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  • iamhumanboy

    I think Stallone would take this one. Arnold seems more like a pretty boy tough guy and Stallone seems like a scrappy dude.

    • Sban200

       Arnold hs bttr muscles dan stallone……….. stallone is stupid…… look @ hs career….. most during old age…….. arnold hs completed most during young tyms……. & nw hez restng!!! dam stallone!!!

      • Elliott

        What language is this?

        • ColVodka


  • Stiwgg06

    I've seen stallone rip out a man's neck. Nuff said.

  • Guest

    It should be John Matrix from Commando against Rambo

  • Matty

    –ya can suck it!–

  • Noblerivera

    totally arnold dude

  • Mithunwetham

    Mithun           I like the terminator as he is the best

  • Nithun

    I always wish to be a fan of Mr.Arnie and i my wish was granted

  • Venkata Rajasekar INDIAN

    stallone is handsome.arnold resembles villanic attitude.Hero is SYLVESTER STALLONE.

  • Will

    It really depends on the charecter like the terminator would crush rocky but but twins would be destroyed by Rambo

  • Elliott

    It really depends when the fight happened.. If it was modern day Schwarzenegger vs Stallone I’d go with Stallone but if it was Rambo vs Terminator then obviously Terminator.

  • Emilis Kmielius

    Stallone is rocky 6 ,he will bash out arnold like carrot

  • Saesee Tiin