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  • iamhumanboy

    I think Stallone would take this one. Arnold seems more like a pretty boy tough guy and Stallone seems like a scrappy dude.

    • Sban200

       Arnold hs bttr muscles dan stallone……….. stallone is stupid…… look @ hs career….. most during old age…….. arnold hs completed most during young tyms……. & nw hez restng!!! dam stallone!!!

      • Elliott

        What language is this?

        • ColVodka


  • Stiwgg06

    I've seen stallone rip out a man's neck. Nuff said.

  • Guest

    It should be John Matrix from Commando against Rambo

  • Matty

    –ya can suck it!–

  • Noblerivera

    totally arnold dude

  • Mithunwetham

    Mithun           I like the terminator as he is the best

  • Nithun

    I always wish to be a fan of Mr.Arnie and i my wish was granted

  • Venkata Rajasekar INDIAN

    stallone is handsome.arnold resembles villanic attitude.Hero is SYLVESTER STALLONE.

  • Will

    It really depends on the charecter like the terminator would crush rocky but but twins would be destroyed by Rambo

  • Elliott

    It really depends when the fight happened.. If it was modern day Schwarzenegger vs Stallone I’d go with Stallone but if it was Rambo vs Terminator then obviously Terminator.

  • Emilis Kmielius

    Stallone is rocky 6 ,he will bash out arnold like carrot

  • Saesee Tiin


  • Michael Young

    Please, give me a break! I know movies such as: Total Recall, Kindergarten cop, Terminator, Running Man, True Lies, The 6th day, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the destroyer, Predator, Commando, Rawdeal, Jingle All the Way, End of Days, Pumping Iron, Hercules, Last Action Hero, The Expendables, Batman And Robin, Red Heat, Eraser, Red Sonja, Twins, Junior, etc. Arnold would win no matter what he impersonates.