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  • iamhumanboy

    Batman would probably win this one. Spiderman might slow him down, but he'd still win.

  • Celticowboy

    Batman is only human. Spidey would web him up and stick him to a gorgoyle. No contest. Let Bat's go up against someone more his style – maybe he'd fare better against Daredevil…

    • Jobbeybob

      If Spide webbed him up to a gargoyle, he’d cut himself out with a Batarang.  Then, he’d go back to the Batcave, do extensive research on Spider-Man and his powers, and come back with a web dissolving acid.

      • http://twitter.com/Danjr321 Daniel Gutowski

        Batman would have to hit spiderman. From a distance there is the spider-sense and his superhuman reflexes. Even at close range spiderman would dodge all the attacks using his agility, and the spider-sense would alert him whenever batman tried to attack. So even if batman negated the wall crawling and web slinging he still has super strength agility and senses.

        • gary goff

          batman would take him someplace where agility would not be an issue..niether the spider sense would help him out any

      • http://twitter.com/Danjr321 Daniel Gutowski

        Batman would have to hit spiderman. From a distance there is the spider-sense and his superhuman reflexes. Even at close range spiderman would dodge all the attacks using his agility, and the spider-sense would alert him whenever batman tried to attack. So even if batman negated the wall crawling and web slinging he still has super strength agility and senses.

      • fanboy03191

        Mysterio has tried the same trick with the web dissolving acid. Spider-Man has been kicking his ass since ’64.

        • Barry Bowser


      • Christian

        Yes. Batman cut the web that is attached to the gargoyle then fall to his death off the Chrysler Tower. Idiot.

        • Dom Cobb

          You do realize that Batman can glide right?

    • gary goff

      the bats would have some kind of solvent to take care of that..sorry..smarts beats anything

      • Andrew Cole

        Too bad nobody told Batman that Peter Parker was smarter than he is, especially at science.

  • Koutsai_dzwoje

    batman just killed darkseid….the webslinger has the strength advantage but not the strategic brain of batman…

    • http://twitter.com/Danjr321 Daniel Gutowski

      If you know the comic incarnation of Spidey, you are aware that parker has a 250 IQ and is a genius with a masters degree in Biophysics. He is as intelligent if not more intelligent than Batman. He is also a master hand-to-hand combatant having trained in martial arts and developed his unique style. He also has superhuman durability that can cause an attackers wrists to break if struck in the torso.

    • http://twitter.com/Danjr321 Daniel Gutowski

      If you know the comic incarnation of Spidey, you are aware that parker has a 250 IQ and is a genius with a masters degree in Biophysics. He is as intelligent if not more intelligent than Batman. He is also a master hand-to-hand combatant having trained in martial arts and developed his unique style. He also has superhuman durability that can cause an attackers wrists to break if struck in the torso.

    • fanboy03191

      Lol, Spider-Man is plenty strategic. Ever hear of the Sinister Six? Spider-Man has beaten them solo and at the same time. Also, don’t forget that Peter Parker is a genius, possibly smarter then Batman.

  • Dyingforaugust

    I side with Batman, but Spiderman's spider sense would be serious trouble.

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  • Hellangel000

    can someone tell me how can batman defeat spiderman????!
    spiderman will WIN

    • BatarangBoy13

      OK. Batman would study spidey and learn all of his powers and tricks, especially the Spider-Sense. I mean, it would be easy to figure out about that. He would find a way to sabotage the spider sense. And when spiderman thinks he’s safe

      • Jj

        That’s only if he has the option to go back to the cave and do all of that which in a brawl, he won’t. Then Spider-Man could take him in one punch. I mean, unless batman is more durable than a dinosaur…because Spider-Man has knocked out a dinosaur…with one punch…

        • Sj

          Lol. Batman could give Alfred or Oracle the info while in battle and have them tell him while in battle after having stalled for a bit. Maybe?

      • PluckingTucker

        Yeah, like during a death-battle you can have a time-out to do research on your enemy.

  • Guest

    Exactly how would Batman defeat Spiderman?  Agree with the above he is only human although prob the best human there is. Aside from the obvious strength, speed, agility and spider sense abilities Spiderman is no slouch in the intellect dept either

  • Mdamascus7

    Spiderman is a great character; funny, smart, agile and strong.  But the Batman is the iPhone of super-heros; anything that he comes across – he’s got an App for that. 

    • Barry Bowser

      Batman couldnt even beat predator so how u suppose he can beat spiderman??

  • Bastard Son

    Batman would come out on top its no contest.  Hes far to strategic to lose.  Thats his superpower hes always ten steps ahead of his foe.  He figures out what hes dealing with and then puts forth the battle plan of defeat.  Besides wouldnt he only need a can of raid? 

    • Batman sucks

      Spiderman has a spider sense so he will always be a step ahead

      • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lettich Thomas Lettich

        Batman has an highly intelligent mind, so he’s a step even further. However, Spider-Man is a genius in Biophysics and knows a ton about science.

  • Jobbeybob

    Batman would be prepared for anything.  Webbed down?  Acid your way out.  Hanging from a street lamp?  Signal the Batmobile to shoot the rope.  Spider-Man trying to swing away?  Pin a tracking device on him and find out his secret identity.  Spider-Man would be in jail, and on the front page of the Daily Bugle in no time.

    • fanboy03191

      Spider sense would warn him of anyone tracking him, plus it would keep him alert if anyone was trying to watch him.

  • Grantsutho

    when spider man went to swing away bat would just throw a batarang and down goes spidey and besides, batman has a heat suit which will melt the webs . bat man all the way

  • SenorBane

    “Only human” is a phrase not meant to describe humans such as Batman. He’s more intelligent, better equipped and just as agile as Spider-Man. And he always just happens to have that one gadget that gives him the edge. Spider-Man would give him a run for his money, but Batman’s willpower is second to none. I think we can agree Superman would destroy Spider-Man and Batman has never lost a fight to Batman.

    • fanboy03191

      Peter Parker’s will power equals Bruce Wayne’s. Neither never give up, or know true defeat.

      • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lettich Thomas Lettich

        Mind >>>>> Super Powers, any time any day.

        • Christian

          Exactly and Spider-Man has got both.

  • SenorBane

    …damn it, to Superman i mean

  • Jtdf20041

    peter parker can do anything bruce wayne can do, SM has armor suits etc. and all sorts of webbing ; tracers etc.. The only thing batman has on SM is a ride, SM doesn’t need one. Based on the individual villians each fought . Sm villians are way tougher than batmans, Base your oponion on the comic books not the movies, Sm would find the bat cave and tear bateman a new one.

    • Guest

      Exactly….I agree with above.   I cannot believe how many people think Batman would win this.  Spiderman’s intelligence is vastly underrated and is on par with Batman.  Batman’s gadgets on the other hand are not even close to being in Spiderman’s league. Spiderman has been shown to dodge bullets, lazers so all this talk of “Batman throws a  batarang, smoke bomb, knockout gas or whatever to beat Spidey”  is laughable not to mention the speed and strength advantage over a normal human so even Batman’s superior fighting ability would mean nothing.  If this is a random encounter on a rooftop Spiderman wins 10/10 with ease.  If Batman gets  prep time  he could pull out a few victories depending if he can somehow counter the Spidersense.  

      • Justin

        And what’s great is, only like 3 people can do that. Anyone with a previously bonded symbiote. So it’s always spidey.

    • Wavey

      What do you mean tougher. Have you seen the joker. The guy has no regard for human life, not even his own.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wigdaddy Ben Keller

    Of, for crying out loud, guys. Spiderman is nowhere near in Batman’s league. Spiderman has powers – so what? Batman has repeatedly gone toe-to-toe with *Superman* and won every time.

    Batman’s been around ten times as long as Spiderman, he’s a hundred times as smart, and he has nearly infinite resources to draw upon. He’s the very definition of the veteran superhero. At the end of the day, Spiderman’s just a kid, and he’s constantly getting his ass kicked by everyone. There’s no way on Earth he could take Batman on. 

    • Leeroy jenkins

      Batman beat superman because of KRYPTONYTE stupid. If batmans been around ten times as long as spidey he would be an old fart. Spidey is in college. Spiderman can lift up to 50 times his own weight witch is about 15 thousand pounds. Also, spidey is a total GENIOUS. Batman does not have infinite resources. He has a lot but not infinite. Now you think spidey gets beat up by everyone? In civil wars he fought iron man and won. Iron man put a failsfe in spidereys new suit and activated it but since spidey is such a GENIOUS he reversed it. Spidey beats bats with one blow to the head. You are just a stupid batman fanboy

      • Starvin

        Batman Beat Darkside.. nuff said.

      • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lettich Thomas Lettich

        Whoa, where are you coming off from? First of all, all of this additional details of what Spider-Man can do that Batman can’t do is obvious. Just because Spider-man has super human strength, spicey sense, reflexes and the ability of speed along with spider-web. On the other hand, Batman is a strategist, criminologists, acrobatic martial arts crime fighter that beats the crap out of them easily. Lets be real, every DC/Marvel hero/superhero has a weaknesses but so what? We humans weaknesses too, so stop acting that Spider-Man is unbeatable without a weakness. I’m sure he has one, just like Batman himself. Batman always plans out what villain/superhero/hero weaknesses is and finds out other credential information about them. It’s cool you wanted to explain how strong Spider-Man is and what is abilities are, but the mind always wins an advantage over super strength or strength every time. Look up the knowledge of the Batman, instead of assuming stuff.

        • Miguel O´Hara AKA me

          So you are telling me that, if i trow an brain, at an bodybuilder hes dead? I wanna try that out can i borrow yours? 😀

    • Barry Bowser

      Thats cause bats had kryptonite if bats didnt have it he would get his azz kick every single damn time. And how is spiderman not in batman league???Please explain… And batman is not a superhero he’s a hero spiderman is a superhero. Batman only saves people at night spiderman saves people day night whatever whenever. spiderman is smart as well prob smarter than batman hes a born genuis.

    • Barry Bowser

      You acting like spiderman stays a kid forever!! And spidey gets his azz kicked by everybody??? So batman dnt get his azz kicked?? man spidey in a fist fight spidey wins hands down cause he superhuman spider sense, quicker than cat like reflexes, he can lift over 12 tons and he has an array of fighting movies.

    • Zack

      Okay. He only beats Superman with Kryptonite. Even if they both got prep time, they couldn’t find anything out about each other, because they are in different UNIVERSES. Now, Spider-Man. He built his web shooters when he was 15, that’s some skill. He had to know metal work a bit, he had to know a bit of electric works, and come construction, along with the science behind the webs. As for his powers, his reflexes alone, are 40 times that of a human, without his Spider Sense. His Spider Sense works even in the dark, so if Bats took it into a dark building, Spider-Man would still be able to “See” with his Sense. In the comics when he chased uncle Ben’s killer into that factory, it was also dark. the Spider Sense tells him where things are, and he navigates around it, it even sees attacks from behind. His strength now. He can lift…wait for it…20 tons. That’s 40,000 pounds. Spider-Man can jump, many many stories high. His webbing, with his web shooters, he has made many different types of webs, one of his fire resistant webs was able to hold Human Torch at bay. His webbing, given the proper time holding the button down, can bind HULK, at least for a while. So if Bats gets his arm stuck to a wall, he just might be fucked. Spider-Man with his wall crawling ability now. Even people that are stronger than he was, weren’t able to pull him off the wall (They took him, and a big chunk of the wall that he was still attached to). Spider-Man does have 1 weakness Ethyl Chloride an anti spider pesticide, but like i said, they cant get dirt on each other because they are from different universes. Even if they got prep time, Spider-Man can just take one of the many suits he made (Yes, he has made other (armored) suits) to counter the weakness, because if it can touch his skin, it cant do jack. May I also say that Spider-Man did gain organic webbing at one point too. So I’m done here.

  • Guest

    You idiots don’t know what you are talking about. Batman beat superman beacuse he is a billionaire and has KRYPTONYTE. Also, spiderman is a GENIUS. He invented his own web shooters and is a scientist. Batman is hardly smarter at all. The only reason spiderman seems dumb is because he is so much of a wiseguy. Also spidey can lift up to 50 times his own weight! Spiderman is more agile and can sling webs witch batman can’t cut with a baterang because because it I dragline silk that he uses in his webs for those of you ( or all of you) who don’t know, dragline silk is proportionally stronger than steel. What can batman do? He has gadgets. If bane can break his back then spidey can snap his neck in a heartbeat

  • why so overrated?

    Sure batman always win cause “writers” conventionality makes it so. In a knuckled down brawl, Spidey would RAPE batboy. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lettich Thomas Lettich

      Yeah right, highly inaccurate comment.

  • guest

    spiderman has only lost to one person, bane, he came back, and completely destroyed bane, batman is the only superhero to beat superman, one of the times when he was sixty i might add, spiderman gets his ass handed to him all the time batman has a higher intellect, hell even sherlock holmes asked for his help in a comic, not to mention how he fights mr freeze im pretty sure ice is stronger than some webs, spiderman is fast but batman would win, nuff said

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Monic-Bount/100001206070908 Monic Bount

    Spiderman wins this one too easy.  Stronger, faster, spider sense, webs powerful enough to hold the hulk…how could he not lose?
    Oh that’s right I forgot, Batman is fanwanked up the ass so hard.  Yeah that makes him win, sarcasm.

  • Kwangwonchung

    Spiderman has spider sense. He can dodge anything that Batman throws at him. Also Batman is just a human. Spiderman is a Super Human. Also Spiderman has different suits like the Iron Spider, Spider Armor. He even had the power of captain universe. And to top that he even once had the power of the Hulk. Are you still going to say that Batman is stronger? If you do your crazy, and need to go to a hospital.

  • Allaraaa

    are you guys slow spidey is 10 times as strong atleast 5 times as fast and about 3-5 times as agile as batman plus webslingers and experience fighting people out of batmans league. Also it was stated in Marvel data base if he got hit by a heavyweirght boxer they would break their wrist. plus spider sense. All batman has is his brains but that will not win every thing. No batman weapon can stop spidey he would almost never get hit unless he shot a net at him. Why is batman so overrated.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lettich Thomas Lettich

      Overrated? Whatever. Batman is highly intelligent and very resourceful human begin. I give probs to Peter Parker is a genius in science. Do you really think Spider-Man would easily beat Batman because he has superpowers and Batman doesn’t? Get real, and no Batman is not overrated. Batman can outsmart him and he has done it before against Superman, that he has actually beaten Superman.

  • Dylchance

    dear all of yall spiderman haters spiderman would kick batmans ass

    • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lettich Thomas Lettich

      No he wouldn’t.

  • Prototype

    Batman is super human, spider man’s strength wouldn’t surprise batman, besides batman has acid and sonar and heaps of other tech so he would set off some paralysing sonar pulse thing and knock spidey out.

  • huh?

    Huh? How does Batman win this? He’s a dude in a suit. Spidey has superhuman strength and speed. Not only does Spidey win, but this is over in like 30 seconds. 

  • Tom

    Spider senses. Nough said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amir.ghassa Amir Ghassa

    who is intelligent in nature? haaaa?
    who knows the pain?
    who is far from rainbow world?
    who is a human???
    & who is currently winning?

  • mylifezero

    Batman wins… spiderman sucks

  • stubblyrabbit16

    Batman might have more experience and be better with hand-to-hand combat, but with Spider mans spider sense, he would dodge everything thrown at him. And if spider man was getting beat, he would web retreat, rest and then attack from above. GAME OVER!

  • anonymous

    Batman wins. He always enters a fight with some sort of plan. I mean he has a strategic plan to take down any and every super human. Super strength? He’s taken Bane. Speed? He knows how to take out the Flash. Spider sense? Please. Take out his equilibrium and Spiderman is toast. A little research and he’ll have Spiderman figured out. Now dont get me wrong Spiderman is smart and will certainly put up a good fight, but in the end Batman prevails. Everyone has a weakness and one of Batman’s greatest strengths is figuring them out. He will find a way around whatever Spiderman can throw at him. Either way their moral fiber prevents them from killing, so there is always room for extra rounds.

    • Barry Bowser

      Batman have weaknesses to so im pretty sure spidey can figure them out and expose him!

      • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lettich Thomas Lettich

        So does Spider-Man.

  • Equal

    both will find some way to kill each other but in round 1 spiderman will win

  • http://www.eztv.it/ SantaBJ

    Somewhat intelligent rich guy with gadgets is leading in votes over superpowered genius that is superior to the other guy in every way but gadgetry? Dafuq?

  • Barry Bowser

    thats cause batman had kryptonite u dipstick thats the only way batman can beat superman but if batman didnt have kryptonite and superman and batman fought superman will win 10 times out of 10. And spiderman will destroy batman in a fight batman is nowhere near spiderman strength level. Spiderman can punch batman one good time and hes down for the count. Yall giving batman too much damn credit i mean batman is one of my favs but cmon him beating spiderman is jus too much! I know yall saw the dark knight rises batman got his azz kicked by bane and his back broken and bane is nowhere near as strong as spiderman. Spidey faster quicker and smarter than batman.

  • http://www.facebook.com/curtis.gill.923 Curtis Gill

    Batman would win because he knows for a fact that he can’t fight spidey up close and personal. Bats always think about what he does first. Plus he a lucky bastard. If they would have to fight Bats probably would heal Spidey of his powers, he ain’t stupid and gung ho

  • beath

    Batman is an amazing hero unlike Spiderman is cause Spiderman is gay!

  • Karastyn

    gotta give this to spider, I love batman but his main advantage in these vs battles is his intellect and spiderman has that too, maybe not as high as batman but then add in all his other advantages agility that smashes batmans out of the park spidersense and its gotta go to the webhead.

  • Wolverine

    Spideys still mighty! Spider-Man is just as good as batman! He could beat him. Now don’t get me wrong I love Batman. But I just think that spidey could beat Batman if he tried. He’s just as smart and strong as batman and he has different kinds of webbing. He also has different kinds of suits. Yep, spidey still mighty.

  • startrekpug

    spider sense=complete knowledge of surroundings
    complete knowledge of surroundings=no hiding

    no hiding= batman dead. Spidey wins!

  • James2012

    You guys underestimate Batman. He made Deadshot miss. He dodged Darkseid’s laser and received a rare compliment. Batman is a superb fighter.

  • Beau

    WHO PICKS BATMAN? Just use logic, not who your favourite is… Spiderman is superfast, superstrong, can detect any attacks before they are made, can climb walls, can shoot webs. Hell he even fights the hulk at times. If it came down to it, spiderman could literally just break batmans spine, shatter his skull, or similar with no effort whatsoever.

  • Fantasy Section Debates

    spider-man is Superior in every way he wins via mega curb stomp

  • Technical wis

    Batman and Spider mans intelligence cant be compared because Batman has a bunch of high tech equipment and a super computer, personally I think they are equal in intelligence. You guys have to remember if Batman gets some time to find a weakness for Spider man so does Spider man he might not have a lot of fancy equipment but he is still a genius and will find a way. In speed and agility even Batman fans have to realize Spider man is superior and if they don’t then one their lying to themselves and two they are definetly talking in a fans point of view and not a technical view. In strength Batman maybe stronger than most people (meaning normal people) but Spider man is what able to lift over 10 times his own weight which is probably 150 pounds so Spider man will be able to lift over 1500 ( I think Spider man might be more than able to pick up 10 times his own weight). Another thing is martial arts I will give Batman that but Spider man has better reflexes and spider senses and also knows a martial arts (not as well as Batman) and is stronger. I also heard that if Spider man tried to get away Batman will just break his web and make him fall, there are four reasons I think that will not work out the way Batman fans hope. 1 spider senses will make Spider man dodge it. 2 Webs are actually much more durable than most people think and might not cut the web. 3 if the web is somehow cut Spider man isn’t stupid he would just shoot another web while he is falling. 4 He could fall then land on his feet. In gadgets Batman is superior but again there is that annoying spider sense and agility. I am pretty sure Spider man can dodge bullets so throwing some batarangs won’t do anything because Spider man will dodge it or throw it back to Batman. So overall Spider man will win but some Batman fan will just keep thinking Batman would win but if they do they are not just fans they are not just fans they are worshipers and believers . I wonder how much I would be insulted or cursed at for putting a very mature comment up or a comment that goes against Batman the obvious loser because I mean common Batman fans grow up accept Spider man will win even though you are a Batman fan just like I did when I finnaly realized Goku vs Superman superman will win even though Goku is awsome and Superman is annoying. I dont care how many Batman fans curse me out and say something lame like … then nuff said people nowadays have to face reality sometimes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.lettich Thomas Lettich

      Mind over Super Powers.

  • Nick

    Spidy is a wussy teenager

  • Daniel Sweet

    The obvious answer would be Batman, but the more I think about it I think Spider-Man would win. First of all, Batman is a master martial artist, however Spidey is also a very good fighter, along with his enhanced speed, strength, agility and stamina, Batman wouldn’t be able to get a punch in. Not forgetting the spider-sense, that would help Spidey see what Batman is going to do. A lot of Batman’s equipment is similar to weapons that villains such as the Green Goblin would use. In some ways they are very similar, but the only reason Green Goblin actually manages to hurt Spidey is through the pain and suffering of others. Something Batman would not do. Batman maybe slightly crazy, but not as crazy as a murderer like Green Goblin. Below I saw someone mention the fact that Batman defeated Superman. That was only because of a kryptonite suit. Now if we are talking suits here, Spidey has a few he could use. There’s the symbiote suit (venom) and the iron spider suit (see Civil War). If we talk about intelligence, Batman is obviously way smarter, being a pilot, tactician ect. But Spidey is a genius scientist and has built gadgets and substances just like Bruce Wayne. Also, Spidey has worked with all sorts of other heroes that specialize in other areas, e.g. Captain America being a master tactician, Iron Man being a businessman/inventor ect. After working with so many people Spidey would have learnt all sorts of skills and learnt so many things, making Batman not too much smarter than him.



  • http://www.facebook.com/bishwaroop91 Bishwaroop Dasgupta

    Fist to fist fight – Spider-Man

    Access to all gadgets – Batman

  • Andrew Cole

    It’s sad to see how delusional Batman fans are. Spider-man is also a genius, in case you all forgot. Did you mistakenly think they were going to sit down to a game of chess? Stop being so thick and realize the obvious – Spider-man would crush Batman in a minute.

  • 0SageMode0

  • 0SageMode0

    Batman is more a better experienced, but Spider-Man’s powers (especially his Spider-sense) and webbing would be more than enough to get the drop on Bats.

  • DeathBattle
  • aaron

    spidy’s webs restrain the hulk and he has super human speed strength and agility

    where as batman is at Olympic ability in all those not super human spidey can hold 25 ton batman 1000 lb batman Olympic endurance spidey superhuman which means he has 2x batmans endurance again spidey can hold 25 ton and can punch the bats head off I do not see bat winning… unless he had preparation weeks before
    but if the bat makes the spider angry at random spider wins

  • Tim Drake

    Okay, so you spiderman lovers are putting up a good argument but honestly, this spider sense can’t be that great with how easy it is to squash a spider. Even if his spider sense crap was useful, batman would throw a batarang to distract spiderman and attack from behind. And Yale are also saying batman could only beat spiderman if he had time to plan his attack, well if you’ve ever read a batman comic, you’d know most the time he makes up his plan as he goes. And on top of all this batman has robin. I doesn’t even matter which robin were talking about either (well I guess it kind of does) but batman and robin are like the unstoppable duo. And For all of you guys saying spiderman is smarter than batman, you need to realize spider man is better book smart but batman is better street smart. Batman would win. Hands down. I wouldn’t doubt him for a second.

  • Batman529

    Batman is the shit. He has gone toe to toe with superman and bane so he can fight against heroes/villains with super strength. He has a villain like the joker. He has a strategy(and also has beaten them) for taking out the lead members of the justice league so that’s green lantern Wonder Woman flash and Martian manhunter witch are all very smart and all have super powers that surpass Spider-Man’s . Batman is an expert at over 100 different fighting styles and is the worlds greatest detective. Batman is number 1

  • joe

    doesnt any one else realize that if they were to instantely battle each other with absolutely no time to plan spidermans fighting style “the way of the spider” can counter any of bruces moves even though he has masterd up to127 styles of martial arts. Even at his peak bruce would not even be able to handle spiderman without any plan time. Yes he is very smart and has a genius level iq but so does peter so they can both youse there minds to there advantage. Even with planning it would be difficult for bruce to take down spiderman and he would probably use a stronger than average suit and the help of other super heros similar to the ways he has “beaten” or stood up against superman or other heros.

  • Saesee Tiin

    Batman would make Spiderman kick ass

  • Bob

    Spiderman is dead! There’s no fight here!

  • Randomperaon

    Spider man has super strength and spider sense he cab dodge and counter all of batmans attacks. Then again batman could use an exploding batarang… I give it to spiderman cuz of spider sense and strength

  • Alex

    Batman will win let me tell you why if batman can take on superman he can take anybody on superman basically has all the powers and batman defeated him because would spider man think to make kryptonite bat arranges no he would shoot little spider webs batman in mid battle will study Spider-Man and kick the sh!t out of him

    • Jj

      They wouldn’t want to fight each other they fight for the same thing justice they would work together to take down more bad guys they both lost their parents when they were kids even if they did Fight it would be because one turned evil and each one is equally smart

  • Liam Hay

    I prefer Spiderman by far, but Batman would kick his arse.

  • Bats!!!!!!!

    I know spidey has spider sense but he’s no match for the bat.batman would totally win and in notime batman can beat Solomon grundy who’s like 50x stronger than spidey

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    Well as I see it, this is a rather impossible question. We could get into facts, figures, and feats all day if we wanted to (and don’t get me wrong, that is a ton of fun) but in reality, it all comes down to a simple matter of character. Batman is a “normal” human being without any superpowers, while Spiderman is arguably among the strongest super-beings in comics. (ducks behind bunker while people yell at me for saying superman is very strong) Without some kind of planning or unfair advantage, Batman doesn’t stand a chance. Luckily for Batman, he lives off of planning and unfair advantages. The most obvious aspect of his character (besides his pointy ear thingies) is that he is hyper-intelligent and a master tactician. (and yes I do, in fact, know that spiderman is also a genius. He does not, however, apply his genius to his fighting style.) Batman, with the right amount of prior planning, knowledge of his opponent, and tactical genius, has been shown to be able to defeat people many times stronger than himself. Spiderman, on the other hand, regularly falls prey to fairly simple tricks and has to rely on his speed and strength to make up for his lack of tactical ability. Batman is, in essence, the perfect counter to Spiderman’s haphazard strategy and fighting style.

    just to clear up, my opinion is that Spiderman wins if Batman is either caught off guard (which happens quite rarely) or if they are forced to fight without any preparation (*cough* Death Battle *cough*) but Batman wins if he is allowed time to prepare and strategize.

  • faizan

    Spiderman can throw webs and spin him around

  • Harkru

    I love both of them they are both cool. But I think batman is stronger than spider-man in general. Spidey usually doesn’t beat people with sheer strength/willpower, he uses the surrounding or finds a way to beat them.also he has got the spidey senses which alert him of any danger,which allows perfect balance and equilibrium I think they have the same endurance but having batmans skills and gadgets batman would win,plus he has years of combat skills.

  • Godfi

    Search On your search engine: Death Battle: Spiderman Vs Batman. They did all their resarch and everything.

    First of all,

    Spiderman is:

    *Spider-Sense Counters Stealth
    *Batman’s Gases And Drugs Do not effect the Spider Sense
    *Green Goblin Shares some similarities with Batman

    Although Batman Has some Advantages:

    *More stratigic
    *Can escape traps, but some takes more time than others
    *Slow, analytical approch is trumped by Spiderman’s speed and boldness

    As you can see, Batman Would CLEARLY put up a good fight, but in the end, spiderman would win.

    • ravinband

      Its a tough call.
      The battle would have many rounds.
      round 1 Spidey wins
      round 2 Batman wins
      Round 3 Spidey wins
      Round 4 Batman wins
      This goes on and both will get tired of it. But as Batman with his super rich ego would ultimately win as spiderman, who gets bored of this, declares Batman as winner and goes after villains than fighting for ego. Batman would realise the same, says thanks to spidey for the practice and goes after street burglars.

  • Henry Jackson

    This depends. in a hand to hand, no gadgets or webs, then Spidey would win, he is too agile and alot stronger than Batman. Stealth? Spidey again, because of his spider sense.
    But one thing to remember is that Batman rarely puts himself in a position which he cannot get out of

  • (not) Metro Zu

    why people not postin comments anymore

  • Derpsoniey

    Although some may disagree, Spidey would defeat Batman. Although Batman would be able to kill Peter when he has enough training, Spider-Man would need just as much training as Batman. Spiderman is the victor.

  • KingdomCome

    I believe spiderman would win due to the fact that he crates his own webs, which shows you right there that spiderman is smart not to mention that he has spider sense, which allows him to sense things that will cause danger

  • Jeffrey Gao

    Spider-Man is stronger, faster and is stealth proof thanks to spidey sense.