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  • iamhumanboy

    Count Chocula wins. People have been eating him for years, yet he's still around.

  • Stwigg06

    Edward will be too busy attracting teenage girls to deal with the furious attack of the Count.

  • COunt_Choc_V_EdFag

    count choc pwns edward anyday

  • Serephem

    Feel the wrath of chocolaty goodness

  • Olivia

    Even Capitan Crunch could pwn Edward Cullen.

  • Jacob

    Cereal beats teenage girls' fantasies any day of the week

  • Jet

    The Count wins because unlike Edward, the Count is a vampire. Edward sparkles in sunlight, he's not a vampire.

  • Liv4_christ

    Count Chocula would beat Edward into dust. No, the BOX would beat Edward into dust.

  • Flameon

    To all the people who voted for Edward, I fart in your general direction. You fathers were hamsters and your mothers smelled of elderberries!

  • where the white women at?

    the good count is not only a count but according to the trix rabbit is hung like a brotha, that pasty fuck eddy would die very quickly

    • ………


  • Woopidoopi

    Everybody loves chocolate, wtf can Edward bring to the table?

  • TheObjection

    I know this may be controversial, but this isn’t whoisabettercharacter.com, this is whowouldwininabrawl.com, and I hate to say that as terrible as Edward would be in the first website, Meyerpires being almost invincible, he would pretty much win.

  • Thwomp

    I’m glad most here have made the right choice.

    Don’t mess with Count Chocula.

  • Pedofilman

    Edward is gayyyyyyy……….

  • Saesee Tiin

    Count Chocula.I trust Pedofilman

  • Saesee Tiin

    To everyone who votes for Edward,I will make u some horrible naked barbie dolls to u,so u can then chose Count Chocula

    From Master Saesee Tiin, the force be with u!

  • Saesee Tiin

    But I think Captain Crunch is a bit better than Count Chocula.

  • Saesee Tiin

    Captain Crunch can kick both of them,though Chocula can kick Edward.

  • Joshua Skaug

    5 Poor Excuse Vampires who can STILL out-vamp Edward Cullen.

    1. Count Chocula
    2. Count Von Count from Sesame Street
    3. Count Duckula
    4. Blacula
    5. Rudolph Sackville Bagg from The Little Vampire