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Gob Bluth VS Buster Bluth - Arrested Development Brawl

Gob Bluth vs Buster Bluth

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  • SenorBane

    GOB wins. He’s a magician, surely he would find some sneak attack for Buster

  • where the white women at?

    both look like they dont know how to fight but cant give it to four eyes…lol white people fighting 

    • NightDark

      You must prefer the group attacks of blacks vs a single human….

  • Timothy Davis

    Did you people not see when Buster went to boot camp, and then afterwards he was busting  combat moves on people. Not to mention his hook hand!  “I’m a MONSTERRRRRRR”

  • The Real McCoy

    Buster has a hook for a hand and has army training…Gob may be a magician but he can’t even do a basic fireball…this is not a popularity contest, it’s a brawl question.

  • Saesee Tiin

    Gob will!