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  • iamhumanboy

    I feel like I remember Kirk kicking a lot more weird alien ass than Picard. …Plus it's Shatner. C'mon.

  • Robbiej48

    In a fight I agree, Kirk kicks Picards ass. But as an all around better captain I gotta give it to my boy Jean Luc.

  • Anonymous

    Kirk for sure. When I saw Picard almost win…. well, internet, I am disapoint. Shatner for sure.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S4AOFWIQ3PXHZEIB5GHTMUEI6Q The Yahoo! User

    Kirk shows up, slaps Picard like a lil sissy bitch, fucks Dr. Crusher and leaves. Total time: 27 minutes. 3 seconds of that spent dealing with Picard.



  • thwomp

    The immortal question.

    If we’re talking a straight fight though, no Starships, no complications, and we’re talking both in their prime, Kirk wins. Picard is a competent fighter but Kirk’s brawler skills combined with his insane luck are the stuff of legend.

    Picard may be the superior tactical captain overall as well as diplomat, in general just being a better captain but he ain’t beating Kirk in a fight. Even in a starship, Kirks’ tactical ability was renowned along with his crew, although it’s much more equal there. Picard did create the Picard maneuver afterall..

    So one on one fight, Kirk. Ship to ship battle…much harder to say, but if they both have ships of equal capability I think while it’d be narrow, Kirk could still win. Picard’s a brilliant tactical captain, but Kirk’s an insane tactical captain. No one pulls last minute Indiana Jones esque escapes and counter attack plans on the spot like Captain Kirk.

  • Will

    Well jean luc is my favorite captain and I think he is simply better but in hand to hand combat Kirk would kick his ass

  • TD23ASUS

    I’m sorry to say this, but Kirk. Jean Luc is awesome and does have Geordi, but, seriously. Kirk has Sulu the homosexual who seemed a little conflicted at times in the show, Scotty, the miracle worker, who later reveals he overestimates times, and of course Chekov, who will probably smart ass his way through the fleet.