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  • iamhumanboy

    I'm going to say that Carnage has this one beat. Kasady is insane.

  • Vegeta906

    Spider-man and Venom had to team up to beat Carnage and they still almost failed

  • Guest

    Carnage…insane, willing to kill instantly and has been stated as being stronger than Venom

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  • Robbiej48

    Carnage by a hair. Venom is devious and cunning but carnage is brutal and unpredictable.

  • Jtdf20041

    the symbiote feeds on kasady’s hate which makes him stronger than venom also the symbiotes hate for venom doesnt help venom here and as someone said it took SM and venom to stop carnage.. If im not mistakenin the comics carnage already spanked venoms butt so he ran for help from SM

  • Corrupt_End

    Carnage is the winner hands down. Venom thinks he is a defender of the weak and Carnage does not care about human life. I see carnage using a hostage to get the upper hand. Carnage is stronger, faster, and his symbiote has more powers. Carnage can create bladed weapons and throw them, he can extend tendrils from any part of his body to grab and attack, and venom’s spider sense does not work him.

  • Toxin

    Carnage is stronger the newer they are the stronger they are venom is weakes then carnage and now toxin


  • guest

    In my opinion venom is better.He actually uses his brain to defeat his enemies.In ultimate spiderman he easily one.Carnage is a stupid idiot.

  • Prototype

    Carnage For The Win!

  • Wolverine

    I think they would kill each other because Carnage is insane and strong but Venom is smart and strong. I like both of them.

  • Saesee Tiin

    Carnage beats Venom!

  • Transtorno Treze


    this wikipedia post say that carnage is stronger than venom+spidey

  • Slidawg11

    I’m going with Carnage on this one. See they are the exact same villain ( both have a hatred for spider man, both have the symbiote,etc.) The only difference here is that one of the symbiotes is internal and the other is external. So it will come down to skill and smarts. Eddie Brock (Venom) was a burglar who just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Venom is also one who chooses brawn of brains most of the time (the guy was a burglar his morality was obvious not high), Venom just has the same powers as spiderman just there is a lot more evil to feed off of and that is why venom never lost his ability to sense, or stick to walls. Cletus Kasady (Carnage) was a jail inmate in for being mentally insecure and multiple murders/torturing. He was in jail with Eddie when a woman with the symbiote came in a broke Eddie free. Here a fragment of the symbiote was left on a sharp nail where Kasady scatched his arm and the symbiote entered his bloodstream. He was then able to to make webs out of symbiote and various other melee weapons such as blades. The symbiote feeds off of Kasady’s insanity/ evil thoughts. So carnage would win do to his increased speed, and his vast array of weapons

  • Fact + LogicSayCarnageWins

    Carnage > Venom AND Spider-man. As they say in France, “Carnage is superior to Venom and could anal him.”

  • Jeffrey Gao

    How is Venom supposed to win?! Carnage!