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Diddy Kong VS Bowser Jr - Nintendo Brawl

Diddy Kong vs Bowser Jr.

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  • Anonymous

    Diddy Kong is far more agile. Bowser Jr., much like his father, is too slow and would get too tired too fast to beat Diddy.

  • Chihuahuaears

    I was gonna go for Diddy until I remembered that Bowser Jr has more weaponry under his control than the USA military. Diddy has a jetpack that can only fly in bursts a few seconds at a time and a wooden gun that shoots peanuts. Do the math.

  • Haha

    Diddly would win. Baby bowser would be nothing without his dad and so bowser jr can go cry to his daddy when he loses the match

  • M Enrique2000

    bowser jr would win against diddy kong and then when diddy told his family it would be all out war on the koopalings and the kongs first these are 8 kids with armies the kongs would attack lemmy after that iggy koopa would come rescue lemmy then chain reaction in the end the koopalings would win

  • M Enrique2000

    hands down without doubt koopalings would win

  • sol rael

    diddy would just hit him 3 three times and its over

  • Fantasy Section Debates

    Bowser jr wins

  • Saesee Tiin


  • Wario

    Bowser jr’s magic paint will confuse Diddy!

  • A random guy

    Bowser Jr. is smarter, has more power and more weaponry. Diddy Kong only has a f*cking jetpack, so Bowser Jr. would win.