against his magic

  • http://twitter.com/dollydolphin987 Susan Horak

    How come I don’t think a fight will break out between these to. I see more of a friendship happening including Han Solo. Hagrid will be more interested in taking him as a pet even if Han says otherwise about the life debt. Remember Hagrid wants dangerous creatures as pets so I don’t think any wookie would be safe from that. Now if Hagrid got Chewie mad that would be a different story but I don’t see that happening.

  • Nick

    Chewy kills for a living…..is one of thos fat guys who r nice

  • Saesee Tiin

    Chewbacca,Hagrid suck

  • Saesee Tiin

    Chewie rocks & Hagrid sux!


    hagrid he turned dudly in to a half pig as much as I like chewy it has to be him soz other fans

  • Isaac Joshua

    think about it guys, hagrid is no 7 or 8 feet as portrayed in the movie, he is twice as tall as a normal man (11 or 12 feet) and 3 times as wide. he has the tough skin and blood of a giant, so anything from spells to fists do considerably less damage. he also has the intelligence and speed of a man. he DOES still have his wand, which allows for instant killing, and if guns and wands thrown aside, hagrid is many times stronger and bigger than chewie. its over

  • crash

    You got to quit considering weapons people!

  • Ultron

    This is really tough…I love chewbacca because he’s like bigfoot but harry potter is far superior to star wars in every way even if hagrid isn’t my favorite character..I’d say they’re evenly matched. I can’t vote.

  • random

    obvious not hagrid

  • Hotelzulu

    Hagrid would befriend Chewebacca, I think. He befriends animals and such. If it didn’t work Hagrid would lose because he wouldn’t want to hurt the poor guy.

  • Nick

    Chewbacca is a battle-hardened warrior. He would OWN Hagrid.

  • SwagginnOnMy

    Sonn, hagrid hates animals, bruh.. this man couldn’t touch chewy

  • SwagginnOnMy

    bruh my bad i mean he loves animals

  • SwagginnOnMy

    forgive me fellow debaters, carry on