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Captain America vs Thor

Captain America vs Thor

[to Cap] You want me to put the hammer down?
[Captain America ducks and holds up his shield as Thor leaps at him, blocking Thor’s blow. The impact of the hammer on the vibranium shield creates a massive shockwave, knocking Thor off his feet] Are we done here? – Captain America vs Thor

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  • Smartguy

    captain USA sucks balls

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaronjcreagh Aaron Creagh

      As far as comics and possibly movies, Thor probably should win, but I doubt that he would.

    • Erik

      ummm….. thats rude youre talking to his biggest fan ass

  • http://www.facebook.com/myafierachmat M Yafie Rachmat

    Thor Wins !

  • MichaelBale

    i love ya cap, but Thor’s got ya beat

  • stubblyrabbit16

    Bye Bye CA

  • sdfgdg

    These matchups are too obvious. It should be Iron man vs Captain America and Hulk vs Thor. That would be like saying would win Goku vs Yamcha.

  • Wolverine

    Thor would win considering he’s the god of thunder and he has mjolnir which is more effective than a shield. I love Thor and Cap but I’m just usin common sense.

  • startrekpug

    actually, cap’s shield can only be destroyed with certain alien technology,so cap

    • Lance Kemal

      no its made out of the same material as wolverines claws and thors hammer is stated by marvel as being even stronger than that material not to mention thor could simply blow up the planet with his godblast

      • John MaFukin Hodgson

        Wolverine’s entire skeleton is made made from adamantium. Captain America’s shield is made of vibranium. But yes, giving that caps only defence is a shield made from spectacular shield made from rare metal, some karate and peak speed and strength. While Thor is a nearly invulnerable demi-god jam packed with powers and abilities, not to mention Mjolnir which was its own set of attriputes and abilities.. Captain America wouldn’t stand a chance! anyone who disagrees is delusional and obviously just a bias Captain America fan!

    • John MaFukin Hodgson

      Yeah because there is no possible way around 3 foot wide shield during the heat of battle up against Thor’s immense list of strengths and abilities. Realistically, I don’t even give cap a 1% chance of winning. Not even a fair match-up..

  • Fantasy Section Debates

    Caps shield is unbreakable but thor is a god thor wins

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaronjcreagh Aaron Creagh

      Thor is a MYTHOLOGICAL god.

      Little fake gods don’t impress me!

      • John MaFukin Hodgson

        Captain America is a work of fiction as we sir. What’s your point?

  • Gandalftheblack

    Wtf is with putting thor up against guys waaaaay under his league

  • Drunky

    If they where actually pitted against each other, this will almost likely be the outcome.

    After an epic fight that began from a petty misunderstanding, Thor in the end would prove to be the better, but, always before Thor could dish the final blow, Loki would appear and then they would team up and beat the crap out of him.

  • http://twitter.com/surf_socal joe momma

    captain amercas only real thing is his metal shield. 1 of thors thing is lightening. not a good combo

    • polite viking

      he also has low super human strength, like, maximum human potential. super reflexes, incredible aim, he heals quickly, can take a much worse beating than any human. the shield isnt his only thing. that said thor would still kick his ass.

    • fart

      cap can pick up thors hammer and posses the power of thor cause he is worthy

      • Nick Mitsch

        Thor is the only one who can pick up his hammer!

        • Lance Kemal

          nope caps alrdy lifted it twice google it and so has thors dad odin it says on the hammer if ur worthy not if ur thor and caps the only human to lift it and with one hand lol

  • ryan christopher

    Thor is the GOD of lightning where captain America is a lab accident

  • Chickenman

    Cap is awesome, but Thor would just me too strong for him. Thor has this one.

  • Saesee Tiin

    Thor will!!! Captain America Sux

  • rockyslayer

    I love CA but thor could just sit back and shoot lightning at him all day till he fries

  • Marvelrocks

    A thunder god vs a guy with a shield? Duh THOR Cap isnt even in thor’s league


    Neither would win, who’s seen the Avenger’s movie?

  • KidJay Fuzion

    Cap would win because Thor’s hammer isn’t strong enough to break his shield. Even with the now overpowered Thor who doesn’t need a ceremony to get power anymore. Cap is also WAY smarter and strategic. Thor relies on his power WAY too much. Cap wins.

    • Lance Kemal

      but caps shield isint strong enough to break his skin plus thor can use his godblast powerful enough to hurt his dad or if his pissed of go into warriors madness increasing his strength speed and durability not to mention he can still control the weather and level mountains with his fists even without the hammer u sound like a dumbass

  • faizan

    Thor’s hammer is stronger than the HULK himself so captain America has no chance

  • staggerlee

    Thor could kill and i mean KILL cap with one punch. then again thor loves cap. but still thor is way above cap in power. way.

  • jimmy no clue

    THORS IS A God captain is a man on steroids with a shields he is the worst superhero if your talking about power but spiderman is the BITCH of the superhero universe thor would smash cap in two