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  • iamhumanboy

    I said that Colossus would win, but I really can't decide. It'd be a very close match.

  • Biggpapi32

    Nothing stops the Juggernaut!

  • Goosejla

    it would be a close match, but i think eventually juggy would beat him into a tin can lol

  • Gla_Dos

    Are we talking the fully powered Juggernaut? Cause if so, this isn't even a contest. It took the entire X-Men team just to hold him back. Their best brawler is plenty strong, but there's absolutely no way.

    • VonSpyder


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrick-Ayers/100000203796166 Patrick Ayers

    there is no arguement to be had really … this fight has already taken place in the comics a long while back ….the juggernaut won but he did mention that colossus had a decent punch

  • dark kaiser

    If we're talking about the juggernaut of X-MEN 90's animated series who's powers were magical not the result of genetic mutation then hands down jugg's would whoop him and then some…. this fight already happened and it took the entire x-men team to slow him down let alone defeat him

  • Guest

    This shouldn’t even be close. Juggernaut destroys Colossus every single time

  • Rpottage

    Post genetic manipulation Colossus (when Magneto changed him slightly and made him more powerful) I think could beat Juggernaut in the end. However it would depend on the fighting style. Colossus is faster, stronger, and all around more powerful than Juggernaut; but he cannot stop Juggernaut. So Colossus could beat Juggernaut if he fought effectively but his usual fighting style is a face to face match where Juggernaut would slaughter him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.mortensen.7 Jake Mortensen

    Colossus has already won. 

  • Wolverine

    Juggernaut would punch his face in and dent his metal. Besides nothing stops the Juggernaut!

  • beau

    Juggernaut is among the top 10 most powerful mutants alive. He is literally invincible.

    • VonSpyder

      Cain Marko isnt a mutant. His powers come from the gem of cytorak.

  • King Lyon

    Juggernaut has already beaten Colossus without his armor, he almost killed him.

  • VonSpyder

    This is an interesting fight sine both of these men have possessed the gem of cytorak before…however it has been made clear that cain marko is the Avatar of cytorak and as such he is infinitley stronger than even colossus…as well as sufficiently strong to rip apart his osmium body. In addition Cain Marko has combat training superior to Colossus. In all honesty this wouldnt be a close contest. Juggernaut would dominate him.