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    I would go with hulk on this one. Cap may be strong and agile, but taking reference from the Avengers movie, Cap would tire out before Hulk.

  • Dvlang

    hulk would tear him a part

  • Akimbo Slice

    Hulk could tear cap in to 4 pieces and swat him like a fly. This isnt even fair

    • toogoodforYOU

      It’s a poll. Get over it.

  • stubblyrabbit16

    The shield is only vibration absorbent, so he wouldn’t break his arm until he hit the ground from the top of a building!

  • Gin

    Hulk will always win due to the fact that he conquered an entire planet and neerly killed all heroes and Villains of Earth, the only person he can’t beat is Red Hulk

    • fart

      he beat him already

  • GandalfTheBlack

    To quote tommy wiseau; Cap: you are tearing me apart hulk!

  • Scotty

    What could cap possibly do to hurt him?? I mean really..

  • Chris

    remember though abomination took a weaker superhero syrum then cap and was still able to dodge hulks fist now captain america althoug he doesnt hav strength he has agility all cap need to do is slice hulks head off with his shield but one punch from hulk still wuldnt kill cap cause of his regeneration so i give this one to cap

    • fart

      hulks regeneration is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than caps smh you are retarted if wolverine couldent cut off his head wtf chance does cap have and check the ultimate avengers movie caps healing factor is shit compared to hulk and if he can beat hulk then he can beat thor too i have yet to see hulk get killed by anybody and hulk is faster than cap too check the hulk movie for reference, and abomination took most of the hulk out of banners system inorder to beat hulk but he didnt

    • Henry Jackson

      You must be trolling. Hulk is literally ridiculously strong in the comics. He has survived nuke after nuke, he ripped Fucking wolverine in half and he can jump from one state to another in one jump. Tanks cannot even scratch the Hulk, sure he may be blasted back a bit, but the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes…

  • http://twitter.com/surf_socal joe momma

    im pretty sure cap couldnt kill the hulk if the hulk were in a coma. im pretty sure no one could

  • Oh-Hello-There

    I think that Captain America could talk the Hulk back into Bruce Banner if it was a true fight and the Hulk turned. However, in a fight between Hulk and Cap, I would have to say The Hulk. Simply based on the fact that even though Cap took the full serum, he still does not have a stamina of The Hulk. The Hulk may not fight with brains, but he is powerful.

    • Henry Jackson

      Even if cap turned him back, as soon as cap hits Bruce, the Hulk inside of him will take over again. That is why Bruce cannot commit suicide. He has tried many times

  • mmmm

    who fucking crazy man vote on cap american

  • Chickenman

    Hulk definately

  • Saesee Tiin

    Captain USA will just get punched!

  • faizan

    In the Avengers movie, Cap and Hulk never fought. Though cap is strong, he’s just a soldier meaning a human. Hulk can just stomp him into pieces.

    • Maia

      He actually is a superhuman. Not a regular human.

  • Louis Milone

    I’d say Captain America would win for a reason. From where he came from, his shield is made of vibranium, the most powerful source of steel in the world. (I know it’s not real Btw.)

    • Henry Jackson

      So what. Tell me. What could cap do to the Hulk? Hmmm? Fucking wolverine could barely cut the Hulks skin, and missiles and bullets bounce off him like nothing. Seriously, Hulk would lift up caps shield with cap still hanging on and, judging by his strength in the comics, he could throw him to outer space. I am not kidding, in the comics the Hulk is that strong.

  • Pokersem100

    Hulk would throw CPTN America like a ragdoll

  • Retro12345

    To be honest, Marvel Characters shouldn’t be compared to each other because they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I like Captain America the most in my opinion. And other people may like hulk, iron black widow etc. But putting them in a fight is completely unfair for 1 or more characters. Thor vs Captain America? Hulk vs Thor? Iron man vs Captain America? PAH! These characters with Anger issues, bang a demigod, futuristic combat suits and super soldier-like abilities? Of course Thor would win against Captain America! Ironman can definitely beat Captain America! But people need to understand that all these characters can be Great in their own ways. Comparing them just make people hype up of who’s better.

  • Guy

    Well in the comic books. Captain America managed to take down Hulk, by attacking towards his pressure points. Though that’s one hard comic book to find, and the fact that so many people have seen Hulk take down Captain America in countless films.

  • Ricardo Pereira

    just a thing cap as already win to hulk 2 times and 2 more with help.
    he has take him down one time injecting in hulk a cure alone.
    Another time beating his pressure points.
    1 time with help of spidey and another time with the avengers shooting him whit a gun that has the cure.Cape can do a lot of things instead hulk can only smash,cap is a soldier a battlefield man,he is smarter he is strategic,and he can use multiple things,punches,shield,guns,cure,strategy,pressure points and as well he can make hulk fall in some trap designed just for him,there is the problem of hulk no brain.

  • Michael Young

    Hulk would say: “Hulk strongest there is.” Then punches Captain America away.